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  1. Hello, I know its been a while since this thread was active but I still have a problem with that in 2016. When I export a FBX model from maya (with texture) and import it into Leadwerks, the texture has gone... I guess its because Leadwerks creates its mdl file but how to import the texture then if I UV mapped my model in maya?
  2. I think a lot of users would be happy if they are able to import a complete object from Blender or Cinema4D into leadwerks...
  3. Actually I was asked to select a file to upload in the mask. I did so but I dont know where it is.....
  4. Hello, it may be useful if you could import .obj files. They are able to save textures as well as the object so you dont have to import texture and object on its own. Best Wishes
  5. (I already created a discussion in Steam about that and there they asked me to create a thread in this forum including the files so everybody could try at their own.) Hey People, after a few days I run into something that didnt work as I wanted. My problem: I created some models (not a simple cube) in Blender/Cinema4D and painted them (via unwarp in Blender/via 3D-Bodypaint in C4D). I saved the models as .FBX and the textures as .JPG. When I imported them into Leadwerks everything was fine but as I tryied to texture my own objects with my own textures the textures were comletly streched and rescaled above the object. The top was somewhere at the left. The lower site was painted with parts of the left and right site. My question: Is it possible to fix that? Is it possible that Leadwerks uses the textures "the same way" than Blender and C4D do? (Or is there a way to import a file that already includes the textures so I could convert the .C4D file?) Or do I have to make every object I want as a extra model with its own texture? I am just creating something big, something very big with many details. Thats why I am asking. Hoping for some helpful answers Poly Here are some pictures I made: Here is the picture of the object and the UV map I created in Blender http://i.imgur.com/GGgJYWn.png?1 This is what I ended up with after importing and texturing. The selected texture at the menu is the texture I added on my object. It is not caused by the missing name, I already added the texture to an other object and it worked (of course not in the right scaling) http://i.imgur.com/qY3m3Gp.png?1 If there is any request please just ask!!!
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