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  1. Please @Josh can you make ssr depens on specular map ?
  2. Why dont you use all of the methods :"D I have an unique FPSPlayer Control which was built from scratch, kind of useful then I share it via my blog on this site.
  3. Thank you @macklebee this is so clear ! I wonder why there are many functions like this not in document, maybe they are unofficial but still being used in default code somewhere, making everybody confused
  4. Nouse. they are still shiny like hell : ))
  5. It is sad that noone can give me any answer on my posted topics in Technical Assistance :)

    1. martyj


      That's because only one person knows what it does, and that person is very busy with LE5/Turbo

    2. tipforeveryone


      This answer satisfied me hehe

    3. macklebee
  6. I found this in default FPSPlayer.lua while testing Joint:Kinematic but had no idea what was it usage
  7. I use a material which has all 3 textures: diffuse, normal, specular then add ssr.shader to my camera As I expect, the reflection should follow specular map to reflect scene around my object, but it doesn't. When ssr was enabled, everything was reflected on that object's face. Adjust RGB value of Specular is the only one way to control how much reflection on that object But when it comes almost black (to reduce reflection) specular map becomes more useless Is there any way to really control ssr with specular map ?
  8. You can create a simple function which helps you to convert 0-255 to 0-1 function rgba(r,g,b,a) --red green blue alpha, it is like CSS local rgba_value = Vec4(r/255,g/255,b/255,a) return rgba_value end --make this function global then you can use entity:SetColor(rgba(142,36,64,0.8))
  9. crouching was in default FPSPlayer script but it is unofficial, your character can crouch and move around when using: https://www.leadwerks.com/learn?page=API-Reference_Object_Entity_SetInput, that is a "crouch" boolean. Leadwerks is for human-size or lower character only, bigger one is imposible..
  10. Because of hard-coded character physics cylinder, your character model should be shorter than 1.7m and 60 cm in diameter. when your character is bigger than that, his limbs or head maybe go through object like walls and ceiling etc. Hope character physics capsule with adjustable size will be there in LE5 (I mean Turbo)
  11. It is intesting to think like this: Leadwerks was 4.x years old now, "he" has a son, and the son's name is Turbo, next generation of awesomeness! Someday, Leadwerks will be old and pass away but Turbo will live will to make Leadwerks proud. What a story...
  12. Vote up TGE! Someone may say it "tee-gee"
  13. I found this in https://www.leadwerks.com/learn?page=API-Reference_Object_Entity_SetPickMode Where can I get a full list of this PickMode ? (I found one anyway, Entity.PolygonPick)
  14. My game showcase after 2 years of development, this video will show you some of completed features
  15. This is still not in document, is it unofficial or you forgot to add it ? @Josh
  16. After 2 years learning and using leadwerks, I decided to refresh with C++. But I still feel unclear about the role of C++ and need to be explained (even I watched Agro's video about Lua and C++) When I build my game in VS2017 and run it for testing, it does exact the same as running game from Editor with pure Lua script (F6) or running from published .exe. I don't comprehen the way C++ cooperate with Lua. I want to know more detail about the relationship between Lua and C++. If I write a C++ file and how does that file run in my game. I am newbie to C++ and there are no many up to date tutorial out there. Thanks
  17. I don't find any example, please give me some to understand how this Joint works thanks
  18. @GorzenDev Thank you so much, I works! Now I can continue to learn C++ with Leadwerks ! Yay !
  19. The best way to change map which I learnt is change the value of changemapname variable (it is a global one) in the main.lua instead of using Map:Load() in any script. This prevents game to crash in most cases. I got this problem before when I use Map:Load() in Script:UpdateWorld() or Script:UpdatePhysics(), loading map like this will cause errors like "assert error" or some entites not found (nil) even they are in code. Hope this help
  20. Can anyone tell me which forum framework of this forum ? I need to develop my own forum in my country :D

    1. gamecreator


      Invision Power Board

    2. tipforeveryone
  21. It was built successfully but I get this instead I wonder is there another way less painful to use VS2017 with Leadwerks 4.5
  22. You can use Audacity to convert wav files to this format
  23. Today I feel good to start learning new thing in Leadwerks, that is C++ with long time bought Professional DLC (I did this before but not successful) I remember that now Leadwerks 4.4 support VS2017 then I do some simple steps Create a Blank Project in Leadwerks Editor Open Projects/Windows/TestBlankProject.sln by VS2017 Goto Build > Build Solution F7 then I get this This is what I found https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/cpp/error-messages/tool-errors/linker-tools-error-lnk2019?f1 But I don't understand anything on that page to find the solution (what a long content) I just want to start with a simple "Hello world" test for my new thing, but It seems not to be smooth as I expected.. Please help
  24. Now I am using Leadwerks not only for making game, I have some templates which are used frequently (for my job). Then I don't want to Copy/Paste my "pure" project each time I need a new one
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