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  1. I created a FPs Project from template, then Goto File > Project manager and that New Project window still there, Unable to click OK or Cancel This is so annoying 2019-03-26 at 07-40-13.mp4
  2. Today I updated to Official 4.6 Release Create a new project from FPS Template, Load "AI and Events" map, play the game After shooting the pistol 6 times, the game crash, something need to be fixed with this weapon. This might be the most brutal mood killer for new user who try leadwerks for the first time I think.
  3. I notice that the number of Script memory usage is increasing second to second. Is it ok ? or there are somecode in my game make it increased. More explaination of this please Thanks
  4. In Script Editor Press Ctrl + N to create Untitled blank script Press Ctrl + S to save script, whenever after saving or canceling Save Dialogue Windows, there will be a "s" character which is added in at typing cursor position. Same thing with Ctrl + O
  5. I think the problem is Random Velocity, if I increase emitter Random Veclocity higher, paritcles can collide in higher speed. this is not good And if Random Velocity = 0,0,0, no collision at all
  6. it is 4.6 Beta, and here is the map. drag the emitter closer to ground, and particles will collide. Just a regular emitter particlemap.map
  7. Wow, I don't know what were changed but this update gives my game performance a huge boost, it is about 500fps after update. how ?
  8. Oops... how embarrassing thanks, sometimes my mind stuck in a weird way
  9. Even use Normalize(), it is no use.
  10. Does that mean we will use VSCode for lua coding as the official IDE in 4.6 ? Because I want this feature for 4.6 too, not only Turbo
  11. I think Leadwerks code editor will be better if there is a Lua function list which contain all function bookmarks. Whenever a function created (the line has word "function") its line number will be bookmarked, a single click can bring user to the line of that function instead of pressing Ctrl + F then type the name of function. Something like this, I hope this can be implemented in 4.6
  12. This project of mine was erased, but I will recreate it for you to test, don't close this topic yet
  13. Those unsupported functions are still useful for users like us, and of course we accept the risk when using them. Why don't you just expose them all and give them "unsupported" red tag Sometime users need information
  14. I wonder that too, does lower camera max range mean better performance? Because entities are discard from render
  15. Anyone please explain this In the video, When I let emitter be close to the ground, its particles bounce, but If I move the emitter up, particles start to go through the ground
  16. Thanks to Leadwerks, I can make many games for my family members, especially my father. Game development with Leadwerks is now the most exciting thing in my life

    1. Slastraf


      to be honest its to me also the only thing I can have fun with right now

    2. tipforeveryone


      :) Even I can not release a game and make people buy it, But I can use my game to create happiness for my family, that should be enough!

  17. Here is my configuration, it works fine Hope this help!
  18. I enjoyed this game thanks !
  19. - Using Point light to create weapon muzzle flash will create funny shadow of trees - Vegetation collision = on ~> Crash. I dont know what exact the prolem because there is no error in output console Here is the video https://youtu.be/9VrqP6NsJFQ
  20. I input "SetScript" into the search textbox and found nothing, even manual search
  21. There are 3 cases which leads to crash https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hJxVAQAE6BY
  22. I hope this is not a bug, here is the video, look at Output Console and see how the game stopped when I change to another map by assign the changemapname variable the game seems to be freezed, (I assigned P Key to make changemapname = "Maps/mymap.map") my map is verysimple , there are only 1 pivot which attached script to run hole game. I dont know what happened because there is no error diplay notice the DebugMessage("RUNNING") function (just a custom function of System:Print()). It runs ok in function Script:Start() but doent run after loading newmap. I think even the Script
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