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  1. You should focus on getting your own multiplayer system, allow more model formats to be added to the engine, improve that hud .. just take a look around you and see what other `free` engines have to offer. Telling your users to use racknet ( any god damn kid knows how to create a cheat for racknet ) or the low end enet, is not an option. Games like 'Black as your soul' which is promoted on steam are not the games which should promote Leadwerks, it's like bad adverts. I have purchased both versions of Leadwerks and i am playing with unity which is free for now. Do you feel that is fair for me ? With or without pointers added in L5 this engine won't get too far, unless you'll wake up Josh and start adding to the engine what the market wants.
  2. Working perfectly now, thank you very much again.
  3. Character : http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=614465844 The shield was downloaded from tf3dm without any textures ( i've made some red ones ). Anyway, i have checked now the scaling and yes, that shield was scaled at 100 CM because was HUGE. I have replaced the shield with Models/Pipes/pipe_flange.mdl ( default model with leadwerks ) which is scaled at 1,1,1 and i have the same result, can't see the 'shield'. --EDIT: I have tested with crawler, it is working perfectly. It is also working on the other character, i have noticed that i didn't attached to a bone but to a node or something like that. I have attached it to a finger and is working. The only issue now is that the "shield" is rotating around the character's finger but i guess that this is another lesson to learn Thank you very much for your help macklebee, i've just made another step from those 1M steps i have to make to create my Skyrim clone
  4. Thank you for info, i have already tried to set parent as self.leftHandShield without success. I have added some extra prints to make sure that parent is set and it seems that everything should work. The issue persists, if i set parent as self.entity everything is ok but the shield follows the main body, if i set to self.leftHandShield i can't see it. Child AddShield() function Script:AddShield() self.leftHandShield = self.entity:FindChild("mixamorig:LeftHand") self.bonePosition = self.leftHandShield:GetPosition(true) self.shields.shield1:SetPosition(self.bonePosition,true) self.shields.shield1:SetParent(self.leftHandShield,true) if self.shields.shield1:GetParent() ~= nil then System:Print("Shield Position: "..self.shields.shield1:GetPosition(true):ToString()); System:Print("Shield current Parent: "..tostring(self.shields.shield1:GetParent()).." Set "..tostring(self.leftHandShield)) else System:Print("Shield has been set to an invalid bone"); end end Output : SHield Position: 6.364595, 1.808138, -0.224094 Shield current Parent: userdata: 0x002e5ef8 Set userdata: 0x002e5ef8 Maybe i am missing something.
  5. Hello, As many other users around, i am new to LUA and Leadwerks even if i use it since 1 year ago. I mostly play with his functions... no big deal. Yesterday i have spent over 12 hours using it and i have managed to do some interesting things. While going 'advanced', i have tried to add a basic shield model to my character using FindChild and SetParent functions. It seems that if i attach the shield to self.entity while setting his position on the left hand bone, the shield will follow the character. If i attach it directly to the left hand bone, the shield position is the same but doesn't follow the character not even remains attached to the bone while doing anims. Here is a short video explaining better the situation. Codes : Start() function Script:Start() --other stuff self.shields={} self.shields.shield1 = Model:Load("Models/Shields/shield1.mdl") --other stuff end UpdateWorld() function Script:UpdateWorld() --other functions if window:KeyHit(Key.Enter) then self:AddShield() end --other functions end AddShield() function Script:AddShield() self.leftHandShield = self.entity:FindChild("mixamorig:LeftHand") self.shields.shield1:SetPosition(self.leftHandShield:GetPosition(true),true) self.shields.shield1:SetParent(self.leftHandShield[0])--noticed that there are more bones !? System:Print("SHield Position: "..self.shields.shield1:GetPosition(true):ToString()); end There is anything i can do to have this working ? Thanks
  6. Hello, I have recieved an email regarding some weekly sale 3 days ago and i've seen that all the week the Mercenary Action Figure will be $4.99 but on the product page there is no sale and from what i understand from the email the sale sould be active for 4 more days. The sale was canceled or something like that ? Alex
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