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  1. I was creating some models for the leadwerks workshop, but I noticed that they are not giving approval for the models are disabling the leadwerks workshop ?? I am with some users asking me about when the models will be available and how much it will cost, unfortunately I can not answer these questions, since leadwerks does not approve of my models. I've already reviewed everything I've been asked since the last request. thank you Follows the link of the template in question. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=808938176
  2. I managed to solve, I removed some tires that were giving problem in the mesh every time I used "Normal Threshold" in the editor of the LE models, I refined the mesh a little more. I tried to leave the mesh tringular that did not solve, but it is work that follows. I would like to thank the "macklebee" who gave me a first-rate support.
  3. "There is something alive in this dead space" The Dig

  4. Hi, macklebee, I sent the file in .fbx as a private message. Thank you!
  5. Hi everyone, I'm finding problems in my model "Crane", initially it was physical, now they are normal faces. I tried using the "Normal Average" setting and the model seems to be made of plush ... When I configure the template with "Normal Threshhold" my template is completely bugged, as the images follow. I refitted the model obeying all topology of polygons. Please if anyone can help me solve this problem thank you. Thank you!
  6. AggrorJorn, I got the template I created a mesh with the name "collisionmesh" I exported as ".FBX" and the result follows in the screens below. What am I doing wrong?? Thank you if anyone can help me! https://www.dropbox.com/s/3he9e91cma39u9z/01.jpg?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/plrcfvexxqcyjcj/02.jpg?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/p4y6041oqvi1ea7/03.jpg?dl=0
  7. Dear Josh, I'm doing physics on the same hand in my 3d program, I did some testing here and when I add the physics system in the model above, it takes a lot to run a preview in the engine, I think all models have to be light otherwise the user will not go Able to set up a scenario.
  8. Oh cool, I'll do it this way, any doubt I'll be back. Thank you for your help,
  9. Hi everyone,can anyone give me a hand? I'm doing some port models, and my crane is getting very heavy physics. I've tried another but none of my taste, can anyone give me a hint ?? I've already used "PolyHedron" "ConvexHull" and "Convex Decomposition" but the best is "PolyMesh" but it gets very heavy! Thank you, follow an image of the model in the engine!
  10. I had seen this tool to edit roads, will create the roads in geometry even ... thanks
  11. Hello people , I've been trying some ways to create streets, roads and avenues ... tried using maps in terrain creation, but it is very complicated to manage the texture , to maintain a direction straight , does anyone know any tips ? Thank you!
  12. Ah I understand what this saying , I do animção "RUN" in the same place , there is no shift forward ... he just walking in place ... because the script makes him walk , so maybe it makes it slide , I will adjust here and post to succeed ... thank you!
  13. Thank you " Shadmar " but it is the last post on this subject , I will let it go for characters leadwerks engine, will make only objects scenarios same . But I made a video shown to got to change 0.04 to 2.0 , was much faster, thank you and thank you!
  14. hello , Shadmar , I want the zombie run the animation like this in the "Model Editor " from Leadwerks , but what happens ... the zombie is racing behind me, and still sliding and not running the animation correctly. Just wanted a tip on how to solve this, change the number of zombie frames or have to do it for scripts , changing the value in "scene " does not solve ... anyway thanks for the help , I'll keep trying here.
  15. My god friends , I feel in a vacuum, just like my character to execute the sequence "Run " in a more interesting way and not " that " what is happening. Can anyone give me a hint , let the animation in .FBX slower use " scripts " which would be the solution ?????
  16. Thank you guys, I will try to attach a scrips to this kind of animation
  17. Very good staff, could Creating the " NAVMESH " , now the zombie runs behind me ... but the animated " RUN" my zombie is slow with 120 frames , however it is sliding even with the settings in the "Run anim speed "with the value 0.04 standard still tried to lower values ​​and it keeps slipping and exchanging a few steps from my animation in my direction. I tried to create a video to demonstrate this problem more the " Publish Video" not active for Youtube. I am grateful if someone can help me with this ^^ Video uploaded on my youtube channel , will explain better help, help..... help meeeeee
  18. Aff , sorry , I am newbie in leadwerks engine, More was obvious ^^ , I changed the name of the animations , but the character reacts only when I'm around , how do I it randomize between the animation , stand and walk and when it detects the play go towards the player? Only with scripts? Even so thanks for the help !
  19. Hello Friends I am encountering problems in applying the script " MonsterAI.lua " My character has 4 basic animations, I followed exactly all settings using the models Leadwerks " crawler " , however my character does not run animations , performing only 2, Stopped and Killed when I throw it. I searched the forum some solutions and have not had success , if someone can help me I thank you ! attached photo of my model and the settings I'm doing
  20. Aeee solved here , added the script " simpleAnimation " adjusted the sequence and it worked !
  21. I made the necessary adjustments , added the bones to the model and leadwerks models editor animation appears ... but when I put the model in leadwerks terrain animation does not start !I need to activate a script to make it happen ?Thank you " gamemaker " for the help!
  22. Oh really? I have not read it anywhere .... Well I will adjust my models with hats , thank you!
  23. I made the model in 3dsmax 2015 with 30 frames of animation,but when I export and import within the engine leadwerks the model is stopped, within the leadwerks engine model edit the animation tab nothing appears . what am I doing wrong?? I am sending a screen export model . thank you! Moldels.zip
  24. I looked in the previous post a solution to this , but not found . My problem is this , I created a simple model in Autodesk 3dsmax it contains a simple animation , saved as FBX animation , however this animation is not loaded in Leadwerks , what is happening ? The link to solution of the problem leads to import and animation of a model with a larger sequence of animation. My model is simple and Leadwerks model editor does not appear the animation created in 3dsmax . Excuse my English , use the Google translator, thank you! vento_animated.FBX
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