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  1. Hello, like in the tutorial the debug mode should look similar to this: But for me it looks like the attached image. The bottom tabulators "Output", "Warnings", "Errors" and "Debug" are missing. How can I enable these or maybe it's a bug? I use the actual version of Leadwerks. I'm sure that I run the game in debug mode because the main console in the Leadwerks Engine says "Debug process connected.". But nothing more. And another section doesn't exist there either. Thanks for help. Max debug_wrong.bmp
  2. Thank you for your fast reply! I have purchased the pro version so I'll check the Package class out. Max
  3. Hello, I'm new here I have searched on Google and also directly here in the forum but I didn't found anything about it. How and who can I change the password of the encrypted data.zip (The file gets created by publishing the game as standalone.) Sorry for this possible dump question and thanks for all helpful answers. Max
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