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  1. This is the dl link: https://mega.nz/#!rJ4QhCCT!l1CyvDOPT2vAxs5WPGveauI4JiIPbytq2X3VlfaLtKE
  2. Hi all, i've noticed this strange thing time ago, but, because has not ben resolved, now want to discuss with you about it. I'va attached a very simple map, that everyone can create by itself. When map is loaded pay attention to sun rotation and the trees shadows: There shouldn't be a big mountain shadow that cover all the area?? There is also a spotlight pointed on a mountain but the same problem appears, no terrain shadow is drawn. Shouldn't be a sort of bug this?? Shadow_bug.rar
  3. I' have to adopt this method now, after all is working... Thanks for reminding me that LE can handle wav files reepblue
  4. Flashlight.rar The output of this file load is AL_INVALID_VALUE. This file has been converted using Audacity, and before last two updates all works fine. So before yesterday i decide to update LE through steam, all files compiled fine, load of every audio files fails. This is just a sample file, all the other files i have used Audacity for convert to Ogg. Can someone explain me what's my problem now??
  5. You could set character vertical position a little bit higher that "height", this will prevent you falling down. Keep in mind that SetPosition break physic calculation and allow an entity to be positionated everywhere without physic support. You should move you character only using physic functions: http://www.leadwerks.com/werkspace/page/api-reference/_/entity/ under "Physics"
  6. Hi all guys, i have a suggestion about materials in LE: if a material can have a sort of ID ( a string for example ) that can be assigned in the editor and then used in a script or c++ code to quickly identify the material by coder without a path string manupulation. For example using material "Materials\\Concrete\\concrete_clean.mat", ( if i don't mistake ) can be simplified into "concrete_clean" but first removing the path and then removing the extension. With the user specified ID a material in c++ can be easly identified by using for example: if ( pickinfo.surface->m
  7. I had the same problem, but, in my case, i had to use c++ to solve my issue. Do you have this possibility?
  8. Gook work Josh, i think we can consider LE able to load n play every common ogg file. Actually LE audio sector lacks of some features as sound effect( reverb, chorus, echo, distortion, flanger, an so on ) but on this we should go forward a step at a time. ( btw i'm not a very expert on this kind of things ) I'm glad of you all, really.
  9. Ok i found a solution: This is a simple solution for load and play a ogg sound using OpenAL.. The function LoadOGG do the work and get all information you need for every operation: size, format, frequency; then store all the raw audio data in a vector, then loaded in a buffer ready to be played. Ogg_Load_Play.rar Source: https://www.gamedev.net/resources/_/technical/game-programming/introduction-to-ogg-vorbis-r2031 In this way every ogg file should be loaded without any problem and from every source. The proof is that now my "final.ogg" load and play.. ( I would you take
  10. Here i have attached a file that i should use in a my game. Do your pojects load this file?? final.rar
  11. hi all, as title say i have this message when i try to load my ogg fils. I want premise that i was using a third-party lib, https://github.com/R4stl1n/cAudio, which my ogg files were load without any problem. ( I was using this lib because his feature od 3D spatialization for sounds ) Said this, after last update, compiling my project i got some error about ogg header inclusion, and coming to forum i have seen that new ogg support feature were added to engine. At this time i remove every trace of this lib from my project and now compilation will accomplish, but when i try to
  12. Now i have this error message trying load an ogg file, that before this update i was able to load with my lib: "Corrupt or missing data in bitstream; continuing..." And long load time, more than 4 sec... Edit: Web https://svn.xiph.org/trunk/vorbis/examples/decoder_example.c int result=ogg_sync_pageout(&oy,&og); if(result<0){ fprintf(stderr,"Corrupt or missing data in bitstream; continuing...\n"); then at https://xiph.org/ogg/doc/libogg/ogg_sync_pageout.html Returned value: -1 returned if stream has not yet captured sync (bytes were skipped).
  13. More than using that function that disable simulation, so disable also object collisions ( and i need this ), i prefer to set velocity manually, using Leadwerks::NewtonDynamicsBody *pBody = dynamic_cast< Leadwerks::NewtonDynamicsBody *>( MyPivot->body ); pBody->velocity = Vec3( 0.0 ); Now i thing this is a permanent solution for every case, just i hope..
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