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  1. AeonYue

    lights help

    I tried to reproduce this effect in the editor and found that I get the rings if the Directional Light's Specular Brightness is more than 0. The effect is more profound at low values but the rings blend into each other when the value is higher. Hope the screen shots help.
  2. AeonYue

    lights help

    What have you set the other properties of the light source as? The editor shows more variables associated with the Directional Light, which might have an impact on your scene. I'm still learning these bits myself but first thoughts would be to look at the values for Diffuse & Specular brightness. it may help
  3. Hi Guys, I'm trying to write a trigger script that's dependent on light level hitting a specified object. I need to get the overall light level hitting the object, from both the scene objects sources & the player's flash light. While returning the result as a float value. Has anyone been able to sus out how to do this with lua? Would appreciate any help people are willing to give.
  4. Just learning the ropes.

  5. The simulation is interesting. It looks like you can can get to the code behind it too, which is insightful.
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