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  1. TØXIN

    Relic Rick


    Winter Games Tournament 2016 Entry Developed By: Toxin Games Version: Public Alpha Version 1.00 Platform: Windows Story: You control the adventurer, Rick, who is on a hunt for an ancient artifact for his museum. During his search in an underground ruin, he feels an earthquake and, before he knows it, the ground caves in beneath his feet! Rick is then swallowed into a secret temple! Trapped inside, Rick must proceed forward through the newly discovered ruin using his wits to solve puzzles, collect keys, and survive to escape the labyrinth. Will he ever find a way out of
  2. Figured out the issue with EXCEPTION error... It seems my Leadwerks CFG file was corrupted. Deleting this fixed the issue.

  3. Figured it out. It seems my Leadwerks configurator file got corrupted. I simply just deleted this file and that resolved my issue. I can now load up Leadwerks again.
  4. Well this kind of sucks.. Can't load anything in Leadwerks currently... 



  5. I am getting "EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION" when trying to load any project in Leadwerks Editor. It was working fine earlier today. Did something update? I tried the following: 1. Was on Beta branch, degraded to stable branch. 2. Re-upgraded to Beta Branch 3. Created new project within Leadwerks editor, selected blank template. Trying to load from this newly created project results in EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION error. Any help is appreciated. Currently cannot working on my project due to this.
  6. First post in quite a while, but just wanted to say: I love Leadwerks! ?

  7. Thanks for the response Josh! It's been a while since I used the Leadwerks engine, mainly due to personal stuff happening. But now, I am starting to get back into game development. I wanted to take my existing project and put VR into it as of this past year I have been a VR gamer and absolutely love the technology. I want to contribute to the VR scene and I noticed Leadwerks added VR support. However the standard release did not allow the ability for snap-turn/smooth-turn. That was a huge con for me as I personally use that in all games I play due to my small play area. I read that the be
  8. Ah gotcha. Out of curiosity, do you have an ETA when this may be fixed? I am currently using the Beta branch due to the extended VR support and currently all particle effects, lens flares, and other entities using sprite graphics do not render correctly due to this bug. I do not wish to downgrade my project to the current stable version due to the missing VR commands, mainly the ability to rotate VR space. Thanks!
  9. It seems the sprites have an issue with the Y-Axis being flipped. This is reproducible via the editor and in-game just by adding a sprite or a light. See below screenshots. I am using the Beta Branch build of Leadwerks.
  10. Thanks Josh! Is this able to be accessed through LUA or is this exclusive to C++ projects? Thanks!
  11. I am trying to figure out how to hide the SteamVR base station models from appearing in game. Is there a way to do this? I do not see this in the documentation. Thanks!
  12. Is anybody having difficulty getting Rigid Bodies to collide with triggers? It seems ever since the 4.4 update, rigid bodies don't collide with triggers. (Yes, I setup the Collision::SetResponse to Collision::Trigger to the rigid body)... hmmm...

  13. WOW! I just discovered a screenshot of my game on the "Education" page! Lookin' good! :D

    1. Josh


      If you hover over the image it shows your name.

    2. TØXIN


      Awesome! Thanks Josh! :)

  14. Trying to think of the best way to save game data... What is the safest data to record so I know for sure that data belongs to that specific entity when I go to load data?

    1. Show previous comments  8 more
    2. Rick


      How would you do this for entities you placed by hand in the editor? You still would have to relate a name to that specific instance would you not? Otherwise after LE loads the map how would you know what entity already loaded is what Id in your database.

    3. aiaf


      Hmm i didnt think about the editor.


      I just recreate all entities from the db when game starts.Not using the map file.


    4. AggrorJorn


      a guid per entity in the scene would be nice.

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