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  1. Yes sure..thank you Smoke.zip BulletHit.cpp
  2. When the bullet I fired hits the wall, smoke comes out. Such a change in lights occurs throughout the lifetime of the smoke. Is this a bug or am I making a mistake? Here is my code { //initial codes up here //Smoke emitter smokeMaterial = Material::Load("Materials/Effects/smoke.mat"); hitEmitter[1] = Emitter::Create(); hitEmitter[1]->SetCollisionType(0); hitEmitter[1]->SetColor(1, 1, 1, 0.25); hitEmitter[1]->SetMaterial(smokeMaterial); hitEmitter[1]->SetEmissionVolume(0.05, 0.05, 0.05); hitEmitter[1]->SetVelocity(0.5, 0.5, 0.5, 1); hitEmitter[1]->SetParticleCount(18); hitEmitter[1]->SetReleaseQuantity(18); hitEmitter[1]->SetMaxScale(4); hitEmitter[1]->SetDuration(1500); hitEmitter[1]->AddScaleControlPoint(0, 0.7); hitEmitter[1]->AddScaleControlPoint(1, 1); hitEmitter[1]->SetRotationSpeed(8); hitEmitter[1]->SetAcceleration(0,-1.2,0); hitEmitter[1]->Hide(); hitEmitter[0]->SetParent(this->entity); hitEmitter[0]->SetPosition(0.0f, 0.0f, 0.0f, false); hitEmitter[0]->SetShadowMode(0); hitEmitter[0]->Show(); hitEmitter[0]->SetLoopMode(false, true); lifeTime = 12000; fadeTime = 4000; fadeStart = Time::GetCurrent() + lifeTime - fadeTime; } void BulletHit::UpdateWorld() { int currentTime = Time::GetCurrent(); if (currentTime > fadeStart) { float alpha = 1.0f - (currentTime - fadeStart) / fadeTime; if (alpha <= 0) { this->entity->Release(); } } }
  3. ErhanK


    Yes "pickInfo.GetSurface()->GetMaterial()->GetTexture(0)->GetPath()" this is worked. thank yo but its causing some problems. i'll think another way
  4. ErhanK


    Yes.it's returning null but how can i achive this? Can we get this information from the surface of pickinfo?
  5. ErhanK


    Hello there. I'm trying to get the texture path on pickinfo's surface. If I can get the path name, I'll specify the bullet impact effect from the postfix I added to the texture name (eg myTexture_wood or myTexture2_metal). But the nullptr value is returned. Here is my debug window. can anybody help?
  6. ErhanK

    Baked lighting

    Is it correct to add the Baked lighting map from the blender cycles as an emission and diffuse shader to the leadwerks? I tried, but there's no decal on it. How would it be? Would it give such an image? Anybody try anything like that?
  7. This is my RTS project's mouse zoom code. I hope this c++ code can give you idea. float cameraDistance = 15.0f; float smoothness = 15.0f; float zoomRangeMin = 8.0f; float zoomRangeMax = 20.0f;; Vec3 playerCameraPos; Vec3 playerCameraNewPos; float scrollSpeedFPS; float mouseWheel; int getMouseWheelDirection() { int wheelReturn = 0; float mouseWheelPos = Window::GetCurrent()->GetMousePosition().z; if (mouseWheel != mouseWheelPos) { if (mouseWheelPos < mouseWheel) { wheelReturn = 2; //Wheel Down } else if (mouseWheelPos > mouseWheel) { wheelReturn = 1; //Wheel Up } mouseWheel = mouseWheelPos; } return wheelReturn; } void mouseMovement() { playerCameraPos = playerCamera->GetPosition(); playerCameraNewPos = playerCameraPos; scrollSpeedFPS = scrollSpeed * Time::GetSpeed(); if (playerCameraNewPos.y != cameraDistance) { playerCameraNewPos.y = Math::Curve(cameraDistance, playerCameraNewPos.y, smoothness / Time::GetSpeed()); } int mouseWheelDirection = getMouseWheelDirection(); if (mouseWheelDirection) { if (mouseWheelDirection == 1) { if (cameraDistance < zoomRangeMax) { cameraDistance = cameraDistance + 2; } } else if(mouseWheelDirection == 2){ if (cameraDistance > zoomRangeMin) { cameraDistance = cameraDistance - 2; } } } playerCamera->SetPosition(playerCameraNewPos); }
  8. The fbx version of your file is 6.0. It's failing. Can you try to export as version 7.4binary?
  9. ErhanK

    Weapon Rotation

    Thanks. I love this feature too. I had to do it.😊
  10. ErhanK

    Weapon Rotation

    Of course. In the upper left corner there are rotation values related to the weapon.
  11. ErhanK

    I have problems

    Thank you😀! useful information for me. it's working
  12. ErhanK

    I have problems

    the actual problem is here. i cant call this function.. both of them in the same class. Thanks for other reply.
  13. Hi, I have a few questions. I am using C ++. 1) For example, I have a derived entity class, and I have a derived actor class attached to this class. Pickinfo gives me an entity when the bullet hits this class. I can also access the atached actor with pickinfo.entity.GetActor (). But since it doesn't give me the class and actor I've derived, I can't call the giveHurt () function in them. 2) In the documentation, the ForEachEntityInAABBDo function can be called in main (). There is no problem. But I can't call the callback function of a class. Should I use a function pointer? world-> ForEachEntityInAABBDo(aabb, &MyClass::Callback, v); it does not work. Also I cannot call the callback function with a string. I need to solve these problems so that I can continue to improve my game. I can't get enough help from the forum. I will be glad if you help me.
  14. ErhanK

    Flying Objects

    Anyway, this doesn't look odd because of the concept of my game. People can think of it as a ghost.
  15. ErhanK

    Weapon Rotation

    this code solved the problem // tmpX and tmpY are global float x = 0; x = mouseDifference.y / mouseSensitivity; tmpX += x; if (tmpX > 20) { tmpX = 20; } else if (tmpX < -20) { tmpX = -20; } float y = 0; y = mouseDifference.x / mouseSensitivity; tmpY += y; if (tmpY > 60) { tmpY = 60; } else if (tmpY < -60) { tmpY = -60; } //CONVERT TO VECTOR Vec2 wpnRot; wpnRot.x = tmpX; wpnRot.y = tmpY; // SMOOTING smoothWeaponViewRot.x = Math::Curve(wpnRot.x, smoothedHurtOffset.x, 5); smoothWeaponViewRot.y = Math::Curve(wpnRot.y, smoothedHurtOffset.x, 5); //THEN testWeapon->entity->SetRotation(camRotation); //PLAYER ROTATION testWeapon->entity->Turn(smoothWeaponViewRot); //WEAPON VIEW ROTATION //now the weapon can navigate within the boundaries of the player's angle of view, according to the movement of the mouse.
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