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  1. move the taskbar to the bottom of the screen?
  2. We need guys like you. Power to BMX!!
  3. installled latest drives on this machine with 220 and works fine now
  4. Failed to link the shader... this was on a pc with nvidia GT 220 I will try home on my pc.
  5. I do not want to be a hater but it's exactly like the announcement of PS4 which shows us nothing just a bounce of games rendered by a REAL PC LE3 will be a nice rendering engine. that's for sure. also will have an editor good enough to help us making some kind of games: FPS, and 3rdPS / action... As I said earlier, must of us are hobbyist. I am sorry to tell you but there are a few who will really make a full game by the end of their life Right now, there on the market there are a lot of tools and frameworks which can help any of us: UDK, CryEngine, Torque (yeah i know ) Shiva, Unity - for this you do not need to be a very skillfull programmer to make simple application. also for guys who really like to 'smell' the code: irrlicht and ogre. (i know both of them are quite old but I am trying to give some examples). Maybe 3-4 years ago it was complicated to make a nice water effect with some smoke and real time shadow (really was in fact), but these days it's not so hard. Another POV: 499 usd for android? really? Android games are free. No one buys that ****.. I know there are maybe 30-40 games but trust me these games are not state of the art. The mobile market is a good one but only for big companies who have enough money to resist in time. In order to make 1000 USD per month you must have at least 15-20 average games on the market. Anyway this is another talk and maybe it's not the time for that. My last words in this topic (if no ones starts an argue with me ) are these: For LE CEO: The price is not fair for us the community. As I said earlier I have these money and I want to give them to you but I will not have for what (at least not in the next months). The problem is that WE DO NOT HAVE the money. We the indie, the hobbiest, the "guys" who dream to make their own Quake clone (I would like to do that).. we do not have these money. We will left LE for other engines or tools. There are plenty. And some very personal opinion: I do not care about cross platform with mobile. I can make any time a game using native code for mobile. iOS, Android, WindowsPhone. Mobiles are for fast, easy to play and implement games. Casual games. I am not here for making casual games. I want that fu%$% Quake clone.. and Quake is not for mobiles Now I am going back to my work (it's 2:24 AM here and in the next hours I must leave to the office) so have a nice day to all of you! R.
  6. Because there were a lot of discussion reagarding this issue but not a topic I wanted to share here my thoughts. I some kind work in gaming industry. I managed to make some little games and selling them. I am not have a Ferrari..yet! Anyway, Josh managed to build a very powerfull rendering framework (see LE2) and the most important think: a community. This community shared the information and helpd out all the beginners. For a hobbiest or an indie LE2 was one of the perfect 'tool'. The price was ok, there are out there some .NET and BlitzMax librarys so many programmes which do not want to learn C++ can play with LE. I started using LE because of that. Now there is a new version available. All this work must be payed now. The office rental cost money. The research cost money. To eat and drink.. you must use money too. No one is doing this for free. I do not care UDK is free or Unity cost 1000 and a little but.... 1. I want a massive documentation with samples. Unity has one of the best helping system 2. I want to be able to code for Windows in .net or c++ or lua or blitzmax. I am an indie. I do not want to learn c++. I do not want to use those fu%$ing pointers. 3. I want to be able to upgrade from LE2 to LE3 not just until 1st of April. I want to do this anytime I have the money. I am a customer of this product. Or at least of LE2. I want to pay for LE3 but only when all these 3 points are covered. Also I want to code games using LE and to sell them to make money. I made until now only 2D games but in the near future I want to make some full 3D applications not just some demos. So I willdefinetly invest money into a 3D engine/framework/tool/etc.. Sorry for my bad grammar. R.
  7. Raul

    PS4 show is now

    I like Watch Dogs. Animations, graphics.. ALL
  8. The Collaboration icon is better now :D

    1. gamecreator


      Is that the only forum that has its own read icon (faded handshake)? Every other forum I click read turns into the dialog bubbles.

    2. gamecreator


      Hmm, if it's already read then it has a faded version. But if you click it, it has the dialog bubbles. Probably just a bug.

  9. "BlitzMax module is included, because Editor is written in BlitzMax using the engine.dll" I have only one question: We will be able to use its full features with BlitzMax? Also, are there ant bmax users here anymore?
  10. I really like Holidays. Now I can work full time to my projects :D

  11. She's a 27 years female who has these interests: Blogs,Travel,Reading,Movies,TV How could she be a spammer? )
  12. @Red Ocktober: thanks mate. this "findChild" function is perfect. For now I think this is enough.. After I load the scene, I need to manipulate some objects, not many, so this might be ok.
  13. Just reinstalled. I did not copied any file in the editor (i have some models from Pure3D) Still does not work..
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