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  1. Earlier I did try the 4.4 beta, which did allow downloading of purchased items, however, when trying to run a project there was an error of a missing library. My apologies, as I did not note the exact library.. thinking it was libopenvr.a, but could be wrong. Due to this error I returned to 4.3.
  2. Thank-you. Do I dare try the beta?
  3. When using the Leadwerks engine workshop, I cannot sign in and gain access to my purchased items. Once the interface is loaded, it displays the following screenshots. The workshop will not allow any key input, therefore not allowing access to purchased items.
  4. Thank-you for all your help. macklebee's solution worked very well. Even though,when applied on my rig, the model did not need to have its scale fixed, however the CandleLight.pfb did need to be altered. The flame heights did need adjusting. Prior to this solution, I would simple load the prefab into the scene and "break" its prefab status, in order to have it work as the original. This would not help in a code loading scenario. Loading the script from the actual model is a much cleaner approach too. The child.script:Start() line in the original posted script was a last ditch effort to force the prefab to run Start, which was fruitless. So, I suppose my question is: why does this occur?
  5. Here are two rough scripts that have were used to show this bug, however there are many other instances of this issue. CandleFlicker.lua: function Script:Start() self.fluctuation=1.0 self.smoothedfluctuation=1.0 end function Script:UpdateWorld() self.fluctuation=self.fluctuation+math.random(-100,100)/50.0*Time:GetSpeed() self.fluctuation=math.min(1.8,self.fluctuation) self.fluctuation=math.max(0.2,self.fluctuation) local pitlightmove = Math:Curve(self.fluctuation,self.smoothedfluctuation,5/Time:GetSpeed()*110) self.smoothedfluctuation=Math:Curve(self.fluctuation,self.smoothedfluctuation,5.0/Time:GetSpeed()) self.entity:SetColor(1.0*self.smoothedfluctuation,0.6*self.smoothedfluctuation,0.25*self.smoothedfluctuation,1,0) end LoadCandleFlame.lua Script.Candle = "" --entity "Candle" local candle = "Candle_0" function Script:Start() local pos = self.Candle:GetPosition(true) local name = self.Candle:GetKeyValue("name") local Flame = Prefab:Load("Prefabs/Effects/CandleLight.pfb") if name == candle..1 then i = .08 elseif name == candle..2 or name == candle..3 then i = .11 elseif name == candle..4 then i = .15 elseif name == candle..5 then i = .18 end Flame:SetPosition(pos.x,pos.y+i, pos.z) local child = Flame:FindChild("Light") child.script:Start() end The prefab was created using the model script sample, however once Leadwerks loads the map, the prefab does not set the position. The actual design/setup of the model works as expected.
  6. Prefab Load Start Bug Leadwerks 4.3 CPU: AMD FX™-4100 Quad-Core Processor RAM: 8GB GRAPHICS: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 750 Ti VRAM: 2048 MB Version: 375.39 Platform: GNU/Linux Debian Jessie x86_64 Bug: When loading a prefab, the Start function does not fully work. It seems that variables are loaded, but other functions fail to operate. IE SetPosition() Below are some images displaying the different models and a prefab in the Leadwerks editor: Models and with scripts attached: Prefab: The following images show the prefab and models running in Leadwerks:
  7. Here are the basic Leadwerks tutorials: http://www.leadwerks.com/werkspace/page/tutorials/.
  8. This problem has been pointed out already: http://www.leadwerks.com/werkspace/topic/15820-workshop/. You can work around this problem by searching the item that you purchased and then the "Install" button appears, otherwise it does not appear. And again, items cannot be purchased via the workshop in Leadwerks, only through the website, or at least this is my experience with the Leadwerks Workshop. DLC's do install, however, even though I have purchased the Mercenary model, and shows up in the workshop, it does not reflect on Steam that I have the DLC paid for. Same error message and the Steam cloud is active.
  9. Not sure if this helps, but did you bind the armature to the mesh? Using Object Mode, here is a rough guideline: - bring in metarig with Shift+A -> select Armature -> metarig type - manuplating a rigified armature - object mode - Ctl+A -> Apply -> Location - Apply -> Rotation + Scale - deselect everything - select the metarig - Armature tab -> Rigify Buttons -> Generate - hide metarig - use the new "rig" - select all - deselect the light and camera, if any - With the new "rig" as the primary selection: - Ctl+P -> Set Parent To -> Armature Deform -> with Automatic Weights
  10. Funny, ran into this yesterday. Hope this get fixed soon.
  11. Nicely done.
  12. The Workshop still seems buggy. In order to purchase anything, I need to use the browser, as the workshop in the Leadwerks software does not seem to work. After I purchase an item in the workshop, via the browser and Steam client, I cannot access the newly purchased item and receive an "Error: GetFileInfo failed. (9)". The buttons to install/purchase/etc do not appear. Seeing this in the Leadwerks log file: Syncing Workshop Items... Error: GetFileInfo failed. (15) Error: GetFileInfo failed. (15) Error: GetFileInfo failed. (15) Edit: "Work Around" If purchased items are search for and brought up in the workshop, they can be installed. When trying to install purchased items under "Type" -> "Purchased" in the workshop application, the list of purchased items are not install able.
  13. Free items in the Leadwerks workshop seem to install, however purchasing items is not possible. The "Buy" button does not engage. Edit: Seems the issue was concerning firejail and not the Leadwerks workshop.
  14. Did you try a different desktop manager such as XFCE, or KDE? The Cinnamon desktop in Debian Jessie is a little antiquated, but should be rock solid and stable. Debian is so versatile. Leadwerks also worked well on Gnome 3.14, which comes with Debian Jessie too.
  15. Currently using XFCE and it has no issues with Leadwerks and in the past I have used Leadwerks in Gnome without issue. Window managers such as Fluxbox may have issues with dialog boxes not loading dimensions and appearing only as a titlebar. All tested using Debian Jessie. Also, are you using proprietary drivers, or amdgpu open source drivers?