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  1. I would say that the physics model has some bugs in it, it seems as if it is turned by 90°, I am already using sweptcollision now ... here is a video, it is all explained what is wrong =)

    Josh, please do us the honor of explaining that :)

  2. you can just set it with code on the cube model.

    How would I do that?

    Scaling the terrain uniformly does not work, I get the same result.


    Here is an example of the editor having that problem, even with sweptcollision...

    You can test it yourself, just put the cube on the given coordinates

    post-171-087734100 1279392877_thumb.jpg

  3. I am using the latest version (newton.dll 6 July 2010) and even cubes pass through the terrain -.-

    For collisions I am using


    and then I set the type of the terrain and the cube on 1.

    So I am using slidingcollision. If it works that much better with SweptCollision, how do I make use of it without gamelib?

    Thanks for your reply


    Oh and btw, when I use scaleentity, the bugs are even worse, my controller can even look through the terrain...

    see this -> http://leadwerks.com/werkspace/index.php?/topic/2353-some-terrain-bugs-again/

  4. Ok, I just found out that if I load a Scene created in the Editor, the physic doesn't work either ...

    Just look at the picture

    I am really pissed, because this is a main feature of the engine, and also for my game, and it does not work. Correct me if I am wrong...


    This is the Cube I am using:



    This is the Scene:


    TEntity Scene = LoadScene("abstract::TestMap.sbx");


    Almost always does the physic work as it should, but sometimes, I mean in special places on the terrain, it does not.

    post-171-034676600 1279364791_thumb.jpg

  5. How do I set the MetersPerTile in code? I know that it works in the editor but when I try it in C++, it does not work because the terrain just wants the resolution.

    Yes I know I could also load a sbx-file, but then I can't access the Terrain:

    TEntity Scene = LoadScene("abstract::TestMap.sbx");
    Terrain = FindChild(Scene,"Terrain");

    That does not work =(


    Hope you can give me some advice



  6. Jordan, it has nothing to do with his graphics card, Overlord try to set the camera near range in the editor a bit lower, that should do it. It is a mix of shadow quality and near range. Had this once too, but just in the editor, in code it works perfectly



  7. Well the updater says, I am up to date, do I have to download it anywhere else?


    AH NVM, just found out why ...

    But the terrain Bug with height 1 still isn't fixed

    Hehe, it only shows the terrain, when the height is under 0.5


    I would really love to load a sbx file, but i need to change the terrain in code, so is there any way i can get a terrain from a sbx-file?

  8. What does it mean "does not interact"? Also may be more helpful if you post the code.

    Well I posted the relevant code ...

    Other things are just a rendering frame, a mmoveable camera and a box. You can see the "wrong interactions" in the pictures.


    @Lumojaa: It also happens, when I do not scale the terrain, not so strong as in the pictures, but it occures ...

    and what about this case?


    Terrain = CreateTerrain(512);

    No graphical terrain anymore, just physics

  9. If anyone can approve these bugs, I would be so pleased:


    Terrain = CreateTerrain(512);

    Here I do not see anything, in Physicsdebug I do see the terrain...


    Terrain = CreateTerrain(512);


    Terrain = CreateTerrain(512);

    Here a simple CreateBox does not interact correctly with the terrain ...




    Greetings fellas

    post-171-092714800 1279133737_thumb.jpg

  10. No, just wrong typing, sorry =(

    if (atoi(GetEntityKey(entity,"Value1","NULL")) >= (atoi(GetEntityKey(entity,"Value2","NULL")))){

    Sometimes it works, sometimes it does not ...


    1 >= 58

    well as i said sometimes it doesn't work with any number, sometimes it works perfectly...



    found a way to get it working, when i store atoi(GetEntityKey(entity,"Value2","NULL")) in an int variable right before i do the if statement, it works =)

    thanks for your help



  11. no that works correctly, atoi(GetEntityKey(Entity,"Value1","NULL")) returns 30 and atoi(GetEntityKey(Entity,"Value2","NULL")) returns 20

    but this if is not working

    if (atoi(GetEntityKey(Entity,"Value1","NULL")) >= atoi(GetEntityKey(entity,"Value2","NULL"))){
    return 1
    return 0

    always returns 1

    even if left side is 0 and right side is 30 ...

    another example that does not work:

    0 >= 0

  12. Why doesn't this work?

    if (atoi(GetEntityKey(Entity,"Value1","NULL")) >= atoi(GetEntityKey(entity,"Value2","NULL"))){

    Left side contains 30, right side 20, but it doesn't work -.-

    Any idea?



  13. YYa found that out too, thank you =)

    All works now, my first project has been finished and shown to an audience at a competition. If i win, I will publish the program here <_<


  14. Well just found another "bug"...

    All my physics object get stuck when they are too far away from the center(like 4000 units from the center)

    any clue?

    I can't move them anymore once they got stuck.

  15. spectator is not parented, i move the spectator and place the cam at the new position.

    I am using gamelib, which complicates things even more(e.g. slidingcollision).

    But i just figured it out myself =)

    the scene does not react on physics, i don't know why, it just doesn't :P

    So i created them by hand and it worked :P


    TBody spectator=CreateBodySphere();
    TBody Sphere = CreateBodySphere(0.3049625f);

    Now it works, thank you all


  16. Hey, it's me again.

    I did some coding, but i don't seem to get any collision working:

    TBody Spectator = CreateBodySphere(0.1f);
    TBody Sphere = CreateBodySphere();

    In DebugPhysics, they just go through each other.

    Any idea?

  17. What would be the easiest way to enable camera collision, just like the one in the editor?

    Need this for a presentation on Tuesday =(, got to hurry up now

    Hope you guys can help me


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