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  1. CangoJoe

    SimpleRockets 2

    Hey all I know there's a lot of space geeks here (myself included), so I figured I'd share this game with you all. It's getting great reviews so far: https://store.steampowered.com/app/870200?snr=2_9_100000_ Cheers!
  2. CangoJoe

    Script:Collision() question

    Heyas, Should Script:Collision be able to detect if something has spawned inside of a defined trigger area? I'm using a rectangular CSG with CollisionType:Trigger to define an a trigger area. I want to detect when another CSG (Collisiontype: Prop) spawns inside the trigger area but seems to fail in that regard. Does the spawning CSG need speed (momentum) to be detected? Thanks in advance!
  3. CangoJoe

    My character seems very short, can't find scale option

    Hi, I'm assuming you're using FPSPlayer.lua -yes? If so, edit that script and try increasing Script.eyeheight value. Hope that helps!
  4. CangoJoe

    Physics bounce

    Wow that worked out better than I expected! They're bouncing around like Mexican jumping beans now. Just need to find the best value now. Thanks for pointing that property out
  5. CangoJoe

    Physics bounce

    Seems using decimal mass values less than 1 improved the bounciness of the balls. I adjusted the value to .1 and the balls bounce around more instead of dropping like lead weights. I'll spare you the animation for now and post the game when its in a playable state. Thanks for your help!
  6. CangoJoe

    Physics bounce

    Right now it's 20. I haven't really seen much difference between 1 and 20. Perhaps a different collision type?
  7. CangoJoe

    Physics bounce

    Heyas, So I'm making this simple pachinko game. The basic gameplay is that balls will fall down hitting pins and occasionally triggering scoring areas that award more balls. All the balls and pins are CSGs with, Physics Mode: Rigid Body and Collision type: Prop. Right now the balls fall, hit the pins and simply roll off. Is there a way to adjust the physics properties of the pins and/or balls to get the balls to bounce a bit more when they hit the pins? Or perhaps the change the gravity of the balls? Thanks in advance! -can
  8. Congratulations Josh! That's some exciting news, I hope this finally puts Leadwerks/Turbo on the map in a big way. I can't wait to see the first AAA media production (game or otherwise) that's powered in Turbo. Considering your affiliation with NASA perhaps rename Turbo to the ''ROCKET ENGINE'" ? It encapsulates visions of speed, power, performance and the ability to take you to new worlds :) I wish I would've got my tournament posters signed now...
  9. CangoJoe


    Pretty good! Controls could be a little tighter and perhaps lighten up the enemy bullets as they're hard to see against the dark background.
  10. CangoJoe

    Voxel Madness

    That's pretty cool! If I imported a heightmap, will Turbo all me to generate voxel based geo instead of standard geo if desired? Can the voxel geo be modified during runtime (ala Minecraft)?
  11. CangoJoe

    Space Skyboxes

    Wow, these look great - thanks for sharing!
  12. CangoJoe

    Summer Game Tournament

    Not sure if to cringe, clap, or Falcon Punch to this version...
  13. My tournament prize finally arrived - thanks!

    1. Josh


      Next time they will go out a lot faster. Thanks for participating! :D


  14. CangoJoe

    What Makes a Good Brand Name?

    Hmmm perhaps then go with an 80s theme with the logo as well? In fact here's some concept art! No need to pay me now but I'll gladly accept a free copy of TGE
  15. CangoJoe

    What Makes a Good Brand Name?

    This was the first thing that came to mind. Along with: Turbo Tax Turbo C++ Street Fighter 2 Turbo A logo plastered on 80s and 90s vehicles Sounds a little retro IMHO akin to words like 'Deluxe', 'Cyber', and '<insert verb> - O - Matic' (Cyber Deluxe Turb-O-Matic Engine anyone?) For better or for worse, I'm sure others will subconsciously make these associations as well.