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  1. I added it as a comment to API page, also box position was too high so it wasnt counted as obstacle. :\
  2. Collision mesh is not skinned. It may be textured in model editor for tests(like "what if"). But sadly if you import fbx + texture files (*.tga) you will get same results like I have.
  3. http://www.leadwerks.com/werkspace/page/api-reference/_/entity/entitysetnavigationmode-r192 Can any of you check this example as it seems it doesnt work. Was checking using this line: self.context:DrawText("NavMode: ".. tostring(self.entity:GetNavigationMode()).." "..self.player:GetPosition(true):ToString(),2,2)
  4. Nope. Doesnt work. The only method that kind of works is if "collisionhull" or "collisionmesh" object will be not a limb of main model. Then when I press convex hull it will disappear and I see only my model in main editor and my own "collisionhull" wireframe. But if I "run" project I still see my cylinder Yes I noticed that thats why when I reimport my FBX I delete phy. mdl and meta files. Just to be sure. As for now I must conclude that this feature doesn't work as it was described in official tutorial.
  5. I just tried collision hull thing and it didnt worked for me, can you guys help me what I've done wrong? As it seems everything ok. I have a model with a limb called "collisionhull". When I preview this my model nothing being converted. When I press in model viewer PHYSICS > Convex hull it shows new wire frame lines but I can still see my cylinder. (as you can see, I moved this cylinder in main editor to see if my main animated model imported correctly) But when I've done the same but not in same hierarchy as it was presented in tutorial after I pressed Convex hull, my collision hu
  6. Hmm, just tested few things: I got one model (mech A) with these params : physics mode = character controller collision type =prop mass = 0.5 and another model (mech B): physics mode = rigid body collision type =prop mass = 0.0 Mech A falls on Mech B and lands on it only with these props. So if I need 10 enemy units to land on a some kind of platform, I must set their physics mode to character controller ?
  7. Cant find which formats are available to work with. It seems we can use only wave files out of the box right?
  8. I made simple animated model (cube) just to check how it will work in leadwerks. But it doesnt play animation sequence in leadwerks model view. Which additional steps must be done to prepare blender animated midel for export for leadwerks? I tried baked animation too, still zero results. Is anyone here uses this engine with actual animated models exported from blender?
  9. I have the same problem, but I already checked that my project actually has recorded keyframes. I see my two cubes are moving. I have just two bones ( root + another one extruded from the root). I see animation in blender, but nothing in LW.
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