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  1. Just noting for you that I had to replace ..\..\Source\ with $(LeadwerksHeaderPath)\ But also I'm confused as I have no Newton Dynamics directories in my libraries section ... so naturally my game compiles but I get a bad entry point error when I run it.
  2. Seems to get a bit more difficult for trying to hook the mouse hover event for a button. It can clearly be done with lua but I can't see an event for this in event.h. Have you managed to come up with anything for this?
  3. Hmm okay, but do you have any idea as to why it may be causing break points when I compile and run in release mode (At exactly when I assign the function pointer to the widget)? Because strangely enough it only happens *most* of the time ... sometimes it can run just fine, but runs fine every time in debug mode.
  4. Sorry to bump this but I really was hoping to get some advice here. Is there any current setup in C++ for some type of event handling with widget's other than what I've tried already? I was hoping for a better way, but also when compiling in Release Mode assigning a function pointer as a member variable to a Widget causes break points.
  5. Thanks for this! Did that and then changed the compression to uncompressed and it works
  6. Thanks mate, sounds good to me. That's what I was thinking in terms of having a multidimensional array - at this stage I believe I'm only going to be using a flat terrain, which I may change later. Perhaps I'll try something more advanced in a further version of the game where footpaths can possible be more so painted on, and use more complex terrain as well. Maybe that spline tools could be very useful for me one day.
  7. St0nedas

    why 99

    Typical marketing - its less digits so it *must* be that much cheaper
  8. Sorry to hear. But perhaps you should have read more into the dev blog that was posted - it's clear that it's going to be updated constantly.
  9. Okay thank you for the heads up. Also your suggestion works fine: Image *image = gui->LoadImageA( "Materials/GUI/button1.tex" ); widget->SetImage( image ); widget->Redraw(); The only issue I've run into now is that Leadwerks is automatically resizing my button image into multiples of 64. I also can't find a way to rescale the image. Is there a way around this?
  10. Hi guys, Trying to get your take on the correct usage of the Image class. I'm trying to change the image of a widget using SetImage(). It seems that the documentation is incomplete, missing the Image class (unless I've missed it :S). Through trying to use this class, I've noticed that Image::Load() has been commented out in Window.win32.h (perhaps it was not finished?). I instead tried something like: wstring str = L"Materials/GUI/button1.tex"; Image *image = new Image(); image->Initialize( str ); Which exited my program after attempting a run, not sure why. Log:
  11. Keep it up! I'd much rather support an independent than something like Unity or Unreal ... Will be getting my subscription soon.
  12. Panther was referring to having already bought the engine, and then getting the free updates.
  13. Can confirm - I use community 2017 though depending on your OS you may have to track down a couple libraries from your Windows kits folder, like me.
  14. Yep, thanks for this one. But any advice to offer on my idea of event handling? Or perhaps is there another way?
  15. Cool, thanks for this ... I realised that GUI::Create() has 2 other overloads earlier, but I'm not sure why I didn't try using context instead of the window. Using context instead seems to solve my problem (also Enable() and Show() are not necessary - from my example). Now I'll try some event research and see if I can get some stuff working. EDIT: Cool, and it works: if( EventQueue::Peek() ) { Event event = EventQueue::Wait(); if( event.id == Event::WidgetAction ) { //do stuff here } } And then from here, I can edit Widget.h
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