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  1. Hi Josh, I will write my own startsequence with a Video at the Gamestart, Loadingscreens on Mapchanges and other things in C++ (for my Games, this is a Test). Best regards, Roy.
  2. Hi, i have created a Project from the Marble Game Template for a Test in MS Visual C++ 2013, here my steps: main.cpp if (ext=="zip" || ext=="pak") { Leadwerks::Package::Load(file,"strongpassword"); } Ok after the changes in main.cpp i have compiled the solution and the Game runs in the Projectfolder, now i have create a folder "MarbleGame" with the MarbleGame.exe, lua51.dll and the steam_api.dll from the Projectfolder, the Assets are in seperated protected ZIP Archives like this: Fonts.zip Maps.zip Materials.zip Models.zip Scripts.zip Shaders.zip Sound.zip In the Archives are not the Basefolders (eg in Maps.zip is only the File "start.map" without any folders). And now the MarbleGame.exe doesnt run and output the Message: Whats wrong, please?
  3. I mean it additionally as Option.
  4. Hello, i found the Steam Client is a pain, my Idea is simple: You can offer a Steam Free Version (AddOn) for peoples they like your Engine and will have a Steam free Version. My english is poor, sorry I'm from Germany. Best Regards, RoyMD.
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