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  1. This project of mine was erased, but I will recreate it for you to test, don't close this topic yet
  2. Those unsupported functions are still useful for users like us, and of course we accept the risk when using them. Why don't you just expose them all and give them "unsupported" red tag Sometime users need information
  3. I wonder that too, does lower camera max range mean better performance? Because entities are discard from render
  4. Anyone please explain this In the video, When I let emitter be close to the ground, its particles bounce, but If I move the emitter up, particles start to go through the ground
  5. Thanks to Leadwerks, I can make many games for my family members, especially my father. Game development with Leadwerks is now the most exciting thing in my life

    1. Slastraf


      to be honest its to me also the only thing I can have fun with right now

    2. tipforeveryone


      :) Even I can not release a game and make people buy it, But I can use my game to create happiness for my family, that should be enough!

  6. Here is my configuration, it works fine Hope this help!
  7. I enjoyed this game thanks !
  8. - Using Point light to create weapon muzzle flash will create funny shadow of trees - Vegetation collision = on ~> Crash. I dont know what exact the prolem because there is no error in output console Here is the video https://youtu.be/9VrqP6NsJFQ
  9. I input "SetScript" into the search textbox and found nothing, even manual search
  10. My Dream Laser Beam finally completed :D https://youtu.be/F8oT1LQNiIQ

  11. There are 3 cases which leads to crash https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hJxVAQAE6BY
  12. I hope this is not a bug, here is the video, look at Output Console and see how the game stopped when I change to another map by assign the changemapname variable the game seems to be freezed, (I assigned P Key to make changemapname = "Maps/mymap.map") my map is verysimple , there are only 1 pivot which attached script to run hole game. I dont know what happened because there is no error diplay notice the DebugMessage("RUNNING") function (just a custom function of System:Print()). It runs ok in function Script:Start() but doent run after loading newmap. I think even the Script:UpdateWorld() was not executed or World:Clear() function has problem when clear everthing ?
  13. I attached this script to a Directional light function Script:Start() sun = self.entity end Game started normally, but When I changed the changemapname variable (which can be found in Main.lua) to another map which also had the same Scripted Directional light. I recieved this "Script classname sun not found." Is there something wrong with global variable ? Edit: It seems my global variables were "stuck" when I change map. Is there anyway to RESET or RELEASE everything ? everytime I load a map, I want everything is clean. World:Clear() does not work well I think
  14. image.png.20e7e92ca1d7c2df96e5aeed24090c67.png what a nice number

    1. gamecreator


      Nice and round.  You have a ways to go though...  😛

  15. Yeah it is not actually my goal, I want to place my character spawn position by using pivots. I place pivots in editor and when I run the game, my characters will be placed with pivots's position. Anyway, I found the solution, I put Script2 into UpdateWorld(), not in Start(), with a variable which can help execute character create code only one time.
  16. My goal is place some boxes at the position of some pre-placed pivots I have 3 pivots (pivot1, pivot2, pivot3) Scripts 1: which is attached to pivot1 and 2 function Script:Start() table.insert(global_table,self.entity) end (global_table was declared in main.lua, before the while loop) Script 2: which is attached to pivot3 function Script:Start() for key,value in ipairs(global_table) do local box = Model:Box() box:SetPosition(value:GetPosition(true)) end end Script 2 does not work, because there is nothing inside the global_table to execute, all Script:Start() function are started at the same time. How can I force the Start() function of script2 (attached to pivot3) to be executed after all others execution?
  17. Copy example code in https://www.leadwerks.com/learn?page=API-Reference_Object_Joint_Ball to Main.lua > Execute and get crash I can confirm this, 4.5 is ok
  18. Yes I remember that you explained this to me on discord months ago, I just totally forgot the answers and could not find it again on discord because Josh cancel discord once (I delayed my game development for almost 3 months and returned 1 weeks ago) Thank you again for a clear answer, and now I can bookmark it !
  19. Here is my custom module: local module = {} module.SetValue = function(value) module.v = value end return module and this is my code to call above module local variable1 = require("mymodule") variable1.SetValue(1) local variable2 = require("mymodule") variable2.SetValue(2) System:Print(variable1.v) System:Print(variable2.v) As my expectation, the console should display 1 2 but it displays this instead 2 2 That means the value of variable1.v is overwriten by the value of variable2.v. I used mymodule for 2 local variables, why dont they hold a independent value of module.v ?
  20. my suggestion is a "Room Escape" genre - simple logic, pick this to open that etc
  21. Hi Josh, when I change Projection Mode of a camera to get Othor view, it makes my scene become so tiny, how can I fix that ? SetFOV or SetZoom does not work
  22. https://www.leadwerks.com/learn?page=Tutorials_CPP_Variables There are duplicated "To convert a string to a float.."
  23. I will create my inventory in C++ instead. Using class to save information is a great idea, thanks but I think saving that list to file is better for me. !
  24. I want to create a game in which I can choose Weapons and add them into player's inventory in a sperated map (call "loadout.map") That loadout can be saved (player can name the saved one as "recon kit", "assault kit" etc..) or select as active loadout. When a mission map is loaded, player will load saved loadout to play Which is the best way to achieve this ? please give me a direction, and yes, C++ way. The main question is about save and load process, should I use database ?
  25. I find out that making "escape the room" game style is so easy in programing but extreme hard in graphic design

    1. Genebris


      That's pretty much all games to be honest.

    2. tipforeveryone


      And Puzzle games are opposite haha

    3. Marcousik


      Well we need artist not only for graphics but for but for a good story too. Anyway my first problem are not the artists but simply finding time is not easy anymore !

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