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  1. Version 1.0.0


    Introduction: Having trouble communicating between scripts? Tired of creating references to make scripts globally work together? Then Eventor, which is part of the Phodex Framework, is what you have searched for. Add it to your project for FREE and unleash the power of Lua, with this poweful code design pattern! How It Works: With Eventor, different sources can subscribe to an event. Whenever the event gets called, all subscribers get notified and a function, you can define, gets called. This is very helpful in many cases. You could for example create an event which gets called every time an enemy starts combat, to notify surrounding allies to help him. You can send his position as an argument, so only allies within range will get active. Key Features: About The Phodex Framework: The Phodex Framework is a set of helpful tools and systems created to make working with Leadwerks more powerful and easier to handle. The Phodex Framework was also used to develop "Bladequest: The First Chapter", which I recently released on Steam. I thought now that my systems have proven to work, it is time to share them with you. I will release more parts of the Phodex Framework in the future so stay tuned! ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Follow my blog so stay up to date! For questions directly write me here or at contact.phodex@gmail.com!


  2. Could be difficult to share, but you can easily achieve the same error I guess when creating a simple box with physics, make it a prefab, load it and set the position of it on button press. Then you just need something to test the collsion (e.g FPS Player). At the start the physics should work but if you change the position you should be able to walk through the box. But sometimes the error does not occur so you may not be able to reproduce it. I currently will finish some other aspects of my project and will come back later to this bug. Hope to gather some information here. I will try some stuff when I have time and maybe share a setup where the problem appears, however thanks for you answer.
  3. So I think this is a bug. When I load a prefab with physics on, it works in the first place and my player can collide with the object (Collision set to scene and physics to rigid body). If I change the position however the physics is disabled and I can walk through the object. Changing the position again did sometimes turn the physics on again. This is some of the weird behavior I every now and then encounter with Leadwerks :(, especially with Prefabs. This did not happen when using the "Move" function instead of SetPosition. How could I fix this? I need to change the positon of an physics object during runtime...
  4. I guess we agree that the version naming is confusing
  5. Oops I meant 4.5 fixed it
  6. Ok thank you I tried it and it works, but is there a way to increase the radius/intensity of the emission? @Josh Thank you, good to know! I found the tessellation_example.mat which explains this shader so now I only need to know about how to use the parallax and env (which stands for enviorment map I guess) shader. Some example materials like the tessellation example for those would be a good idea I guess.
  7. Hi just want to report two bugs. I have version 4.5 beta. When I start Leadwerks it crashes sometimes with no reason and if I restart it, it just works. Leadwerks also crashes sometimes when doing something as simple as parenting two objects. I also heard this random crashing behavior from others and I think thats some of the larger flaws Leadwerks has and should be fixed. Leadwerks should at least do a backup save of your map when it crashes (I know there are normal backup saves). Second is something more precise. If you get a CSG brush via "FindChild" in lua and apply "SetScale" to it the application will stop running with no error message. Ah and now I remember one more bug. If you unparent bones/objects from an objects hierarchy in the editor and remove the main object, you can't remove the former child. Hope this helps fixing. Hope at least the crashing gets less with the final release of 4.5.
  8. Hi, sorry if this question was asked already, or it there is any information around, but I did not find it. So I wonder how to use the available material shaders ( I mean the emission, env, parallax & tessellation shaders) There unfortunately is not much said about them in the documentation. So I wonder how to use them and what they do. I know a little bit about some of the effects, but I would appreciate a explanation. I think I could make use of some to improve the visuals of my game. I would be grateful if you could help me out Also what about them:
  9. I have all of my models in a Blender scene, where with the right plugin you can batch export them. This makes them basically available in any format at any time. With one click I can export hundreds and thousands of 3D Models directly into the Leadwerks Project. Sure it can take some time to place all your models in a Blender scene, but thats what a batch importer is for :D. Mabye this helps you.
  10. Although FBX is industry standard I am not a fan of it, as it is locked behind Autodesks paywall. It also does not work well with Blender which most Indies use I guess.
  11. Yes I have the converter of the beta branch. The old one did not have this problem, but did not import the normals correctly.
  12. Yeah I just tried. If I import it to Blender its just the cube. What I did is just start Blender add a cube and export it. So there should not be any hierarchy...
  13. The model has no hierarchy in Blender, but in Leadwerks the mesh gets attached to the STATIC_MESH object which when I place it in the scene results in an empty object which has the model as a child. I did not have this behavior in the past... I could try out if another 3D program has the same result. I though there maybe a setting in blender to make leadwerks recognize it as a single object with no hierarchy. I was not happy with the results of the exporter plugin. It always caused trouble with animations.
  14. Hi, with the current version of the fbx importer of Leadwerks all of my models, even those with no hierarchy create a single one. This causes my model to consist out of two entities if I place them in my scene. Is there a way beside collapsing them so directly have them merged as one object. I tried this with the default Blender cube to test it out. With the old importer I did not have this problem I think. This is how it looks after import and results in 2 entitys for a single object model: This is how it looks after collapse I think collapsing all models would be a completely unnessecary workstep... Hope there is a solution
  15. I am not 100% sure about this for quiet a while now, so I though why not just ask :). I am not yet completely familiar with loading & releasing assets. Does an Asset, e.g an Sound which gets loaded, although I have loaded it before affect my memory, or does Leadwerks handle this automatically? So if I do something like below is the sound stored seperatly for every variable, or only once and loading him again has no effect? And what about models? If you load them they get placed in your scene for every load command. I have seen that sometimes you load in an asset use it for something and then directly release it again. I hardly release my assets and would appreciate every information about best practices for when to release your assets and when to best use instancing and when not, as I want to opimise this aspect as good as possible to increase speed & performance. function Script:Start() local sound1 = Sound:Load("mysound.wav") local sound2 = Sound:Load("mysound.wav") local sound3 = Sound:Load("mysound.wav") end Thanks in advance Markus from Phodex Games
  16. I don't think exporting a game to xbox one is possible with the Leadwerks Game Engine.
  17. I am especially excited about the new UI improvments!
  18. @Josh Ok thanks, I was thinking about a framework creating sounds out of small sound pieces via code, but I guess this won't work. I would need something, which can merge different wav files together and play them as one file and all that inside leadwerks...
  19. Hi, very simple question. Would it be perfromance heavy to have many sound sources at once, or if you play a lot of sounds at the same time. I am talking about something like 100-200 sources and lets say 50-100 sounds played at a time.
  20. @aiaf Thanks for the answer. So is there no way to port a leadwerks game without working on the engine and having the source code of it? Because, in case you have the money, there are companys out there doing ports for games, would that work or do you really need the source code?
  21. Hi, I am actually asking myself this question for quiet a while, so I though why not ask it here :). I have no experience with porting games and am really just a frontend developer and have not much knowledge of the backend of the engine. So I once saw a video of Jorn on youtube where he was able to play a game on andoid, I wonder if this is also possible with the current version of Leadwerks. Also how difficult would it be, or how does it even work, to port a Leadwerks game to other platforms like linux, andriod or even xbox & playstation. I am especially interested in porting to mobile, but would like to know more about that topic. Thanks in advance EDIT: I found this: and this: The first is 8 years old so I don't know if its still actual, the second actually answers the question of porting to Linux.
  22. Hi guys! Bladequest – The First Chapter now finally is on Steam! I am very excited to see how it is going! Check it out if you want! I think it’s pretty cool to have my game on Steam :). Recently I did some redesign and restructuring, affecting my logo, the newsletter and the website. I actually shut the website down and now use another service, which is easier for me to setup and maintain, so I have more capacity to develop Chapter Two! Preproduction and conception for “Chapter Two” (I guess it will have a different name) is nearly finished. With the next installment I am going to make a huge step towards the idea of the final game. I soon will tell you more about it in one of my future videos. Don’t want to miss it? Consider subscribing to my YouTube channel! And as little bonus, here are two shots from some experimenting I did for Chapter Two. What could that be? Markus from Phodex Games! Give Feeback for Bladequest! My Youtube Channel! Join the Bladequest Gazette!
  23. I actually implemented this in the first place, but then decided to remove it, because I was not 100% sure if I set it up correctly and had enough other things to do. I will use it for Chapter Two I guess, would be very interesting :). Thanks for the tip anyway.
  24. Hi guys, First of all check out the newest episode of DevTalk, showing some progress of the development of Bladequest: Chapter Two! Bladequest – The First Chapter is available since about one and a half month now and so far and has totally exceeded my expectations with about 2000 downloads in total. It was a very interesting project for me, and I got a lot of positive feedback and you definitely want to see more from Bladequest. I think the foundation is there, to create a really cool game. The First Chapter can be considered as finished now. As far as no major error/bug appears it will not recieve any updates and I will focus on Chapter Two, to be able to deliver much better quality and more content, as seen in The First Chapter. I recognized that the idea behind Bladequest does not get 100% clear when reading the description, or playing the game. It can easily be misunderstood as an episodic game, were in fact it is not. I definitely plan to work on this in the future and also have a cool idea how to very easily show what I have in mind with Bladequest. I am also very exciting to tell you more about the final game concept, as The First Chapter really just is a sneak peek (like a pre-alpha) of what is to come. So to be able to leave Bladequest – The First Chapter with a clear conscience, I gave the website some final touches and released Patch 1.5.0, so I can now focus on Chapter Two. The last exciting thing happening with The First Chapter is the upcoming Steam release. I am really looking forward to this and can’t wait to see how it is going. Thanks for all your support and feedback so far. I am so excited to create Chapter Two you won’t believe it :D, just have to overcome my currently bad health situation :(, to be able to work 24/7 again haha :D. Markus from Phodex Games! Give Feeback for Bladequest! My Youtube Channel! Your Games Wishlist so I can craft a game to your needs!
  25. Actually after some research if found the error why the boxes "disappear" when setting physics to them. They do actually load, I just did not see them as they were in the ground. For whatever reason their position gets distorted. This seems to happen when you set/change the mass setting of an entity in the Start function, which does seem to happen when loading the prefab. But if I set the mass manually on the first update call it works, but the entity does not collide with others, although it has mass and prop physics on it. This however can be solved by setting the whole physics settings when the first update function is called. Like this: function Script:UpdateWorld() if self.awake ~= true then self.awake = true self.entity:SetPhysicsMode(Entity.RigidBodyPhysics) self.entity:SetCollisionType(Collision.Prop) self.entity:SetMass(10) end end Maybe this can help fixing the bug. I guess that is one of the reason for the weird behavior with my prefabed destructible objects.
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