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  1. CangoJoe


    Pretty good! Controls could be a little tighter and perhaps lighten up the enemy bullets as they're hard to see against the dark background.
  2. CangoJoe

    Voxel Madness

    That's pretty cool! If I imported a heightmap, will Turbo all me to generate voxel based geo instead of standard geo if desired? Can the voxel geo be modified during runtime (ala Minecraft)?
  3. CangoJoe

    Space Skyboxes

    Wow, these look great - thanks for sharing!
  4. CangoJoe

    Summer Game Tournament

    Not sure if to cringe, clap, or Falcon Punch to this version...
  5. My tournament prize finally arrived - thanks!

    1. Josh


      Next time they will go out a lot faster. Thanks for participating! :D


  6. CangoJoe

    What Makes a Good Brand Name?

    Hmmm perhaps then go with an 80s theme with the logo as well? In fact here's some concept art! No need to pay me now but I'll gladly accept a free copy of TGE
  7. CangoJoe

    What Makes a Good Brand Name?

    This was the first thing that came to mind. Along with: Turbo Tax Turbo C++ Street Fighter 2 Turbo A logo plastered on 80s and 90s vehicles Sounds a little retro IMHO akin to words like 'Deluxe', 'Cyber', and '<insert verb> - O - Matic' (Cyber Deluxe Turb-O-Matic Engine anyone?) For better or for worse, I'm sure others will subconsciously make these associations as well.
  8. CangoJoe

    Revisiting Border Recon

    Here's a site that I like to browse for game music. It's got buckets of 'free' music to choose from with varying degrees of copyright licenses - from Royalty Free and up. It's also not organized very well so it might be a little bit of challenge to find what you need. https://freemusicarchive.org/
  9. Leadwerks Launcher seems to be working again. I was able to play recent games.

  10. CangoJoe

    Backup modified default scripts during updates

    Ahhh ok, That's good to know, I didn't even realize what those files were for especially since they don't show up in the editor. Perhaps it could be pointed out somewhere, like the files updated popup that appears when the update is complete? Regardless, you can probably close this suggestion since it's already been addressed. Thanks -can
  11. It would be extremely useful if the update process could detect user modified default scripts and back them up instead of overwriting them. This especially applies to Main.lua where its common to hold global variables during map transitions among other things. Backup scripts would give users something to refer to if the update breaks their project. At the very least, I propose that updates always copy all the old default scripts into a backup folder somewhere regardless if they've been modified or not.
  12. CangoJoe

    Leadwerks Intro

    Nice! It kind of reminds me of the THX logo - lol
  13. CangoJoe

    Lua script with database

    CSV files are great for small amounts of data, but flexible enough to be used in large games as well. I've seen them used in several major titles - Armed Assault (Operation Flashpoint) used it to contain unit/weapon data among other things. Here's some instructions on how to create a CSV file - it's really easy: https://www.computerhope.com/issues/ch001356.htm And here's a Lua code sample that shows how to insert data from a CSV file into a table and vice-versa: http://nocurve.com/2014/03/05/simple-csv-read-and-write-using-lua/ CSVs make a good stepping stone towards learning and using SQL DBs but, I haven't tried using LUA and SQL together 'yet' to make any good tutorial recommendations.
  14. CangoJoe

    Lua script with database

    Depending on how much data you plan to handle, have you considered CSV files? It's pretty much a fancy text file that has been formatted with commas. It's kind of a poor mans database solution, but at least you won't need any external libraries or apps to read and write data, plus you can always import the data to a SQL database in the future if need be. There's lots of tutorials and code samples readily available around the web.
  15. CangoJoe

    flag animation from blender to leadwerks

    I'm using 2 of these flags and I haven't encountered any performance issues either. (7000th post! Do I win a prize? )