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  1. Trying to think of the best way to save game data... What is the safest data to record so I know for sure that data belongs to that specific entity when I go to load data?

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    2. TØXIN


      Yeah, that is kind of annoying that I have to manually set unique names for each entity in my map and not have this automated as I place entities. I wonder if there is a work around this. I do have the power of C++ on my hands, maybe I will give something a try before doing this route.

    3. TØXIN


      Thanks, Rick!

    4. aiaf


      I use sqlite3 and have tables with numeric indexes (for example mine table).

      SetKeyValue for the entity can be um1 means unit mine with index 1 (us3, ut4 depending on type etc).

      I only do this for important entities.

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