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  1. Afke

    Preparing C++ Projects

    Hahahhaha Nice one And it's great to see ,everything goes well with LE
  2. Hi , and please welcome to LE community
  3. It is really funny when you see your beta game on youtube :)

  4. It is really funny when you see your beta game on youtube :)

  5. No problem man . We are here to help , just ask Cheers
  6. Roland gave you the best solution. In this case use his code. Vec3 has 3 Float values : x,y z So it should be: Float px= playerpos.X; DrawText (150,1,"X= %f ",px); But you don't need new variable in this case .Make new var only if you have to do same more calculation with it, and you don't want to change original variable.
  7. If you need sound effects there is www.freesound.org . Tons of great sound effects for commercial use.
  8. Hmm, I have to think about that , but anyway , raycast with mesh that has 3000 or more polygons is not a good idea, especially when you have a lot of enemies in level. I don't know how LE handles that inside, but I am sure that has to be some work around , perhaps (show and hide capsule or something... ) I have to refresh my mind first . I have to go now , but I will look at this problem when I come back.
  9. It is much better to check hit against some primitives not player mesh . Best practice use capsule . If you want to have check hits against all body parts then you have to make something like ragdoll and bounding box .First make check is there hit on bounding box.Only in the case if there is , then you can check which part of body. One capsule is OK , make it simple.
  10. Afke

    Game Logo request

    I Like second one too.
  11. Afke

    Game Logo request

    It is dungeons, medieval game as far as I know .
  12. Null value is reason probably . Some resource missing probably. But unusual because Leadwerks has excellent error handling .Try to reinstall .
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