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  1. which hosting service would you prefer? (dedicated servers)

    1. Ywa


      Depends on location.

    2. MrIslomaniac


      Germany, so the server should be around europe


    3. Ywa


      You could try www.serverffs.com

  2. Well I made that money in a school contest, where i made a program featuring our solar system in detail(Planets, Sun, Asteroids, Moons, planet ellipses, etc). I am going to upload my program some time in the future =)

    1. Richard Simpson

      Richard Simpson

      That's cool :D I love the solar system, so I can't wait to see your program! :D

    2. Pancakes


      the solar system rocks!! xD

  3. just made his first 100 euros with leadwerks =)

  4. just got his network code working =) now eth the fun begin

  5. just got his network working =) now eth the fun begin

  6. is wondering how to see more recent Blog Entries...

  7. SetTerrain() bug fixed =)

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