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  1. Well that exactly the problem ^^. I guess the prefab system need to be worked on in the future. It's a little sad, because if I could rely on them, they would be a great addition to my workflow. Yeah thanks for the input, I guess I have to come up with my own system. For what ever reason I actually enjoy using my brain, solving such problems, instead of just having the feature working fine haha
  2. Ever since I had struggle with the prefab system. I wonder if I am doing something wrong, if it just has bugs or if it just lacks documentation... Here a few examples of what I have encountered so far: 1. I just set up a test scene to analyize the prefab behavior. So I attached a few csg boxes, a light and a particle emitter to another csg box. When I save the parent box as prefab so far everything works as expected, but then when I change the child boxes physics to prop and set a mass for them, thing are getting weird. If I am in the editor and drag the prefab from the asset window into the scene, everything still works as expected, but if I load the prefab ingame by script, the child boxes just don't appear. 2. Sometimes pivots parented to an Prefab seem to not save position. They randomly have an offset, although I set their local position to 0,0,0 3. Especially particle emitters which are prefabs have a weird behavior. They begin to emit diffrently (they burst instead of emitting smoothly), although I think this only happens in the editor viewport and not when you start your game 4. I also encountered that my code did not work as expected anymore, when using them on prefabs. There seem to be some reference error. I just worked on destroyable objects and when I place them as normal objects not beeing prefabed everything works fine, but if I save them as prefab and place them in the scene, everything is messed up. The destroyed version of the object always spawns on the position of the first placed prefab and the old, intact version does not get removed. I guess I have a clue how to work around this, but the weird thing is it works fine when the object is no prefab. So the point is I just don't know where the error is, it are these small things which make me struggle working with Leadwerks sometimes, when it does not work as expected and you can't really find the error. Maybe I am just missing some information on how to use prefabs and how to not use... Thanks for any helpful advice
  3. Actually I had the idea to use blenders physics system, pre-calculate the destruction and bake it into an animation. My first test actually worked pretty good, but at the moment its a lot of work to set this system up for an object. It also means the fragments have no collision and you can walk through them. I will try the debris collision setting. By the way if you have any idea how I could make the fragments dissolve smoothly after a while (to the release them) feel free to tell me. Thats why I asked for an alpha material/dissolve effect. Maybe I can scale them down over time...
  4. Check out my latest DevTalk video. I am showing some awesome new features coming to Bladquest – Chapter Two! I really took your feedback serious to develop some cool stuff. So check it out! Give Feeback for Bladequest! My Youtube Channel! Your Games Wishlist so I can craft a game to your needs!
  5. Well ok. Unforunately I am not very familiar with shaders yet. Thats a skill I need to learn any time soon ^^. Can't wait to see the new Turbo Engine! Keep it up, looking good.
  6. Um eine hilfreiche Antwort zu bekommen solltest du deine Frage auf Englisch stellen. Nur ein sehr geringer Teil hier kann deutsch...
  7. They are models, but I the next installment I will move over to CSG brushes for better performance. The level also needs pretty long to load. I think the best way is to go for a good mixture of CSG & models like you can read here: https://www.leadwerks.com/learn?page=
  8. Hi, I wonder how I would achieve a dissolve effect, or simply make an material disappear over time. I want to for smoothly making objects disappear before they get removed. I found this, but don't know how to use it: https://www.google.de/search?q=leadwerks+dissolve+shader&rlz=1C1GCEA_enDE754DE754&oq=leadwerks+dissolve+shader&aqs=chrome..69i57j69i60.7455j1j4&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8 I tried to apply the shader to an material and called material:SetColor(1, 1, 1, x-0.05) on update. But nothing seems to happen. Also if I try to decrease the alpha value of an material nothing happens, only if it reaches a value below 0.5 then the model with the material appears. So how to set up an material where I can seamlessly adjust the transparency? Thanks for your input!
  9. Hi guys! Just wanted to share the first video of the DevTalk series with you, where I keep you up to date about the development, upcoming features etc. It also is a very cool way to communicate with you, so make sure to subscribe and comment to tell me your ideas. I am working very, very hard and there is a lot of awesome stuff coming soon, so stay tuned! Markus from Phodex Games! Give Feeback for Bladequest! My Youtube Channel! Your Games Wishlist so I can craft a game to your needs!
  10. I have a similar problem, thanks for your solution
  11. Ok with the new converter Leadwerks keeps the normal settings. Awesome! Thanks @Josh and @AggrorJorn !
  12. @AggrorJorn Ah thanks ok alright then I will try this out. I though he meant the plugin itself not the built in leadwerks converter, as it I have trouble with the Leadwerks Blender plugin not with an fbx file which has problems with converting.
  13. Hi, I have this issue since I use Leadwerks and it is really annoying. Maybe you know a solution. So I used this house model to show my problem. This is my model in Blender (Shading mode set to flat) This is how it looks if I export as FBX and import into Leadwerks: To make it appear correctly I always have to recalculate the normals in Leadwerks, to make it appear flat. If I watch my exported fbx in a model viewer however it looks just like in blender. The same appears for the offical Blender Leadwerks exporter. I tried everything to make this work but nothing helps. Maybe you have ideas on this. I tried sharp edges, various export settings, auto smooth groups activated and deactivated... It really destroys my workflow to recalculate normals every time! However, when I am not wrong I remember having models, which have correct normal data applied when imported to Leadwerks, so maybe its a problem with Blender, or am I missing some important settings? Thanks for your input! Markus from Phodex Games
  14. Phodex Games

    Multiple Shadows

    Can't wait to work with the new engine. I believe the new version will put Leadwerks from beeing a very solid engine to an really great one! Keep it up
  15. Ok, I guess I will find my way, as always thanks anyways Josh, game me some new ideas!
  16. Thank you for the code snippet, but I am actually using lua and the method "SetClearMode" does not exist. I also tried it with C++, although I am not into it yet and have some trouble, but Visual Studio does not recognize the SetClearMode method either... also do I have to set it on camera 2 and 1? Because in your code its just camera. I would expect it to look like this in lua, maybe I did something wrong? local camera = Camera:Create() camera:SetClearMode(Buffer.Depth)
  17. Ok but how to exactly do this? Could not find it in the documentation yet. I am using the code snippet from here to play around with it: https://www.leadwerks.com/learn?page=API-Reference_Object_World_GetCurrent How can I tell both cameras to render at the same time? I tried camera:SetClearColor(0, 0, 0, 0)...
  18. Hi, I once was using an engine where you could set up scenes like leadwerks uses maps. It was possible to load multiple scenes at once and also have multiple cameras set up in those scenes. That came in handy for preventing first person hands to clipping through walls, or was used to set up UI, as in that engine you needed a camera to display UI. I wonder if something similar is possible in Leadwerks and how I would achieve it. Do I need to create multiple worlds? And how to load two seperate maps at the same time? What I want to do is creating a new UI system based on 3D models, therefore I need a camera to display them and I would like to overlay that scene, having an seperate camera & lightning. Would also be awesome for split screen. Any solutions or suggestions? Thanks for your input! Markus from Phodex Games
  19. I decided to do a small party, eating some delicious food, celebrating the success of Bladequest - The First Chapter. It had over 450 downloads over within only 7 days and counting, I had the first few sales and Josh is supporting me bringing the game on steam. This is really awesome, thank you soo much, you make it possible for me to live my dream and make me feel the fire deep in my hearth, which gives me the power and motivation to bring my upcoming games on a new exciting quality level! I will soon start a Devlog kind of series on YouTube, where I introduce cool new features and content waiting for you in my next project, so you can give direct feedback and together we can make it awesome :D! Stay cool! Markus from Phodex Games! Grab the Game here! Give Feeback for Bladequest! My Youtube Channel! Your Games Wishlist so I can craft a game to your needs!
  20. Ok I found the solution myself. You need to do the following: local image = gui:LoadImage("path to texture") -- local button = Widget:Button("", 0, 0, 1024, 768, gui:GetBase()) button:SetString("style","Push") button:SetImage(image) But then the image appears in the middle of button. I fixed that by changing the drawing command inside the button.lua script. Still I wonder how it is possible to give my new button an automatic hover effect (e.g button is gets brigther) and disable the default rendered rectangle. I also wonder how to change the appearance of the UI, give it a new design etc. This topic is poorly documented, although the system is pretty cool and easy to work with. Would love to get some more input, tutorials etc.
  21. Hi, I am currently trying to learn the leadwerks GUI, to be able to improve my own system. I already managed to display a button and make it print something on click. So my question is, how is it possible to load an image and apply it to an button instead of the default greay appearance? If found that there seems to be such a functionality inside the button.lua: --Draw image if present local image = self.widget:GetImage() if image~=nil then local imgsz = image:GetSize() gui:SetColor(0.7) gui:DrawImage(image,pos.x+(sz.x-imgsz.x)/2,pos.y+(sz.y-imgsz.y)/2) end I also found that "Image:Load(string path, GUI gui)" exists and should work loading an image from a texture. However Image:Load() does not seem to work in lua. I would have expected that applying an image would work like this: function Script:Start() local gui = GUI:Create(context) local guiScale = gui:GetScale() local panel = Widget:Create("", guiScale * 100, guiScale * 100, guiScale * 600, guiScale * 600, gui:GetBase(), "Scripts/GUI/Panel.lua") self.textField= Widget:TextField("text", guiScale * 15, guiScale * 10, guiScale * 150, guiScale * 20, panel) self.testButton = Widget:Button("button", guiScale * 175, guiScale * 10, guiScale * 80, guiScale * 20, panel) --APPLY THE IMAGE! local image = Image:Load("Image.tex") -->Error Method "Load" does not exist for "Image" self.testButton:SetImage(image) end function Script:ProcessEvent(event) if event.id == Event.WidgetAction then if event.source == self.testButton and event.data == 0 then System:Print("Clicking") elseif event.source == self.testButton and event.data == 1 then System:Print("Hovering!") end end end function Script:UpdateWorld() while EventQueue:Peek() do local event = EventQueue:Wait() self:ProcessEvent(event) end end So how can I achieve that my button uses an image instead of the standard rect to be drawn? Thanks in advance Markus from Phodex Games
  22. Doesn’t the new design of Bladequest look awesome? To celebrate it I just released Bladequest - TFC 1.4.0, including the new design and a voice over for the intro and outro screen, spoken by myself, introducing the project. I think this adds a more personal touch to the game. What do you think about it? The game is now also available on gamejolt, running very good there! Bladequest was downloaded over 100 times within 3 days, thats awesome! To celebrate that I started a sale for the GOLD Edition. Get it 67% OFF! Thanks to Josh Bladequest is also coming to Steam soon! I am very excited to continue development and deliever more content and better quality. Enjoy the update and have a great time! Markus from Phodex Games! Give Feeback for Bladequest! My Youtube Channel! Your Games Wishlist so I can craft a game to your needs!
  23. Good luck with attracting more people to buy stuff through the website. Its always a good thing to stay independent and I prefer the marketplace here over the steam workshop, although I do not really use it at all.
  24. Phodex Games


    GET IT ON STEAM! ⚡️ THE ULTIMATIVE DUNGEON ⚡️ The new mega update brings a whole new game mode, a new UI, improved visuals, bug fixes and much more! With "Bladequest", a whole new experience awaits, which emerged from the popular "Bladequest: The First Chapter". Are you ready to explore an infinite dungeon, filled with enemies, weapons and loot? Then jump right into the all new endless mode! 👑 BECOME THE LOOTER KING 👑 Fight through the dungeon, loot all you can, compete with the world's best, and become the "Looter King"! ⚔️ FIGHT THE UNDEAD ⚔️ The full-fledged first person combat system allows you to send the undead back to hell using one-handed weapons, shields, two-handed weapons and bows! Find better equipment in every boss room, gear up and dominate your opponents! ✨FEEL THE ATMOSPHERE ✨ The soundscape, the lightning ambience, the charming Polygon-Look and the detailed levels ensure a deep and unique atmosphere! 🔮 FIND A CURE 🔮 Play the story mode and help your brave companion Veronica, to find a cure for her brother, who has been struck by a terrible disease. Explore a sinister castle ruin, infested by the undead, and face the dark Shadowlord. 💪🏻 SUPPORT THE DEVELOPMENT OF TRUE INDIE GAMES 💪🏻 By purchasing you boost the development of larger scaled games of this type and give me the opportunity to increase quality, bring more content, hire people, build a business and bring sustainable improvements to the gaming industry. ➡️ FEATURES WAITING FOR YOU ⬅️ ✔️ Explore an infinite dungeon in the new "Endless Mode" ✔️ Compete with players all over the world ✔️ Charming Polygon-Look ✔️ Carefully handcrafted dungeon rooms ✔️ Story mode ✔️ Fight with sword, shield, mace, axe, or bow ✔️ Different color schemes ✔️ Highly atmospheric game experience GET IT ON STEAM!
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