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  1. Is anybody having difficulty getting Rigid Bodies to collide with triggers? It seems ever since the 4.4 update, rigid bodies don't collide with triggers. (Yes, I setup the Collision::SetResponse to Collision::Trigger to the rigid body)... hmmm...

  2. WOW! I just discovered a screenshot of my game on the "Education" page! Lookin' good! :D

    1. Josh


      If you hover over the image it shows your name.

    2. TØXIN


      Awesome! Thanks Josh! :)

  3. Trying to think of the best way to save game data... What is the safest data to record so I know for sure that data belongs to that specific entity when I go to load data?

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    2. Rick


      How would you do this for entities you placed by hand in the editor? You still would have to relate a name to that specific instance would you not? Otherwise after LE loads the map how would you know what entity already loaded is what Id in your database.

    3. aiaf


      Hmm i didnt think about the editor.


      I just recreate all entities from the db when game starts.Not using the map file.


    4. AggrorJorn


      a guid per entity in the scene would be nice.

  4. Ha ha! If that was an actual argument then I would argue against that. To be real, if someone has to constantly fight with the editor that will demotivate the person in which may turn them away from the at least editor.. or worse yet, the entire engine. Especially when this engine is marketed towards beginner level indies. With tiny features (or shortcuts) like these, it will help make the design process less stressful and quicker which may spark more creative designs. I don't want to have to fight with the editor constantly just to design something, that is what I feel like I'm doing at
  5. @lxFirebal69xl Yup, that looks like one of my maps too. I hate to add to the pile of features, but I would really appreciate if we could disable the auto-goto feature when clicking on an object in the flowgraph or get rid of it all together. Because 9/10 I just want to move the node in the flowgraph to make room for a new one, and then when I go back to the perspective or graph view, I am disoriented because it moves the camera to the object that I just wanted to move the node of. If I wanted to go to the object, I would purposely select "Go To Selection" in the dropdown menu.
  6. Hmmm... The child shadows (under point lights & spotlights) are still not rendering in C++. They are fine in the editor, but not in C++.
  7. I can confirm that the shadow issue is now fixed in this update. Good job! Now, I await eagerly for the C++ library to update.
  8. Adding entities to the flowgraph is currently a cumbersome process, especially when the map is large and the scene tree is chuck full of entities. Right now, you are required to scroll through the Scene Tree for the object, make sure the Flowgraph window is up, and then click and drag the object from the scene tree to the flowgraph window. This is okay if your scene is relatively small, but this process can be simplified and not having to waste time looking for the object in the scene tree. My suggestion is to have an "Add Selection To Flowgraph" in the Edit menu. Simply select an object (
  9. I added my support. I would like to know how well this works.
  10. That's odd. There is a camera in the scene. Don't know why it did not load up for you. I PMed you the full project.
  11. A search function, "move to folder", and "collapse all" would be very handy tools here. That scene tree right now is... gah... I don't fancy using it. Especially when maps get large... it is scrolling hell.
  12. Here is a map file that demonstrates the issue at hand. If you replace the point light with a directional light, it renders fine, but with point lights and spotlights, the issue is apparent. http://toxingames.com/leadwerks/shadowissue.zip
  13. http://www.leadwerks.com/werkspace/topic/15716-43-child-entities-do-not-cast-shadows/ This issue seems to be "sort of" fixed for the editor, but not in-game (compiled with C++). Did you update the C++ library in the beta branch? I say "sort of" because it now renders shadows, but when you move a child entity, the shadow does not update. Only if you move the parent entity then the shadows for all of the children will update. I did set the shadows to "dynamic" for both the parent and the child.
  14. Might have to downgrade back to 4.2 if this issue does not get fixed... Pretty annoying. http://www.leadwerks.com/werkspace/topic/15716-43-child-entities-do-not-cast-shadows/

  15. Good! I'm glad I am not the only one now! It sounds Reepblue's issue was just with the editor, but not in-game. The problem is, my issue happens in-game too, not just the editor. I have a bunch of torches and other objects in my maps have parent entities. Before this update, they were working great, casting nice shadows. However, after this update, they do not cast shadows. So now everything looks flat.
  16. Change the light in your scene to a point light. It seems the issue I am having is with point lights and spot lights in this update.
  17. Everything was working fine before this update. After updating to 4.3 I am having this issue. I had made sure that the pivot or any parent entity had shadowmode set to "static" and child entities do not render shadows. The children entities are set to "static" too. I am able to recreate this issue if I had another model with "Static" shadows in place of the pivot. Two models, the parent casts shadows, but the child does not.
  18. This is a bug that is found in the new update (4.3). Models with either "Dynamic" or "Static" never cast shadows if it has a parent. By removing the parent and have the model by itself, it casts shadows. Sames goes for CSG brushes. See screenshots:
  19. Anybody else getting a "Possible reference count error for asset" via debug mode when trying to load a prefab with an emitter inside a script?

  20. I really hope we get grouping in the editor. I am in badly need of it.... Josh? Please? :)

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    2. macklebee


      How about a compromise - add the selection ability but keep the current hierarchy system? Allow for selecting entities and pressing CTRL+G, and the first entity selected becomes the parent and all the rest are made its children inside the scene tree?

    3. TØXIN


      Or... Ctrl+g adds a new pivot object and all selected objects become a child of the new pivot.

    4. TØXIN


      Actually.. No. I like macklebee's idea better.

  21. Thank you for posting this article! It really has some great analogy on the character controller and Leadwerk's scaling. Very helpful! This crouch issue is actually a real pain, and I am surprised this issue was not fixed yet since this article is more than a year old and it concerns a pretty crucial part of the engine, character controllers! I will have to avoid using the crouch commands because of the step height. It will be unnatural and a real annoyance to the player that they cannot step on things that is not higher than 8cm, although in my tests, I cannot step on anything above 1
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