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  1. Well, yes. I know it's not downloaded. That's the problem I'm having. I bought it; now it won't download the bought items. Am I missing something obvious? And yes, we did. I'll just leave it for now then . Thanks for the help guys.
  2. Thank you Josh. This is directly copied from the program log: Downloading Workshop item "639861744". Error: Item state says it's not downloaded. Error: Failed to download Workshop item. Error: Failed to download Workshop item. Nothing special I think?
  3. Thank you for your reply Angelwolf. I have downloaded many free workshop items before and they worked just fine. To test out if the free items still worked, I have just downoaded and installed the free radiation shader succesfully. My bought workshop items are located on [browse>Type>Purchased]. I can only find the nature pack and scifi models pack wich I bought using the steam LE DLC section in the DLC tab, however they are also located in the purchased section. I can also download any of these two items that are bought from the steam LE DLC section succesfully.
  4. Dear all, On the 3th of July, I bought the workshop items 'Scifi materials 1' and 'Scifi materials 5'. However, when I clicked 'install', I got the following Leadwerks Editor message: "Failed to download workshop item". So, naturally I restarted the Leadwerks engine, it didn't help. So I then restarted my computer, didn't help either. Then I began looking for a solution online. I googled the error message and found various topics on this problem on these forums. Still, every single one solution didn't work out for me. These include clearing out the workshop subscribers list, del
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