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  1. First let me say thank you for the nice replies. It is always awkward to be the newbie. The suggestions are correct and I will just post this clarification in case another newcomer in the future experience the same problem: When you start a new project from File/project manager and save it with whatever name you choose, and assuming the project is an 'Advanced First-Person shooter' (this may be true for some other settings but I have not tested it), the editor opens a map automatically called start.map (under 'The name you chose'/Maps/Start.map. This map has two boxes and presumably,
  2. I am certainly not aware that I have a camera. I haven't placed one myself and I am not seeing a camera object. Might I have a corrupt file in my install ? I have had a look at the Lua script for FPSPlayer but its very long and somewhat beyond me at present. I have considered deleting and reinstalling Leadwerks ?
  3. Hi All I admit I am a newbie to Leadwerks so apologies if my question is trivial. I have tried searching the Forums for an answer. I have the Pro version of Leadwerks and am using it mostly as a learning tool. I do have some long term aspirations for a research project that may require the use of the engine. I have therefore only dabbled and am learning Lua script from a recently purchased book at the same time. I am finding the engine very versatile and great fun. I have been working through Jon Theunissen's excellent Youtube tutorials on Lua scripting. When I make a small
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