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  1. The first video is at the bottom of the playlist for some reason, but are these the other C++ tutorials you guys are looking for?
  2. I wasn't expecting the boss himself. Thank you for taking the time to answer my question, and yes, it says I have Leadwerks 4.0 Professional Edition.
  3. Hello, Apologies if this is the wrong forum for this, but while I was perusing the list of games in the "Games" section of this site, I noticed some of the titles say they were made with either Leadwerks 2 or Leadwerks 3, and since I'm almost sure I read on Steam that Leadwerks 4 is on its way (unless I'm dense and it already came), I'm wondering how do I check what version of Leadwerks I have installed?
  4. Sorry again for yet another late reply. I've passed along everything you've explained to my brother, so I'll just have to see how much of it he digests, so yes, it does help. Something I forgot to mention before, I have a copy of an ebook called "Beginning Blender" that's written for version 2.5, but my current version is 2.75a, so does that mean my book is outdated or can it still serve as a good introduction? Thanks again in advance, ScrotieFlapWack.
  5. Sorry for the late reply, when I'm not here, I'm tinkering with GameMaker:Studio. Since speaking of which... @Ma-shell Aside from the few python Coursera courses I took, GameMaker language is the only kind of code I've ever messed around with in my life. It's described by Yoyogames and GameMaker users as being similar to C, but one big difference I've noticed right away is that GameMaker Language doesn't require you to declare a variable type unless you want to specify whether its global, local, or temporary...which is one aspect about variables I'm not sure I fully understand quite yet, o
  6. And I'm sure this site has a section for textures in the tutorials, then. @ Rick Aside from the tutorials on Lua here, any books/videos/etc for anything advanced you'd recommend? @Ma-shell I think for now I'll take a crack at Lua to at least feel it out, but still I think it would be handy to know some C++ down the line, and the "C style" C++ you mentioned helps make it less intimidating. Any books/tutorials that demonstrate this that you know of?
  7. Okay, then that clears up quite a bit. Heavens. Now in my case, I do have to learn the languages the Leadwerks API requires to make anything remotely resembling a game, obviously, but for character and enemy models, textures, and whatever else, that's what Blender is for.
  8. Okay, I've reread my initial post and see I really should have proofread it better, so apologies everyone. Anyways, while he was doing a project for the art (not animation) class he's currently taking for transfer credits earlier today, he vented about people at his college telling him he has to learn to program if he wants to make it at Disney, and as such this is why I mentioned learning OpenGL in my initial post to help him out. This isn't the first time he's mentioned this. If programming isn't required for the animation he wishes to do, why are people at his school telling him oth
  9. I don't why I didn't notice your post until now but it helps quite a bit actually, thank you for all the advice. I'll let him know as well as look into all of this myself.
  10. After reading yours and ScrotieFlapWack's posts, I'm starting to wonder if I even know myself. I think I need to gather my thoughts for a bit, please pardon me and I'll get back to you ><.
  11. @ Rick Oh no, no, no, me write a animation application? I guess I'm pretty terrible at explaining myself. I know OpenGL is used to build animation applications or game engines (cause isn't that what Leadwerks was built from?) but I also thought you could use OpenGL for modeling and animation like you would say Maya or Blender, the biggest differences being that Maya and Blender you do this with a GUI whereas with OpenGL you need to use the API. I didn't think I'd have to write an animation application.
  12. @ Rick Unless I'm mistaken, his student license for Autodesk Maya is expired so long as he's not actively enrolled in graphics/animation class, which he isn't right now because as he isn't an out of state student, he's assigned pretty crummy registration dates. This has really gotten him down and discouraged lately. I recommended he download Blender to sharpen his skills in the meantime, but he hasn't given it any look thanks in no small part to all the Maya cheerleaders at the colleges and universities. So I figured if I can learn enough OpenGL to do some animation, I can show him tha
  13. @Ma-shell: That's good to hear, thank you for giving me that answer. @Rick and thehankinator: Sorry, I should have clarified that even before I had received the entire Leadwerks software package along with GameMaker:Studio, I was already seriously considering learning C so I could understand Dr. Gerdelan's book anyway. See, my older brother's aiming for an animation degree except he's always preferred hand drawn animation (he's quite a good artist) and schools really only teach animation through the use of Maya and he's only used it for one class so far which last year. I figured if
  14. Good day, Around September, a generous relative overheard me grumbling about the state of video games and deciding to surprise me: copies of GameMaker:Studio Pro and the full version of Leadwerks. I was well aware of what GameMaker is (who isn't at this point), but I wasn't as familiar with Leadwerks, and was under the impression it was more akin to something like CopperCube 5 and haven't looked at it closely until recently. Anyways, I recently ordered a book to help me start learning C so I can get a good enough grasp of the language to understand Anton Gerdelan's OpenGL 4 tutorials.
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