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  1. scale the size of the decal in the editor, the decal will apply to anything that is within its borders.
  2. either two separate maps or like Genebris said to make your entire map in something like blender then import it as an object. If you must use the leadwerks terrain then you could do something like having the terrain and city on top then when the player gets to a sewer man hole it teleports him to another part of the map or under it into the sewer.
  3. iv got no problem with people wanting larger terrains but id much prefer for some more needed things to come first like gui and the offline api.
  4. hmm don't think there is much you can do unfortunately, i know one work around would to make a much thinner wall in that place then generate the navmesh and once done put the thicker wall back in and it would still use the navmesh from when there was a thinner wall, but other than that i don't think there is any other way that i know of.
  5. Well that's excellent news then and i can't wait to see it though I'm sure its some ways off but none the less i look forward to the day.
  6. Honestly i think the world size is fine how it is but i do see reason for people wanting bigger but for me my biggest issues with the terrain system currently is the 16 layer size limit with textures and vegetation, yes you can do a lot with just 16 but if you want to make a truly diverse environment you may be struggling with the limit size. Another thing id like to see is a path tool and i don't mean something that puts down a texture aswell i just mean something that lets you make a smooth path in the terrain because currently i find it hard to make a good path connecting places and this is one of my main reasons why i left the unity engine behind.
  7. I don't really have a problem with the map size but just wanted to point out that based solely on the link to the large video game worlds that the largest LE world size of 16km2 is only double that of gta 3 and half that of the size of San Andreas, to be perfectly honest you would struggle to find an open world game that has released in the last 10 - 15 years with a game size of only 16km2, but it is what it is. Personally i would think it best to leave the map size up to the developer of the game rather than the engine and let people deal with the consequences themselves as this is an engine after all and not a modding tool but i do understand that josh doesn't want to allow new people or kids to potentially get sub par performance due to the world size but i don't think kids/new people would be so stupid as to think they could easily run a 200km2 map easily either. Anyways that's just my thoughts on the matter but like i said i don't have a major problem with world size, I would like to see it bigger but at the end of the day its all up to josh and i respect his decisions. EDIT: all of this is assuming that the world is indeed 16km2 which i though i read somewhere that this was the world size compared to the default character controller and editor units but i can't find that now so i could be completely mistaken but if so my thoughts on the matter still stand.
  8. Im sorry you feel this way but i don't see how that's true, there is the main tutorials on this website and then there is AggorJorn's youtube page and all of that is optional, every program out there has vast amounts of learning material to draw from and i don't see how that can be a negative because the more tutorials you watch/read the more you learn.
  9. i see where your going with this but i personally feel that this would be to complicated for beginners out there.
  10. yepp i agree this will be great, i had a 2 week internet outage at one point and using leadwerks was pretty much unuseable except for the simple stuff i could remember.
  11. yepp exact same issue, if i jump or move then i can rotate freely but if standing still then no rotation, if i try to rotate then move the character snaps to that direction the instant i move.
  12. is your flashlight set to dynamic+static? here is a reference to lights, if you scroll down to the comments section you will see a very useful comment by AggorJorn. http://www.leadwerks.com/werkspace/page/tutorials/_/lights-r4
  13. it already does this i thought, maybe its different based on os or version of leadwerks your using but for me it says up top "Leadwerks Editor 4.1 - C:\Users\*name*\Documents\Leadwerks\Projects\*Poject name*\Maps\*map name*, as you can see it says the project name and map your currently loaded on but like i said maybe this depends on os and version.
  14. these two lua tutorial are pretty good and helped me a lot. https://coronalabs.com/learn-lua/ https://www.tutorialspoint.com/lua/index.htm hope these help.
  15. nice devlog, i really like your hud and UI, keep up the good work and look forward to seeing some more blogs.
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