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  1. In version 4.2 does not work context-> CreateCustom () How do I set the context on HWND? We need to create the 3D editor (Windows forms + Leadwerks) Decision: window = Window::Create(HWND);
  2. problem solved. CamTex = Texture::Create(CamTexW, CamTexH); camera->SetRenderTarget(CamTex); CamTexMat->SetTexture(CamTex);
  3. How to change the size of the texture resolution? I create texture . Texture* Tex = Texture::Create(512, 512); camera->SetRenderTarget(Tex); draws its... OK... context->DrawImage(Tex,0,0); It is necessary to change the size of the texture . Here it does not work: camera->SetRenderTarget(0); Tex->Release(); Texture* CamTex2 = Texture::Create(1024, 1024); //new size Tex = CamTex2; camera->SetRenderTarget(Tex); After that - a black image :-/ How to decide ? Thanks.
  4. This function does not work (camera->SetViewport). Please tell me a replacement. On a single screen must be two cameras. I am using C ++.
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