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  1. Yup haha. I am actually going to use a different case than I listed above. Gonna find one that has an actual glass panel. I'll probably put some bluish-white lighting inside to make it look cool but not distracting. Likely I will not get a 2nd graphics card initially (since they are 1.2 large a piece). I'm sure one card will be fine until I start launching substance painter or 3d coat/marmoset or something. I also have to deal with checking to make sure when they are restocked by nvidia. For some reason I don't know if I want to go with a 3rd party for these cards... Your pc looks nice as well
  2. I might look into this, but I am honestly not bothered too much by the size of the thing. It will probably be fine. Might mock it up in cardboard to see how it fits in my room though haha.
  3. Specs: Might just go with 64gb ram for now unless I get a good deal on a 4x32gb package from Corsair
  4. Pc build is going to be coming very soon. Black friday and christmas deals are gonna be my friend. Currently planning a build that will utilize an Intel Core I9 9900KS, two RTX 2080ti GPUs, and 128 GB RAM. Not going to do water cooling but will be buying a decent sized tower that will allow for placement of many case fans. Also not going to bother with running SLI, but may add that in the future. I read a bit about Quadro cards, but after looking at the price tag those are out of the question (probably beyond overkill for what I need). I like the idea of running two gpus instead of one, which will make more sense when using multiple high res monitors or one ultrawide display. For a monitor I will likely shell out for something 4k, which will be great for clarity and color. If any of you have good reccomendations on some 4k monitors that are a balance of quality and price let me know. My budget is around 4000 dollars and I will be buying the parts over the course of the next 6 weeks. My goal was to allow for some futureproofing and take into account the fact that I will probably be too lazy to reupgrade later down the line. This is also going to be a more conservative build so I am not giving a damn about spending excess money on RGB lighting and alienware-looking cases. I based a build off of a CAD/engineering and game development workstation on PCpartpicker, the guy who uploaded it (back in october this year) used it for zbrush, maya, substance painter, solidworks, fusion 360 and such. I will post some final specs next week if I can.
  5. This thread has 11000 plus views. I am wondering where they are all coming from honestly. Also thanks again everybody for the encouraging comments.
  6. I actually just started a new job working as a Product Development Engineer last week (at a major automotive OEM manufacturer in the US), so right now I have been in the initial steps of planning out a new development PC (finally!). Need to save up some money to pay off some important things first though because I am still kinda college-kid-poor. I'd definitely be down to make contributions to an FPS demo though as long as there is some reasonable compensation for myself, but I'd rather discuss those types of deals when I feel like I am ready to get back on my feet again with this project, that is after I get on top of other things financially also. Having a brand new PC to work with for the first time in years is going to be a gamechanger though and I am really looking forward to that! But... I need to be wary of the fact that I will need to work around a full time schedule as well as any potential social obligations that might arise (friends, family, weightlifting, weekend "activities" etc.). I don't want to burn myself out that way. It feels like every year new software comes out that dramatically changes a game dev pipeline and I have been paying attention to see what programs are out there which I can buy in order to get the highest quality possible for textures, models etc. Most of those decisions are going to be based on what speeds up my workflow the most without making sacrifices in terms of visual quality. I'll keep updating in here as usual for now when I have news.
  7. Quite busy with career-related obligations at the moment, I have put this project on hold for the past couple of weeks but plan to return to working on it as soon as I can.
  8. Thanks! I will probably put my older texture maps up for between 3 to 6 dollars a piece depending on their size. I think there are around 30 of them if I remember, most of them I made somewhere around 8 years ago.
  9. Some more examples which will eventually get painted
  10. If anyone is interested I might upload some of my old materials to the steam workshop individually for a small price - the money I would get would go towards supporting this project. I will try to figure this out in the coming weeks if I have any time for that.
  11. Making good progress, most of the floor textures that I originally created have been remodeled in fusion and had their 3d geometries baked. Some wall textures I have rebaked as well. For context there are 55 or so floor textures, I have so far re-done around 90 percent of those, maybe 15-20 percent of the wall textures. The speed at which I get through each depends on the complexity of each image and how much detail is involved. Some only take me one hour, some take me 4 hours to do - I try to do at least one per day and on weekends when I have free time I try to get at least 7-10 of them done. Today I screwed around with my old scene and made some newer, better screenshots. I figured you guys would like to look at this stuff rather than what I usually post. It is a combination of some older materials I have made and some new ones. I wanted to take a break from what I usually work on anyway and it was a nice way to get some general concept of an overall look that I want to acquire for the final product I intend on creating. Once I have a larger library of assets I will work on creating a brand new scene to showcase my work. Also, I decided to stick with a 2k texture size instead of 4k due to some diminishing returns in quality. The floor texture in this scene is 2048, while the rest are 1024. Thanks again.
  12. I have not started the painting process yet at the moment - that will come later (I promise). I have compiled a massive amount of reference materials to help aid me when I get to that step. The 3D modeling and highpoly baking part is probably going to be one of the biggest and most tiring obstacles I have to get through right now, so I am trying to power through that while I have the time. It is a long process and requires a lot of finesse, and at times a lot of headaches when things don't go the way you want to. Right now I am just trying to showcase some 2D baked lighting that can be generated from the maps I baked in Xnormal - I just overlayed a simple metal texture to give some idea of how some metallic surface lighting might look with general lighting conditions in a game engine (without having to put it in one).
  13. So far I have remade about 15-20 textures... A lot to go still, but I am moving at a decent pace. I really liked this one, so I thought I would post it. There are some baking artifacts that I am trying to take care of at the moment.
  14. Worked on this guy last night. Next time I post I will wait until I have a larger collection of work I have completed to show off for now. Yes, I know it is very dark.
  15. I can easily rebake new or different maps from the 3d geometry I have already in the future if I need to conform to particular PBR requirements in the new engine or which are most current in the industry. It will be a while before I will be able to begin using substance painter so I am mainly just working on recreating all of my original work so it is more up-to-date graphically and looks better. The images I have recently posted were just Gimp's filter to render lighting and effects off of an input bump map and a couple of contrasting light sources. Nothing really indicative of a final look in a game engine other than I just wanted quickly to see how the textures appeared with some directional light applied to them and judge the quality of bakes that were made in Xnormal from the Fusion 360 models. When it comes to texture painting I will definitely be using PBR in some form.
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