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    I made small model today, but i am getting weird results when I load it in the editor (->attached file). So I loaded it with another engine: works just fine. A friend of mine says that he is getting such a result, when his Z-Buffer is missing. Any ideas? Dustin
  2. http://free-loops.com/ is also a really good site =) found it on the internet this week, many sounds and nice quality, unfortunately sometimes just personal use only =( greetz
  3. Is there something I need to code except for THost host = CreateHost(0,86,2); (C++) cause when i do this, the program kills itself with "unhandled exception" i added the networked.cpp and the include ... anyone knows? thanks in advance
  4. I am trying to get it working right now, but can't figure out a way =(
  5. Is there anything like that? I asked a friend of mine who is programming with LE as well and he said I could do it with a Resource Hacker or with API calls. Has someone out there any experiences with this? I think there are many others who want to know a solution as badly as I do?!? Maybe we can even make a feature request, if there is none. Greetz Dustin
  6. Doesn't work with fresh installed microsoft thing ... Well try it tomorrow
  7. Well you can easily upload it to any other hoster, e.g. rapidshare ... greetz
  8. Thanks guys =) I'll try that after school today. Are there any tutorials on LEO? I have never used it and don't know how to enable it
  9. Hey guys the 'small school project' is actually a really big and important one, it replaces 1 classtest in year 12! So heres my problem: UPS() does work in Lua, but doesn't in C++, so what command is it? Next thing I need to know is well i don't know anymore -.- I'll write that later Until then cya folks and thanks in advance MrIslomaniac
  10. Thanks rick for that fast reply. You know what, that is exactly what i was looking for. I don't need collision, the cameramode should just be accessible by pressing a key. Normal mode would be first person and then if you press some key, it should change into free rotation =) Thank you very much I won't be home tonight, having a little party xD so cya next year Dustin
  11. Ok guys here's the thing: I have to do some kind of classtest, just at home, for physics. So i thought making something with LE would be really cool for me and my teacher, well here I am. I am trying to get a camera working, like the one in the gamelib, where you can mvoe all around the player, but I am failing ... can someone help me or if you already have such a camera, post it here? Luacode would be great, but C++ even better =) Many Regards Dustin P.S. Happy New Year =)
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    Hey fellas Has anyone yet been able to script a ladder in lua? Or do you guys have an idea how to script it? Looking forward to it Cya Dustin
  13. Hey guys the shader isn't working for me as well after adding the shader files ... any guesses? i think somethings wrong with the files, cause the beech trees that came with the sdk are working, the ones in the package aren't. I appreciate any help Dustin
  14. It would be really nice of Josh, if he could possibly add the group liscence to paypal, cause i don't own any version yet ...
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