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  1. I think the problem is about Script.VariableName = "" --entity Label I try this and it returns no error local somevar = self.entity:GetPosition() but not local somevar = self.VariableName:GetPosition() So that maybe something wrong in --entity ... I just don't know how to fix this
  2. This happened after I updated my project. It crashes when I use GetPosition() or even Instance() in UpdateWorld(). Strange..
  3. Is there any solution for this problem ? I need that UpdateWorld and GetPosition work..
  4. True, this kills my feeling in game making effort. I still in love with leadwerks, hope it will be fixed soon...
  5. It is the camera from defaut Editor, even I use FPSController prefab its Camera. It still brings me error So that I think problem came from Debugger itself. In this case I can not use self.entityVariable:GetPosition() anymore. All scripts which use GetPosition does not work too. Most of my script broken : )) what a pain!
  6. Something goes wrong here after update I created 2 boxes (Box1 and Box2) then attached Test.lua file to Box1 Run in Debug mode and got this error Some of my scripts file do not work anymore when using a same script as Test.lua I tested on 2 platforms (Linux and Windows) and it has same error, even in new Project Please help
  7. After 1+ week using Leadwerks in Linux (Lubuntu) I find out some bugs about Interface interaction They are small but annoying, please fix them - Clicking "Minimize" button in Script Editor or Flowgraph window will minimize Main Editor window too - Can not use Ctrl + Left click to do multiple select in Scene tab - Mouse scroll does not work in Scene tab (a long list of entities, models etc...), I must use the scroll slider on the right to browse. - Can not drag and drop entities from Scene tab to Flowgraph Editor, I must right click the entity and choose "Add to Flowgraph". - Text and Icon on buttons look weird (image attachment)
  8. Thanks for your reply I added "Leadwerks::" but it displayed more errors I created "Blank Project" from Project Manager of Leadwerks. I heard that Steam version of Leadwerks does not support C++ but it was from 3.x version, and there is a DLC which help user use C++. Now Im not sure... Just don't know what was wrong, please
  9. Hello, I have bought Leadwerks: Professional Edition and started to learn with C++ (follow Aggror's Tutorials ) I am using Lubuntu and installed Code block, but when I tried to build and run, I received a build message What should I do ? I did exactly same as tutorial then stuck (sorry for my bad English)
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