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  1. i have tried 4.4 with negative result...
  2. Sorry for spam i tried reimport and nothing here is log: Converting "models/ventgrates/box.fbx"... Input: C:/Users/Ján/Documents/Leadwerks/Projects/Projekt/Models/Ventgrates/box.fbx Output: C:/Users/Ján/Documents/Leadwerks/Projects/Projekt/Models/Ventgrates/box.mdl FBX: Initializing scene... FBX: File version: 0.0.0 Failed to load thumbnail 6 for C:/Users/Ján/Documents/Leadwerks/Projects/Projekt/Models/Ventgrates/box.mdl Loading model "C:/Users/Ján/Documents/Leadwerks/Projects/Projekt/Models/Ventgrates/box.mdl" Failed to read file C:/Users/Ján/Documents/Leadwerks/Proj
  3. How i can change permission ? I have installed it from drive c to d and the same effect
  4. i use 4.6 (latest beta) when i import a some texture than will be converted, models not
  5. Hmm very interesting i have reinstalled application, i use different modelling software, and have instaled different versions of Leadwerks and it still, wrong.
  6. And what is the Fbx version 0.0.0 ?
  7. I have tried a blender or 3ds max, both are wrong. Is the specific version of fbx which leadwerks use ?
  8. Hello all, i have problem - after a long pause i started work on Leadwerks. When i export fbx (i use 3ds max 2009) and move it to leadwerks console show a message in included screenshots. In attachment is a used model. And console say FBX version 0.0.0 Before worked it perfectly - i have animated models, or static and worked 100%, Now not why ? Any ideas ? Thanks... BOX.rar
  9. Hi all, Can Leadwerks support more wheels in vehicles ? For example a mean tanks with (8+ wheels) or other vehicles with more than 4 wheels ? And in which version of LE is vehicle system usable ? I hope you understand my English is so bad... 😃
  10. Thanks for quick reply, i try this...
  11. Hi, from my topdown view game i need a house roof which will be transparent, no fully hidden when character move inside. And shadows must be stay. Its possible. Now i have a invisible geometry that render shadow, and real geometry. Its possible? Sorry for my poor english. Screenshoots included.
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