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  1. Josh... I need your new bones/skeleton/animation (for Turbo) as soon as posible, because my game's FPS drops like hell when I put this bunch of soldiers into my scene, I need 30+ characters in one scene (include enemies and allies) and LE4 can not handle that number of characters, so sad :(

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    2. tipforeveryone


      I even think about delaying my game until Turbo haha. 

    3. JMK


      I’m thinking there will be a new C++ lib available within four weeks. However it will not support terrain, particles, physics or scripts. It is just to focus on graphics.

      i would not delay a game but you can design it to make the transition easier. Use “auto” for all your Leadwerks object declarations.

    4. Lethal Raptor Games

      Lethal Raptor Games

      Thats awsome, the only thing I would need there would be physics.  Hopefully that wont be too far away.

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