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  1. GorzenDev

    access lua table in Script:Start()

    you could create your own pre-post processor function in your main.lua, and have that execute when you want.
  2. happy hollidays everybody and a safe and thrilling new year.

  3. GorzenDev

    Concerns full screen

    i'm thinking this is due to NVIDIA trying to force/overwrite game settings when you manually set them. try using default nvidia settings and let leadwerks do its thing...
  4. GorzenDev

    How did you get into game dev?

    It all started with a game called 'legend of mir', some guy got a hold of the sourcecodes and decided to release those. (source codes where in delphi 7) with my knowledge of the game i started to search through the project to find references of spells that i knew the mechanics of and slowly i started to understand the basics of how such spells worked. The obvious next step for me whas to add my own custom spell to the game, compile/run and jump for joy. how excited i whas that i just pulled that off some 16 years later i still am just as excited and i learned a few extra languages. i do admit i never went to school for this.
  5. what's with these advertising bots lately ?
    is there something we can do to block such a person?

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    2. gamecreator
    3. martyj


      @gamecreator IP.B doesn't send spammers.

      Spammers exist on the internet everywhere

      From my past experience of running an IP.B forum there was a strong correlation between IP.B's spam block filters and the current subscription status of our software.

      IP.B is set up so that you have to pay a fee to continue to get software upgrades (makes sense), but if you don't want upgrades you don't need to pay this fee. I always had a major spam issue whenever our subscription ran out. (Could be wrong as it was a personal experience and not a measured experience).

      @Josh, do you have re-captcha on the sign up page?

    4. gamecreator


      Ah gotcha.  Thanks for the clarification.  Though I still wonder how that would work if they have something like 2 million users.  They have subscriptions expiring literally every day of the year.

  6. GorzenDev


    that is one option. i recommend moving the event loop outside of the menu file though. then call processevent(event) with a return value on any table that needs to process events. for example in my current c++ project i actualy have a class called GUIManager which holds the event loop. which in turn calls other gui classes to update and grab events. when that call returns true then the event is processed and there is no need to call other classes with that event. example code(C++) : //Handle GUI events while (EventQueue::Peek()) { Event event = EventQueue::Wait(); // //Update menu UI events if (!gamemenu->Hidden()) { //exit game if (gamemenu->ProcessEvent(event) == false) return false; } //update game UI events if (!gameui->Hidden()) gameui->ProcessEvent(event); }
  7. GorzenDev


    you can create multiple GUI to hold widgets. but only one event loop can be used.
  8. GorzenDev

    shader question

    i think this will get you the answer you need.
  9. GorzenDev

    Custom Widgets

    why the sad face? you need any help
  10. GorzenDev

    script class

    almost forgot... checkout AggrorJorns plugin for visual studio code. very helpfull https://www.leadwerks.com/community/blogs/entry/2145-visual-studio-code-for-leadwerks/
  11. GorzenDev

    script class

    your best option would be to use the search function on the forum. other than that the demo projects that come with leadwerks basicly show all you can do.
  12. GorzenDev

    script class

    https://www.leadwerks.com/learn?page=Tutorials_Lua-Scripting_Introduction-to-Lua scroll all the way down. it is realy not that hard to find resources for Leadwerks to be honest.
  13. GorzenDev

    Can we add c++ to objects ?

    like spiderpig said only lua is accepted in that box. But....... The c++ Actor class is what your looking for.
  14. we basicly posted at the same time you could use different approaches. either send a widget event whenevver any text is typed into the field by using "Option 1". or send a widget event whenevver the "ENTER" key is pressed "Option 2". (assume the user is done typing) or send an widget event whenevver the "TAB" key is pressed "Option 3". (assume the user wants to switch to the next element in case of a form that needs filling) if a WidgetAction event interferes with other events you could always use WidgetSelect or WidgetMenu events --OPTION 1-- function Script:KeyChar(charcode) local s = self.widget:GetText() local c = String:Chr(charcode) if c=="\b" then --Backspace if String:Length(s)>0 then if self.sellen==0 then if self.caretposition==String:Length(s) then s = String:Left(s,String:Length(s)-1) elseif self.caretposition>0 then s = String:Left(s,self.caretposition-1)..String:Right(s,String:Length(s)-self.caretposition) end self.caretposition = self.caretposition - 1 self.caretposition = math.max(0,self.caretposition) else local c1 = math.min(self.caretposition,self.caretposition+self.sellen) local c2 = math.max(self.caretposition,self.caretposition+self.sellen) s = String:Left(s,c1)..String:Right(s,String:Length(s) - c2) self.caretposition = c1 self.sellen = 0 end self.widget:GetGUI():ResetCursorBlink() self.cursorblinkmode=true self.widget.text = s self.widget:Redraw() end elseif c~="\r" and c~="" then --Insert a new character local c1 = math.min(self.caretposition,self.caretposition+self.sellen) local c2 = math.max(self.caretposition,self.caretposition+self.sellen) s = String:Left(s,c1)..c..String:Right(s,String:Length(s) - c2) self.caretposition = self.caretposition + 1 if self.sellen<0 then self.caretposition = self.caretposition + self.sellen end self.sellen=0 self.widget:GetGUI():ResetCursorBlink() self.cursorblinkmode=true self.widget.text = s self.widget:Redraw() -- --OPTION 1-- --send event with data = 999 EventQueue:Emit(Event.WidgetAction,self.widget,999) end end function Script:KeyUp(keycode) if keycode==Key.Shift then self.shiftpressed=false end -- if keycode==Key.Enter then self.widget:GetGUI():SetFocus(nil) -- --OPTION 2-- --send event with data = 997 EventQueue:Emit(Event.WidgetAction,self.widget,997) elseif keycode==Key.Tab then self.widget:GetGUI():SetFocus(nil) -- --OPTION 3-- --send event with data = 998 EventQueue:Emit(Event.WidgetAction,self.widget,998) end end