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  1. @gamecreator try looking into https://www.gamasutra.com/view/feature/131638/dead_reckoning_latency_hiding_for_.php this'll help. also, Valve has a helpful article on latency compensation https://developer.valvesoftware.com/wiki/Latency_Compensating_Methods_in_Client/Server_In-game_Protocol_Design_and_Optimization
  2. @Ma-Shell that worked! thank you. very interesting
  3. @gamecreator yea the same result with sleep(1) & sleep(0). Interesting note: I'm using VS 2017... this may have something to do with the problem? hmm I use VS 2015 for Brecon on my desktop... I just realized that actually. I'll try 2015. I use the same compilers in both programs.
  4. More screenshot: see? The console is still printing value (I changed the line inside while to produce random number) but the main window is "not responding". It's weird because I sorted this out before with the Border Recon project, I just can't remember how. I also tried copying Brecon' main and app codes but didn't change anything.
  5. Hey guys. I'm missing out on something here because my while loop keeps putting my program to "Not Responding" state. How do I sort this out? What happens, the program will process the app->Loop() inside the while loop (while(app->Loop()) but it cause the program to go "Not Responding". It's crashing it's just the while loop is infinite seems like. Project is very basic:
  6. jen

    Revisiting Border Recon

    Ok I'm finally done with my obligations to my University as a student. Now it's time to come back to game dev and finish up (hopefully) the Border Recon development. While I was busy in University, I did do a bit of work on the game here and there. I added a spectator feature that allows the players to spectate others in free mode and third person while waiting to respawn after dying. Pretty cool. Also, I think some of us have seen the earlier changes with the style of the graphics... I changed the style of the graphics from HQ to just flat pastel colours resulting in a cartoony look in-game. I like it... requires less work on the level design details and it actually looks quite nice. Another thing that's cool coming in the next version: soundtracks! I found this cool soundtrack from gamedevmarket website and I think it fits perfectly to the game's theme. I'm going to work on that so I can add a bit of music to the game. Link to the soundtrack here: https://www.gamedevmarket.net/asset/brass-attacks/ Also, I'm working on the muzzle flash feature for the weapons, it's half done now and it looks kick ***. Screenshots coming soon! Thanks for reading folks!
  7. Ah! Hello game dev. Goodbye university!

    1. deadlinegrunt



  8. 5 days left to finish University and get back to game development again! Looking forward to it.

    1. tipforeveryone


      That will be exciting !

  9. Very cool! Is this ready for production?
  10. Love it! Looks really good.
  11. @Josh Would you accept crypto' for L5 subscriptions?

    1. Josh


      I would if our software supported it.

  12. Those look good. Very compact. I wouldn't count out the open maps though. Are vehicles coming in at some point? I don't mind waiting really but it would be great to have them on open maps.
  13. Players just have to run around and protect different areas in the map from invading forces. In the push mode you have to secure an area one after the other. It's not original obviously, just a simple done-1000-times concept. I wanted that so I don't have to worry about making a map that fits closely to a storyline. I'm not sure about the map in the video, it looks like there's just one path and multiple choke points. Choke points I want to avoid because that would leverage the advantage of one team from the other. Also, I want to mention there is verticality in the current map which adds another dimension to the level. The buildings have second/third floors where players can take the high ground. I want to add ladders to make those areas more accessible in single story buildings.
  14. There is more to the map actually. I don't think you've seen it enough. The plan was to have at least 3x3 intersecting grids but obviously I'm not exactly the best level designer to put that idea to reality. A map like what I have now is probably the worst map to design a level on, it's too open and it's not exactly ww1 where there are trenches everywhere, it's gulf war and my options are limited. I have plenty of ideas for the next map which will be located in the city. I'll have more options then. Also, I've 2 different game modes to think of - there's push and conquest one is linear, and the other one allows players to run around freely.
  15. This is more than sufficient! Thank you Mr Burgelkat. @burgelkat
  16. Going for the cartoon-ish look.. I think I like this better.
  17. "it's really just deep hierarchies you want to avoid" @Rick Yea that's the problem with the other engines, I found out. The classes in UE4 and CryEngine are too bloated and inaccessible.
  18. Class based approach is difficult to work with. Just look at the UE4 and CryEngine C++ manual, you'll get nowhere. You can always create your own classes.
  19. Here's a cool little expensive addition: the city is on fire! @gamecreator I'm also in your stage. I experiment a lot and I just see what looks good most of the time, sometimes I get lucky. I guess it just takes practice. @Josh That's a great idea. The left-most part of my map is barren right now, I can add trenches there. It would be perfect. Update: I'll need a sandbag models now to cover the trenches
  20. Changed the map yet again. Textures de-saturated, added skyscrapers in the backdrop to emphasize the location. I'm trying to populate the map with as much obstacle as possible. The boulders on the second image look a bit too big and far apart. Meh. The UI still needs a lot of improvements.
  21. I've been editing the audio for character voices in Brecon. Here's the result: Can't wait to fully integrate these sounds. Some are already in the game. Adam from Fiverr did an absolute best job! https://www.fiverr.com/pizzayola
  22. Adam from Fiverr did an absolute best job on Brecon voices! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ot-o8EHqPu8

    Adam's page: https://www.fiverr.com/pizzayola

    1. Phodex Games

      Phodex Games

      I don't know if this was intended, but if not, I would say you can hear his accent pretty much, also the sound quality (not regarding the filter) seems not 100% optimal (high tones too high maybe?). Some of the voices look pretty good though... This is not meant to offend you just my honest feedback. Correct me if I am wrong. I wish you the best luck with your game.

  23. un/dockable panels in LE5 would be cool. it'll be very useful in multi-monitor workstations.
  24. jen

    Bird Effect

    Have you tried mixing soft particles with the emitter?
  25. jen

    Bird Effect

    I want to improve my grenade explosion effects in Brecon. Michael Bay will be proud.
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