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  1. I like the new forum a lot. Super cool.

  2. You're be better off using framed animations.
  3. How much would this type of process cost performance wise? Iterating through each bone would be a bit slow I would think. Im interested in this also. I want to improve my animation system.
  4. Hey, did you get your free VR? How is it?
  5. Hi, is it possible to use the FileSystem functions on encrypted packages? For example, I have this code in my current project: if (FileSystem::GetFileSize(newweapondata.model.substr(6, newweapondata.model.length() - 6))) { The FileSystem::GetFileSize(x) function must return the size of a file that exist within (encrypted). The problem is FileSystem::GetFileSize(x) have no access to For my project, it is important the files within is preserved within the zip and not extracted at any piont. This is for security purposes. Extracting the files first on a temporary folder before being used on the FileSystem::GetFileSize(x) function is not a viable option in my case. The same problem applies to other FileSystem functions such as FileSystem::ReadFile, WriteFile, etc.
  6. I may need some investment on this because I simply don't have the money to buy a VR headset for testing. If I could put up a donation box soon, we can make this a reality. It's a good idea.
  7. Thank you!
  8. I have a lot of schoolwork to do at the moment unfortunately so I'm really putting on hold as much as I can with whatever I'm doing for this project. I will get back to this with full force when I graduate (1 1/2 months until I graduate).
  9. Short update: I'm working on fixes. I don't think 0.1b will be released any time soon. Instead I'm going to aim for an 0.2 release. The network problems are sorted out, I just want to add more contents to the game now. I added a chat system: And I hardened the server security to protect itself from DoS attacks: Some features I would like to add in the near future: -Voice Chat -A Team Deathmatch gameplay.
  10. I saw server activity last night. I have to confirm this: you can't join until the next patch is out. Old client versions will be rejected by the server. I'm waiting for the new hardware I ordered for my test machine. It won't take more than a couple of days.
  11. Thank you Crazycarpet. I'll be making enhancements to make it better. Currently it's a bit glitchy but it's not top priority on my agenda yet. It will be soon though. Version 0.1b patch is out, you won't be able to play with the old client. I'll post the link for download soon.. I'm setting up a test machine. It'll take a few days to collect the hardware I need. Testing won't be so much hassle now.
  12. Gotcha, I crashed also. I was waiting in game. I think the network triggered the crash. It's good to know though, I'll fix that now. My client crashed as soon as you joined in. Thanks for the help! 0.2. should be more stable. I'll release 0.1b with a patch.
  13. I'll come into the game. Gamecreator can we chat on live chat? I have my game open. I'll be waiting in the middle of the map.
  14. Ok, noted. One thing I forgot to add is a log or a console. It would be too much to ask for you to check appdata folder and grab the log file would it? I would appreciate it. I can check what went wrong there. It should be in /local/brecon I checked the server logs and it did say you connected successfully.
  15. This post is reserved for additional notes and future update details. Update 18/04/2017: A few things to take note of: you cannot kill eachother (yet) in 0.1. You can only do the following: Run Walk Crouch Jump Turn on Night Vision There are no weapons attached to characters yet. Next version will have a simple Team Deatchmatch gameplay feature.