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  1. The main question you need to answer.. do you need to capture on the same system or not ? What i mean.. is the capture pc the same system you try to run the graphics on. Most shots you see on for example on youtube uses a extra pc.. You can find HDMI capture cards on ebay for less then 100 dollar. You can use these in a other system yust for capture.. or use fraps.. if you want to do it by software on the same system, Dont forget that you need a good fast hardrive like ssd in raid if you want to capture direct to drive with capture cards.
  2. Ok the download link is now working.. r4 is now the only thing you can download. earlier there where 2 links.. r3 and r4. but this was prehaps the same time you was uploading. Quan, prehaps you can also add a link to a zip file, or make a atachment with the sample code in. this way its a lot easier to debug and test stuff
  3. The link of r4 is broken. the Release 3 link is working.
  4. deplay the codecs on install.. how do want to do that otherwise ?? What i mean is that the Graphics(640,480,0,0,GRAPHICS_BACKBUFFER+GRAPHICS_DEPTHBUFFER); command is creating its own window. It gives back 0 or 1.. and not a handle. So how can i play video on the damm window ?? without tracking this window down for the handle. Ok i know, you can close the graphics windows.. open your own window, and play video into it. But this will be noticed by the users. Its a lot nicer if the mmsystem functions are forwarded in the Leadwerks engine, so the simple mmsystem commands can be send in the leadwerks engine created window. This way everything stays inside 1 window application.
  5. Litle feature request, video playback support. Would be nice that video playback will be supported by leadwerks engine with the installed codecs installed on the system. This way everything can be done by the engine itself. Its not nice to init a application everytime a video has been played, or close the application for video display. ReSize the application on a preset screen resolution.. play the video. fullscreen.. and go back to the original screen resolution would be a very nice feature to have. This way everything can be handled by the Leadwerks engine itself. Greetings, Shadow_tj
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