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  1. I want to create a pane of glass. The default transparent.shader is so good, but I want to add some glossy and environment cuble like diffuse+normal+specular+env one. Please help
  2. Thank you, how about transparent ... It looks like diffuse+normal+specular+env+alphamask
  3. I want to create a glass which has a fake image reflection and a bit transparent, can be used for animated model. How can I achieve this?
  4. what is wrong? Any idea ?
  5. You must use Bone to animate, and Leadwerks will export animation This means: If you want to export a rotated box, add a bone, parent the box to that bone, animate it. Hope this help.
  6. Below code was attached to a Pivot function Script:Start() self.box1 = Model:Box(0.2,0.2,0.2) self.box1:SetPosition(self.entity:GetPosition()) self.box2 = Model:Box(0.2,0.2,0.2) self.box2:SetPosition(self.entity:GetPosition() + Vec3(0.5,0,0)) end function Script:UpdateWorld() if window:KeyHit(Key.F2) then local pos = self.box1:GetPosition() local joint = Joint:Ball(pos.x,pos.y,pos.z,self.box2,self.box1) joint:SetLimits(10,10) joint:EnableLimits() self.box2:SetMass(1) self.box2:AddForce(100,100,100) end end It works for Joint:Hinge(), I can not set minimum cone angle and twist angle for Joint:Ball anymore.
  7. Thank you SGB for your explanation, this works
  8. I don't get it My character skin still disappears. Is that "self.torso" a bone ?
  9. I don't know I did not see any post before, can you show me please? Good idea, but I want this AI avoid me completely like this
  10. I use Entity:GotoPoint() on my AI character. It moves perfectly from point A to point B If my player controller stands between A and B, this AI character will push it. If I set my character mass greater than AI's , AI character will be stuck a bit and take time to "slowly" move around my cylinder physic shape. How can I make my AI move around my player character properly when using GotoPoint ? I need him to avoid my player character's position. I am sure that I can't use world:BuildNavMesh() every frame for this kind of pathfinding...
  11. Yes, it was fixed, thank you
  12. @AggrorJorn @reepblue I tested these settings with Leadwerks Blender Exporter and it gave me the same result for object's dimensions. You still need to collapse the model in Leadwerks Model Editor to make sure model local rotation is correct. I updated my post too.
  13. It should be great if you can create a game world which has exact real-life object's dimensions. If you are using Blender to make game props for Leadwerks, these are some simple steps to help you archive the dimension match up. Step 1: - In Blender, go to Properties panel > Scene tab > Unit group - Choose "Meters" from list. - Make sure Length = Metric, Angle = Degree, Unit scale = 1 Step 2: - This step is optional but can make you feel better with grid floor - In 3D View, Press N to open Properties region > Display group - Change Lines = 256, Scale = 0.1 From now on, you can adjust object's dimensions parameters in Properties region to match real-life dimensions, it will be the dimensions when you import models into Leadwerks. Don't for get to Apply Transformation for object model, it is important. Do this before adjust object's dimensions. In blender Use Ctrl + A > Location / Rotation & Scale. Step 3: Fbx export - Menu File > Export > Fbx - Choose Version = FBX 7.4 binary - Scale = 0.01 Step 4: Adjust exported model in Leadwerks Game Editor - Double click mdl file in Assets Explorer to open it in model editor. - Menu Tools > Collapse. This make sure model local rotation is correct. - Menu Files > Save. I attached my template .blend file below this post. It included a 1.7m height human model for better reference.
  14. I figured that out too, but I need my AI character to be closed to the wall as much as posible. A cover system which AI can put his back on the wall while sneaking or covering.
  15. It is sad to know that, I hope Leadwerks has an editable Navmesh system in the future...