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  1. Massive price drop on the anima animation system check it out!

    Hope to bring the other modules soon. Was pretty ill lately and had a lot to do with my new game.

    1. Josh


      4.6 will start directing users to the Marketplace, so this should get more eyes on it then.

  2. The next module of the phodex framework is out now! The "Anima Animation System" provides you with essential functionallity such as function calling at any frame, starting and stopping animations and playing them on different bones.

    Get it now: https://www.leadwerks.com/community/files/file/239-anima-the-clever-animation-system/

  3. The Event System is now available. It was VERY helpful for me and changed the way I built my (Lua) code architecture. Check it out here: 


    1. Rick


      Nice. I'm a big supporter of the event paradigm! Glad to see others are as well.

    2. mdgunn


      Yeah, many thanks!

  4. I am planning to release some parts of the phodex framework, which are useful utilities and system I created over the time. I am sure they will be valueable for some of you. The first piece, the Event System, is already submitted and awaiting approval. You can follow my blog, if you want to get notified once it is available.

    1. mdgunn


      Sounds fantastic.  Many thanks!

  5. Do not wonder, that it is getting silent about my project, since the last blog entry, this just means I am really working hard. Will come up with something as it is in a presentable state. Its gonna be great :)

  6. Planning to do one last blog entry on the PHFW blog, showing some cool stuff :). Coming soon...

  7. How do you like my new logo design? Merry Christmas to all :)

  8. What are your biggest difficulties in game development & with Leadwerks? Click here!



  9. Rethinking the design of the Phodex Framework. Also preparing a video showing first footage, be excited :)

  10. Making myself some toughts, on how to design my blog and how to make it valuable for you to read...

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