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  1. I changed the code "if App.window:KeyHit(Key.G)then self:Use()end" to "if window:KeyHit(Key.G)" along with the console print thing to just print. and i typed in the strng for start pivot, what ive done using your code is, i made a base room, put the player in it, added a pivot at the entrance and put the script onto it, then i just put a pivot at every other prefabs entrance and exit, i got it to work at one point(like just being able to run the game without errors) and then i pressed g and well, nothing happened anywhere in the map. The only script attached to any of the pivots are the one
  2. I appreciate it! Thanks! I think i may just go through trial and error with making a completely original script for it.
  3. Well ive programmed in other languages honestly couple years back i picked up C++ for a year, i studied HML CSS LESS Javscript, ruby and SASS in highschool, i tried java not really a fan, im thinking that maybe i should just pick up C++ again and use cpp instead of lua(i have all the DLC, i just thought lua was easier, but considering how flexible C++ is it might be the way i should go.) Before that though, i think im gunna give Programming in LUA Third Edition a read and hope i can figure it out cuz id rather not switch to C++. I appreciate it, i read the tutorial flexman did about this t
  4. Thats great, if you manage to find out anything, please let me know . And the vice versa, if i find out anything ill post it here. If anyone else knows how to help please inform me if possible. Thanks
  5. I dont have and huge amounths of LUA scripting knowlege, but i understand the basics, i read all the LUA tutorials on the leadworks site. What im trying to do is create a single base room where the player starts, there is one exit, and after that exit using prefabs to randomly generate the rest of the map. Is this possible? Ive read forums on it(on this website, couldnt find one that helped, at the end of this post ill link some of the forums i read, i read all the ocmments as well), i just cant seem to figure it out and its killing me, ive been working on it for 16 hours straight. So if anyo
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