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  1. sometime it just happens because you change model with a new bones structure/name in scene
  2. My new AI cover/fire system, AI now can choose his own target and fire from cover
  3. Here is what I got after new beta brand update (fix for
  4. and this return to my original post problem which cause depth buffer
  5. No it doesnt work. my weapon is still clipped
  6. Yes, increase near camera range can fix this glitch, but my weapon which is close to camera clipped out render. any proper way to fix both of these problems?
  7. My map is using terrain 256 x 256 and the range is about 220 / 256 of the map and this render glitch occur at closer range infact, about 40m (ingame) and when there is 2 layer of meshes are close to eachother. camera range is from 0 to 10000
  8. this is just moving camera, right ? or zooming using SetZoom ?
  9. Watch until the end of this video, you can see the problem on character mesh. it looks fine at close range. How can I fix this ?
  10. Anisotropic can handle close range texture, but with far range, when zoom in camera it still blurry
  11. Without dynamic nav mesh, enemy AI character can only do a "zombie style", keep tracking and get close to its target, no environment interaction, the dark side of Leadwerks
  12. I am building my sniper scope, when my camera zooms in, texture of terrain at far distance get blur and looks bad How can I adjust terrain texture mip map when zooming
  13. Yep, I think even Turbo will be the lastest engine of Leadwerks in near future, but old one like 4.x need to be perfect because there will be more people will buy this engine. They will try the demo and learn in many possible ways. So that they hate to get annoying problems and make them think Leadwerks suck. I can't stand thinking that way hehe
  14. I created a FPs Project from template, then Goto File > Project manager and that New Project window still there, Unable to click OK or Cancel This is so annoying 2019-03-26 at 07-40-13.mp4
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