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  1. ok, seems like i have same problem here. Projects imported to VS seem to be lacking "Leadwerks.h" any solution?
  2. Hi, as mentioned in title, i have created simple room map and saved it, now i want to open generated project in VS2013, but it seems that VS cant find "Leadwerks.h". ("Error: Cannot open source file "Leadwerks.h") What am i doing wrong? how to fix it?
  3. Hi, im getting started with Leadwerks and 3D game programming, i have created my first enviroment in Leadwerks and now i want to import it to Visual studio 2015. After importing project, visual studio cant find leadwerks.h file, where can i find it to manualy attach it? how to poperly configure leadwerks project under visual studio 2015? im following this tutorial: http://www.gamedev.net/page/resources/_/technical/game-programming/building-a-first-person-shooter-part-11-visual-studio-setup-r3099
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