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  1. Only US or International recuitment ? Edit: Oh, I read again and notice that it is only US
  2. Here is my configuration, it works fine Hope this help!
  3. tipforeveryone

    Dread Loop

    I enjoyed this game thanks !
  4. - Using Point light to create weapon muzzle flash will create funny shadow of trees - Vegetation collision = on ~> Crash. I dont know what exact the prolem because there is no error in output console Here is the video https://youtu.be/9VrqP6NsJFQ
  5. tipforeveryone

    There is no SetScript in documentation

    I input "SetScript" into the search textbox and found nothing, even manual search
  6. My Dream Laser Beam finally completed :D https://youtu.be/F8oT1LQNiIQ

  7. There are 3 cases which leads to crash https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hJxVAQAE6BY
  8. tipforeveryone

    [4.6 Beta] Can not load map

    I hope this is not a bug, here is the video, look at Output Console and see how the game stopped when I change to another map by assign the changemapname variable the game seems to be freezed, (I assigned P Key to make changemapname = "Maps/mymap.map") my map is verysimple , there are only 1 pivot which attached script to run hole game. I dont know what happened because there is no error diplay notice the DebugMessage("RUNNING") function (just a custom function of System:Print()). It runs ok in function Script:Start() but doent run after loading newmap. I think even the Script:UpdateWorld() was not executed or World:Clear() function has problem when clear everthing ?
  9. tipforeveryone

    Script classname not found

    I attached this script to a Directional light function Script:Start() sun = self.entity end Game started normally, but When I changed the changemapname variable (which can be found in Main.lua) to another map which also had the same Scripted Directional light. I recieved this "Script classname sun not found." Is there something wrong with global variable ? Edit: It seems my global variables were "stuck" when I change map. Is there anyway to RESET or RELEASE everything ? everytime I load a map, I want everything is clean. World:Clear() does not work well I think
  10. image.png.20e7e92ca1d7c2df96e5aeed24090c67.png what a nice number

    1. gamecreator


      Nice and round.  You have a ways to go though...  😛

  11. tipforeveryone

    access lua table in Script:Start()

    Yeah it is not actually my goal, I want to place my character spawn position by using pivots. I place pivots in editor and when I run the game, my characters will be placed with pivots's position. Anyway, I found the solution, I put Script2 into UpdateWorld(), not in Start(), with a variable which can help execute character create code only one time.
  12. tipforeveryone

    access lua table in Script:Start()

    My goal is place some boxes at the position of some pre-placed pivots I have 3 pivots (pivot1, pivot2, pivot3) Scripts 1: which is attached to pivot1 and 2 function Script:Start() table.insert(global_table,self.entity) end (global_table was declared in main.lua, before the while loop) Script 2: which is attached to pivot3 function Script:Start() for key,value in ipairs(global_table) do local box = Model:Box() box:SetPosition(value:GetPosition(true)) end end Script 2 does not work, because there is nothing inside the global_table to execute, all Script:Start() function are started at the same time. How can I force the Start() function of script2 (attached to pivot3) to be executed after all others execution?
  13. tipforeveryone

    [4.6 Beta] Crash when using Joint:Ball()

    Copy example code in https://www.leadwerks.com/learn?page=API-Reference_Object_Joint_Ball to Main.lua > Execute and get crash I can confirm this, 4.5 is ok
  14. tipforeveryone

    About LUA module variables

    Yes I remember that you explained this to me on discord months ago, I just totally forgot the answers and could not find it again on discord because Josh cancel discord once (I delayed my game development for almost 3 months and returned 1 weeks ago) Thank you again for a clear answer, and now I can bookmark it !
  15. tipforeveryone

    About LUA module variables

    Here is my custom module: local module = {} module.SetValue = function(value) module.v = value end return module and this is my code to call above module local variable1 = require("mymodule") variable1.SetValue(1) local variable2 = require("mymodule") variable2.SetValue(2) System:Print(variable1.v) System:Print(variable2.v) As my expectation, the console should display 1 2 but it displays this instead 2 2 That means the value of variable1.v is overwriten by the value of variable2.v. I used mymodule for 2 local variables, why dont they hold a independent value of module.v ?