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  1. What if i want to render extra 3rd person character mesh that is casts only own shadows and it's not visible by main FPS camera? How i can make it?
  2. ErhanK


    I'm trying to get it line by line with stop delimeter. I don't know if it exist in Stream class but simply i'm trying this.. ifstream myfile(filename); if(myfile.is_open()) { string item; string name; string type; while(!myfile.eof()) { getline(myfile,item,'|'); getline(myfile,name,'|'); while(getline(myfile,type,'|')) { cout<<type<<endl; } getline(myfile,type,'\n'); } myfile.close(); } Maybe i can do some extraction after stream->ReadLine()
  3. ErhanK


    Hi. When i'm add the fstream header to my project, i'm getting this error : 'EOF': undeclared identifier. It's happens only in leadwerk project. Why is it? I'm trying to parse a custom file like this code: entityDef weapon_shotgun { "weapon_name" "weapon_shotgun" "def_projectile" "projectile_bullet_shotgun" "ammoType" "ammo_shells" "ammoRequired" "1" "clipSize" "8" "mtr_flashShader" "muzzleflash" } so i can generate my entities from it.
  4. So i need this : if (PickInfo.entity->GetKeyValue("GameObjectType") == "NpcBase") { //NPC_Base is my custom actor NPC_Base* tmp = dynamic_cast<NPC_Base*>(PickInfo.entity->GetActor()); tmp->DoSomething(); } and thank you so much :)
  5. I want to call the custom function in a c++ class ... I have one more question. I don't know which is better. I've created a custom actor class. This class creates an entity within itself and attaches itself to it. Should I use this, or should I create an entity, also create a custom actor and then assign that actor to that entity? I gave an example below. //Header class EnemyBaseActor : public Actor { public: EnemyBaseActor(); }; //CPP EnemyBaseActor::EnemyBaseActor(){ this->entity = Model::Load("Models/Zombie.mdl"); this->entity->SetActor(this); } OR // In
  6. Hi. How can i call a custom function on my hitinfo entity? if (PickResult) { if (PickInfo.entity->GetClass() == Entity::ModelClass) { if (PickInfo.entity->GetKeyValue("GameObjectType") == "NpcBase") { //PickInfo.entity-> ?? ex. GetHurt() } } }
  7. Yes sure..thank you Smoke.zip BulletHit.cpp
  8. When the bullet I fired hits the wall, smoke comes out. Such a change in lights occurs throughout the lifetime of the smoke. Is this a bug or am I making a mistake? Here is my code { //initial codes up here //Smoke emitter smokeMaterial = Material::Load("Materials/Effects/smoke.mat"); hitEmitter[1] = Emitter::Create(); hitEmitter[1]->SetCollisionType(0); hitEmitter[1]->SetColor(1, 1, 1, 0.25); hitEmitter[1]->SetMaterial(smokeMaterial); hitEmitter[1]->SetEmissionVolume(0.05, 0.05, 0.05); hitEmitter[1]->SetVelocity(0.5, 0.5, 0.5, 1); hi
  9. ErhanK


    Yes "pickInfo.GetSurface()->GetMaterial()->GetTexture(0)->GetPath()" this is worked. thank yo but its causing some problems. i'll think another way
  10. ErhanK


    Yes.it's returning null but how can i achive this? Can we get this information from the surface of pickinfo?
  11. Hello there. I'm trying to get the texture path on pickinfo's surface. If I can get the path name, I'll specify the bullet impact effect from the postfix I added to the texture name (eg myTexture_wood or myTexture2_metal). But the nullptr value is returned. Here is my debug window. can anybody help?
  12. ErhanK

    Baked lighting

    Is it correct to add the Baked lighting map from the blender cycles as an emission and diffuse shader to the leadwerks? I tried, but there's no decal on it. How would it be? Would it give such an image? Anybody try anything like that?
  13. This is my RTS project's mouse zoom code. I hope this c++ code can give you idea. float cameraDistance = 15.0f; float smoothness = 15.0f; float zoomRangeMin = 8.0f; float zoomRangeMax = 20.0f;; Vec3 playerCameraPos; Vec3 playerCameraNewPos; float scrollSpeedFPS; float mouseWheel; int getMouseWheelDirection() { int wheelReturn = 0; float mouseWheelPos = Window::GetCurrent()->GetMousePosition().z; if (mouseWheel != mouseWheelPos) { if (mouseWheelPos < mouseWheel) { wheelReturn = 2; //Wheel Down } else if (mouseWheelPos > mouseWheel) { wheelReturn = 1; //Wheel Up }
  14. The fbx version of your file is 6.0. It's failing. Can you try to export as version 7.4binary?
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