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  1. Hi i found an issue on leadwerks 4.3 I have an notebook with only "onboard Graphics" card. When i run the FPS Demo (The one with the monsters) i have really low FPS < 10. When i run and shoot the build in pistol ,i can hurt myself as player. Of cause this game is too slow to play it and have fun with it, but i just wanted to report this.
  2. Ok, Projects/Windows Now i found it Thanks alot. The errors could happen because i had alot of Workshop items downloaded. There are not there anymore (New Workstation). Thats not a big deal
  3. Hi there, i just upgraded to Professional Edition. When i open up Leadwerks i do not have the option to start a C++ Project. There is no even a selection dialog. Always Lua is coming up. In the Projects folder there is also no Solution file for visual Studio. When i check "Help->About", i can definatly see its Version: 4.1 Professional Edition Since Update i am getting following Error Messages when opening a new Project. Hope anyone knows whats wrong ?! I already deinstalled an reinstall the application. Syncing Workshop Items... Error: GetFileInfo failed. (15) Error: GetF
  4. Will it be possible (In the future) to build for Windows 10 App? So this game can be uploaded to Windows Store? Best Regards Marco
  5. "why not use bootcamp" or "why it would not work"? I dont want to use bootcamp because i do not want to switch between the Operating Systems and i want to be able to delete the VM and reinstall whenever i want. A VM is much more flexible, the problem is the performance.
  6. Hi, does anyone know if leadwerks editor runs well on parallels desktop with a Intel Iris 6100 on Mac Pro 13"? I'm going to buy a Mac and i dont want to install windows on bootcamp only because of leadwerks. Best Regards Marco
  7. Hi there, like already discussed in other topics, there are performance issues on maps with a view on big distances or horizon (correct me if i'm wrong) http://www.leadwerks.com/werkspace/topic/8857-leadwerks-31-framerate-low/ On my Computer i can play current AAA Games like COD Black Ops 3 or Fallout 4 without having any problems. On Leadwerks my FPS-Rate goes down to 20-30 FPS if i enter an area where i can look far into the distance. I even do not have max video settings enabled (just 4x Antialiasing etc). I'm using Indie Edition, so i am scripting in lua. There are not much
  8. Hey, yes, thats directly was i was looking for Thanks
  9. Hi, just searched on web and in the tutorials. Is there a way to pass some parameters to the published game to adjust the resolution, and fullscreen mode? Also setup Antialiasing, Terrain Quality and so on...Alternative would be setting up a ini file for the game. Is there any prebuild way how to do this or do i have to parse a ini file or startup parameter by myself? The reason is, that i have an custom game launcher which has some login functionality into my gaming portal (not jet online). The Game Launcher will setup the game automatically with a recommended graphics setup, dependi
  10. Thanks for the quick answer... That was the problem Had checked the option "Only include used files". Thanks very much. Best Regards Marco
  11. Hi there, having to trouble with my Scripts. I'm using an Spawn Script for Zombies. This works finde in Editor Mode and Debug. No Problems so far. After Publishing the Game. On first spawn i get following Error Message: Error: Failed to read file "C:/Users/Marco/Desktop/ZombieZ-Starter/GameStarter/G ameStarter/bin/Debug/Data/Horde/offshore/AddOns/Zombie Character Pack/zombie1.pfb". Error: Failed to load prefab "C:/Users/Marco/Desktop/ZombieZ-Starter/GameStarter /GameStarter/bin/Debug/Data/Horde/offshore/AddOns/Zombie Character Pack/zombie1.pfb". Lua Error: [string "C:/Users/Mar
  12. Hi, I did spend more than 20 Hours in my Project. Creating Model and so on. Adjusted the Scripts, created the Map... Today i suddely had the problem that alot of my prefabs are disappered in the map. In Level Editor they where still visible. I tried to reimport them and got the error "File not found". By browsing the Directory, the files where all there.. MDL, MDL.Meta and also prefab file and Textures... Ok... not that bad.. Just 2 Hours work until here. I did make a backup before... So i did load the Backup. Created the containers in the map and so on... Suddenly.... Some Textur
  13. Hi there, i have a problem in my scene. Created a map and everything worked fine until now. Somehow, alot of prefabs do not load anymore: Failed to load model "C:/Users/Marco/Desktop/Offshore/var/crane.mdl". Failed to load texture "C:/Users/Marco/Desktop/Offshore/var/paint1.tex" Failed to load model "C:/Users/Marco/Desktop/Offshore/models/the zone/props/cargo/thezone_props_cargo_container01_yellow.mdl". Failed to load prefab "C:/Users/Marco/Desktop/Offshore/addons/the zone - containers/container yellow.pfb". Failed to load model "C:/Users/Marco/Desktop/Offshore/models/the zone/p
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