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  1. Hi, I'm trying to create a computer terminal so that I can save it as a prefab. Only thing is, every kind of light I try to use is wrong. A point light reflects off of the screen. I want the screen to be the thing emitting light (or make it look like it). I want the screen to give off light without a light shining on it. I searched the forum, and I found this post asking the same thing, but I can't find a glow shader anywhere. http://www.leadwerks.com/werkspace/topic/5894-does-lw-have-an-illumination-map/page__hl__computer+screen If anyone can help me, I thank you in advance.
  2. Thanks onaid, turning off grid snap helped. However, I don't have any options under View above Scrollbars. My view menu is the same as yours, except I don't have your first two options. Mine starts at scrollbars. Yes, I have Linux Mint MATE Maya. 32-bit. EVGA GeForce GT 730
  3. Thanks. This works good enough for me. Just like in AutoCAD, when I zoom in far enough, I can see that they're not perfectly lined up, even when they're snapped to the grid, but no one's going to notice. I do have a new question, though. How do you have all those buttons on your toolbar? I have the same version of Leadwerks you do, 4.0. I made my window small so it would be a smaller picture when I took the screenshot, but the buttons on my toolbar are all I have. I even have the professional version installed, according to the Steam that I launch Leadwerks from. Is my version not running the professional version?
  4. I was playing around with a few models, and I discovered that I couldn't (or didn't know how to) make a box the same width as a ventgrate. I did decrease the grid and I snapped both the vent and block to the same line, so those faces line up perfectly in a straight line. The far opposite faces of the vent and box don't line up exactly perfect. See the "back" viewport in the picture. Is there an easy way to have an object snap or align to the edge of an adjacent object? That would be very nice and intuitive. But if there isn't a way to do that, how would you solve this problem? I tried everything I could think of. I even tried scaling it larger along that axis, but it increased the size in both directions, not just one. I could keep decreasing the size of the grid, but I thought there has to be an easier way. I'm sure there's a way to solve this. I just don't know it Thanks
  5. Thanks for your reply. What I meant to ask was 'Is it recommended to leave the thickness of the floor the way it is (e.g., distance between the top and bottom faces), or would it not hurt anything to raise it up, or change the thickness of the floor?' It would make more sense, and it would be much more efficient to install all the add-ons to a single parent directory. There's no reason this couldn't be made to work this way. Right now, disk space isn't a problem, but it's still just about the principle. It would save storage capacity, and it would improve the quality of the software, but I don't know much about game development, so maybe there is a legit reason that they have copies in each project's root directory. Thanks for your replies and advice so far. Anyone else?
  6. Doesn't surprise me. Must be because of Canonical's corporate ties. Regardless, Mint is a derivative of ubuntu. Besides, only marketing for one distro doesn't make sense. Linux distros aren't that different. If one absolutely insists on marketing for only one Linux distribution, you should pick a major one like debian, since it is the parent of so many other popular distros. Ubuntu is in turn a derivative of debian. Anyway, this might sound like a long list, but it works. There are exponentially more things that work than don't (correctly). So while it may have been intended for *buntu, because Mint is a derivative of *buntu, it works. I'm sure it wouldn't work any differently in *buntu, since Mint uses *buntu's own repositories. Besides, I'm done with *buntu. I'll only install it again if I absolutely have to. In fact, I'm thinking of even leaving Mint because it's a derivative of *buntu.
  7. Oops my bad I meant to say Leadwerks 4.0 I'm using Linux Mint Maya MATE 32-bit. It's a LTS supported until sometime next year.
  8. Hi everyone. This is my first attempt at making a level. I know it's just a simple map, and I don't plan on using it to make a real game, but it's just to practice my new skills. Anyway, I started an "Advanced First-Person Shooter" project using that template, and it automatically created two boxes, a floor and a block. I've programmed for years, but I've never been serious about game design until about 2 weeks ago. I decided to give Leadwerks a try after a website listed it as a decent game engine ( --- that also runs on Linux --- ) emphasis added. I have a few questions: 1. Do you suggest I leave the "floor" box at that elevation? It looks like its top side's y coordinate is at 0, if I'm assuming the correct coordinate system. I can see the grid on the top face of the floor, which looks bad. 2. Should I leave the thickness of the floor alone? It looks like it protrudes below the grid plane a ways. Are there good reasons for this? 3. When I have multiple projects, do I have to install addons for each project? That would waste a lot of storage. Is it possible to leave these models/materials/prefab/etc. in a higher parent directory, so that they can use them without wasting unnecessary storage capacity? Thanks, looks awesome so far.
  9. http://www.leadwerks.com/werkspace/page/tutorials/_/scene-panel-r3 When I hold control down and left-click on the lights, it ignores either control key, and instead selects only the one that I just clicked on. If I continue to use this software, this will waste an enormous amount of time if it's not fixed. However, I can select multiple faces by holding the control key. (this is a major bug or logical error) When I click on an object that's already selected in the top-left viewport, it gets deselected in the scene panel. (just an annoyance, but it needs fixed) When I hit the delete key when the object is selected, it won't delete. I have to use the delete button on the toolbar. (either a bug or a logical error?) When I select an object like a cylinder or box, and I type in 90.0 degrees, nothing happens when I hit enter. I have to click out of the text box for its rotation to change. (either a bug or a logical error?) In tutorial 7, when I was creating the leaf material, it applies the last-used normal map to my leaf material when I chose the diffuse+normal+alphamask.shader file. (this is a major bug or logical error) When I try dragging a material file in the assets tab over to the brush I want to use, nothing happens. The cursor just shows the hand icon like it's over a hyperlink, and it doesn't show anything getting dragged. (just an annoyance, but it needs fixed) I just created a cylinder. The wood material was already selected before I created it, so it looks like wood. When I click on "X" to clear the material in the Appearance tab under the Scene tab, it removes wood.mat from the text box, but when I click on something else, or click on empty space in the top-left viewport, it still has the wood material. When I select the cylinder again, the text has returned. It still has the wood material assigned to it. (this is a major bug or logical error) I know you would usually have a material on an object, but in this case, I want to create a plain object without any texture. Is that possible to do after you created an object and applied a material to it? This is all I have found so far. I also don't have as many buttons on my main toolbar as the person who made the tutorial, and I have the Professional Edition "DLC" installed. I'm learning how to do stuff at a nice pace, but if these are problems with the software itself, then I'm merely reporting them so they can be fixed. If these are problems because of my own ignorance, please tell me what I'm doing wrong, however, I'm pretty sure most of them are not operator errors. I have Leadwerks Editor I'm using Linux. I can provide any other information about my system if it's relevant. For the most part, I like this ide. Please fix these bugs. Thanks
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