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  1. It works Josh, thanks.
  2. That function is so helpful Josh. I think I prefer it over the proposed system I talked about. I may have save myself a lot of time. I can't seem to control individual limbs of the player character after playing animations though.
  3. I didn't know we've got that actually, Josh. I'll try it. Thanks.
  4. Border Recon got 216 views in 1 day in IndieDB, and ranked 16th out of 44118, the highest it's been so far! I'm excited!

  5. I'm planning on implementing a new movement animation system. The current animation system is a bit glitchy. I want something like what The Division have where the game uses only one animation movement for everything apart from the transitional poses i.e. transition from running to walking, walking to crouching. It's a clever system. It's also more gracious and cinematic. The current system I have in Border Recon uses several animations, one for each movement Left, Forward, Right, Back and one for each type of movement Running, Walking, Crouching. It's complicated. This system is used in DayZ and PUBG. It's inefficient because obviously it requires many animations which affects loading times and file size of the overall game. Not to mention the management of the programming for this particular type of movement system. This is The Divisons' gameplay showcasing the movement animations. If you look at the video in slow motion you can study the movements of the character, it pretty much uses one animation most of the time: running forward. This should sort out the glitchy animations in my game. It'll take a week at least to convert the current animations to the proposed designed mentioned above. I'm excited to get it working.
  6. It worked Josh. Turned out it was this: playerCharacter->SetPhysicsMode(Entity::CharacterPhysics); that was causing the issue. As you've explained above. Thanks.
  7. I'll check it out, thanks.
  8. I've pinpointed the error. playerCharacter->SetPhysicsMode(Entity::CharacterPhysics); Commenting these out stops the crash. It used to work. I'm really puzzled.
  9. Hey, how do I update World::Update? There's a problematic physics entity in my game but I don't know which one it is. I only know the game crashes at world->Update() function. Thanks.
  10. Gotcha. Yea I was having trouble with my grenade system all of a sudden it started picking up characters of players that are way out of range. The character models are at least 10x the scale of what's used in actual gameplay. I figured it must have been the character's original aabb that's causing the grenades to pick up. I'm testing a fix now.
  11. Hey guys, I want to ask: using SetScale function, does it also resize the AABB of a model? Thanks.
  12. Great stuff. It'll be useful for multiplayer, especially game applications that uses the Steamworks API since a lot of Steam users have wingdings on their names, the symbols disappear when their names show on chat box in the current version of LE.
  13. Good stuff! If you can run the game, you're good to go. Welcome to LE C++ development.
  14. Hey all, Jena here. I apologize for the late update! I've been busy recently working on the game and now I have some exciting news to share to you. I have fixed a big list of bugs, implemented new features, and improved the game. And I now have released the first demo for Border Recon. Links of the download can be found below. If you want to see the list of changes I have made to the game, see the change log below. NOTE: Please apply all the patches (links below). I also prepared the demo application so that we can test the game. You can download the demo from here: Border Recon 0.2a - I have also released a few patches since then so you'll have to download that also, here: Patch 0.2b - Patch 0.2c - I am proud to showcase this release, it marks an important event for this project. I've started this project almost a year ago and having able to release a semi-working demo to the players is a good sign that the project is going to pull through. I believe I have implemented most of the major features. I have tested each of these features and made sure they are functional. If you would like to test the game, download the free demo application and play with us! There is only one map available - the demo map. There will be more maps to come soon in the near future. Also, if you would like to help or simply keep up-to-date with the game you can join my Discord here: Thank you for reading, I appreciate your time. See you in the battlefield. Testing the tracer feature. Comparison between the changes to the Post-effects shaders. A queuing or a lobby for players was implemented. Players will have to wait until enough players join the game before the round can start. A snapshot of the old demo map. Change log: Melee Animation - Refined Compass Texture - Refined Respawn not working - Fixed Grenades not exploding - Fixed Choosing Sniper Class for IRQ team deploys the wrong character- Fixed Implemented Proning Implemented Leaning Changed "Use" button "F". Implemented Recoil system to all weapons. Improved player movements - Reduced jitter. Camera and player gets stuck mid-air when opening the chatbox/menus - Fixed Movement speeds are wrong - Fixed Segments of everal animations (Walking, Running, Crouching) were improved. Strafe speed is reduced when proning. Jumping is disabled while proning. Jumping is disabled while crouching. Head rotation on other player is wrong while crouching - Fixed. Vehicle cannot reverse - Fixed. Prone animation glitches - Fixed. Key binding configuration file becomes corrupted after saving - Fixed. Player can see through walls when the camera gets too close to the wall - Fixed. Class menu padding of the box container is adjusted to the correct fit. Bullet hole decals on Vehicle tires are not rubber - Fixed. Shooting the ground causes crash - Fixed. Prone animation is wrong while character equips pistols - Fixed. Prone animation is wrong while character equips melee weapons - Fixed. Rotation of RPGs/AT4s is wrong - Fixed. Player can Walk through walls - Fixed. Sea water disappears when Pause menu is enabled - Fixed. "Reset To Default" button in settings menu is now working. All missing key binding input in settings has been added to the settings menu. Death animations are not working - Fixed. Grenade explosion radius was adjusted by half. RPG/AT4 missile explosion explodes in the wrong position - Fixed. Implemented Kill Info Added Stand/Crouch transition animations. Server crashes when Player ID is greater than 10 - Fixed. Player falls through the floor after dying - Fixed. Hit Indicator points to the wrong direction - Fixed. Implemented "Hit Mark" - a red arrow in the middle of screen - to signal the player has hit an opponent - Fixed. Crouching key can now be toggled on and off (players do not have to keep pressing ctrl key). Crosshair is visible under sniper scope - Fixed. Adjusted sniper scope zoom by 100%. Adjusted Post-effects shaders to improve the look of the game. Changed the "Construction" map, added obstacles and changed the theme from an island to barracks in the middle of the desert - a more fitting location. Added a lobby feature in-game - players will have to wait until enough players have joined the game before the round can start. Improved recoils of the weapons. Added Kill Info feature. Windows, including the Launcher window are now centered upon opening. Fixed the error where the player glitches through the terrain floor.