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  1. scale the size of the decal in the editor, the decal will apply to anything that is within its borders.
  2. either two separate maps or like Genebris said to make your entire map in something like blender then import it as an object. If you must use the leadwerks terrain then you could do something like having the terrain and city on top then when the player gets to a sewer man hole it teleports him to another part of the map or under it into the sewer.
  3. hmm don't think there is much you can do unfortunately, i know one work around would to make a much thinner wall in that place then generate the navmesh and once done put the thicker wall back in and it would still use the navmesh from when there was a thinner wall, but other than that i don't think there is any other way that i know of.
  4. Im sorry you feel this way but i don't see how that's true, there is the main tutorials on this website and then there is AggorJorn's youtube page and all of that is optional, every program out there has vast amounts of learning material to draw from and i don't see how that can be a negative because the more tutorials you watch/read the more you learn.
  5. i see where your going with this but i personally feel that this would be to complicated for beginners out there.
  6. yepp i agree this will be great, i had a 2 week internet outage at one point and using leadwerks was pretty much unuseable except for the simple stuff i could remember.
  7. yepp exact same issue, if i jump or move then i can rotate freely but if standing still then no rotation, if i try to rotate then move the character snaps to that direction the instant i move.
  8. is your flashlight set to dynamic+static? here is a reference to lights, if you scroll down to the comments section you will see a very useful comment by AggorJorn. http://www.leadwerks.com/werkspace/page/tutorials/_/lights-r4
  9. these two lua tutorial are pretty good and helped me a lot. https://coronalabs.com/learn-lua/ https://www.tutorialspoint.com/lua/index.htm hope these help.
  10. Hi i have been making my own custom collision types for my current project and although setting your collision type is documented, what isn't mentioned anywhere that i can find in the api is the Collision:SetResponse(type, type, response) command which i only know about because i googled and found 1 post explaining it. I think this command is very useful and should be added to the api if possible, thanks.
  11. agree 100%, youtube is the first place i think most people would look and there isn't any substitution for a good youtube tutorial series, text tutorials are great and all but i find videos are so much easier to grasp and learn from. can't wait to see these tutorials.
  12. I check the steam forums almost daily because im always on steam anyways and honestly i rarely see a post, and when there are posts its usually along the lines of "can this engine make this kind of game" rather than any specific questions of needing help.
  13. just got my leadwerks poster and sticker, poster on my wall and sticker sitting on and sponsoring my racing sim.

  14. ok i managed to make the jump and i finished the game (after a few more deaths lol) and i really enjoyed it, the second level was great i hope to see more in the future.
  15. i tried both, the standalone didn't launch at all like i would run the .exe and the console thing from leadwerks will pop up then close and then nothing, i will try again and see if it works perhaps it was a corrupted dl or something. EDIT: Just tried downloading the standalone again and it still wont launch, just the console thing then it exits and nothing launches.
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