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  1. Im not an expert in coding, but I coded arcball, centering to a pick object, warping to a pick point (-x units), quick zooming, quick plan (just moving cam above pick object whilst a key is down for a preview) and set a speedfactor for WASD moving using the mouse wheel, plus a few other little things that made navigating in 3D space very quick. I think these would improve my experience a lot. It bugs me to move with WASD without passing through small/close objects, yet take an age to navigate the whole map. Shift & control help in a minor way. Maybe I'm not informed or up to date? Snapp
  2. Hmm, I downloaded LE 3 trial (when it first came out) but only recently have time to try it, but I did not find the editor that user friendly. It does not flow for me in a similar way that v2 editor did not, which I abandoned early and did everything by code. Moving around in the viewport feels clunky but should feel fluid. I like Leadwerks and want the same big features as most, but it's not as polished on navigation and some simple easier features as it could/should be.
  3. %i is for integer, he has %f which is a float & he already said it displays to 6 places. I don't think it confused
  4. After viewing Scarlet Thread Level Construction video blogs, one comment was mentioned that's on my todo list and I would like some advice on how to do it. I would like to render the Framework to a smaller size buffer than the Graphics window. Not to avoid graphics being drawn over GUI panels as in the blog, but to then draw that buffer full screen. The reason being that I want my 2D HUD to be at 1920x1080 with faster 3D rendering from a smaller buffer, maybe half size that is drawn full screen. I can and did code this when not using Framework, but not sure the way to implement whilst using
  5. and if you want the text displaying to say 3 decimal places type %f4.3
  6. It happens when your picking around 0° & 180°, I remember posting this as a bug a long time ago and that it was logged. But since then the bug reporting changed & it's not listed anymore. From your clip this looks the same issue? not that it's between triangles. Picking also passes through some models or selects the model when it's not at the pick point, but this may be an issue with the model & not the pick function as it seems to be specific models that it occurs. Test displaying the angle of the camera & if you see that it is 0° & 180° to confirm, then it may be a simple
  7. Dozz

    c++ no console

    That did the trick, thanks Roland. When I run the .exe the screen flashes black, then there is a delay of a few seconds before it runs. Is this the engine setting up? Even though it's only a few seconds, it bugs me. Is it typical for this to happen with Leadwerks? If so then so be it, else I will try invoking the splash screen earlier in the code. Thanks again. Dozz
  8. I'm a bit wary to change settings in visual c++ 2008 express. I want to disable the console window that displays loading shaders etc. but not sure how I do that. I want the splash screen to display straight away & not be interrupted by the console. Thanks Dozz
  9. Scratch this request. I Rebooted pc n it works just fine
  10. In cpp during runtime, I am calling a function that loads a body & 2 meshes (not big, 2kb each), then using CopyEntity & parenting the meshes to the body & positioning. Simple I thought, and it works spot on, until the 15th copy onwards, whereby Y & Z values are random & not what I entered. The commands are being copied & pasted with just a change in Y, so it isn't dyslexia, not this time. Any suggestions before I add it in the bug reports, other than loading/copying 15 max per function call? Thanks Dozz
  11. Another way is to use objects in the 3D environment positioned relative to the cam & pick to get the 'button' under the mouse. This opens up complex shaped buttons, animation & scaling to different resolutions is easy. Typing text on the button however isn't as simple as in 2D.
  12. Dozz

    Atari $100k

    I'm sure that many will have read about, but for those that haven't, Atari are running a competition to design a modern pong and the prize is 100k.
  13. It wasn't meant as an instruction, more as a hopeful maybe…and a greedy I want it A blog would be a great thing and you are wise to keep that job despite what I wrote, which was a bit out of order but kinda reflected my views of my current employer. It's all turning out good in the end. Thanks
  14. It's uncanny how the profile pic of Josh matches what you think his expression would be while he types his posts. I first noticed it when he thought Ricks account was hacked by a 15 yr old girl. Makes me laugh.
  15. It depends whether they asked him to write this shader as part of his employment, he may well have started working on this outside of work, shown it at work, then they decide it's great and carry on and finish it for us thanks very much…companies do take advantage like that sometimes, it's happened to me. It's a fine line sometimes, but for certain ALL good ideas are copied. Share shader & lose job or don't share & keep job is a no brainier although i have a rebel streak n my boss is a 'wonderful person' [joke to Ken] so I'd be tempted to share n get another job
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