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  1. Had to take a brief hiatus from working on this due because I was busy with moving. I plan on resuming progress this week as normal, when I feel comfortable. If anything it felt nice to take a break after being "on" for such a long period of time. Thanks everyone.
  2. Quick update... Work is pretty much complete on nearly all of the highpoly models of the wall textures... Just a few more to create and bake out in Xnormal and then I will be able to start making the color ID maps. I expect to have the ID maps done sometime by the beginning of the week after next week. Total number of textures stands at 201, after taking into account some of the walls having minor detail variants. Below shows a few snapshots of the my most recent work:
  3. I set up a dim omni light in the middle of the scene as well as a series of white-ish omni lights on the walls. (FYI Omni lights are also the same as conventional point lights in Max, in case you were wondering).
  4. Took a break from 3d modeling work for the past few days, decided to play around with lighting and other effects in 3ds max to get a general sense of what types of environment/moods can be created. I made a material with some emissive maps and applied it to my simple cube scene, thought I would post it since it turned out pretty cool (3ds max rendering): More to come later on...
  5. Back in 2017 I had initially created hand-drawn heightmaps, I chose to remodel them all in 3d for baking/texturing (not to mention higher visual quality). I figured that I might as well try to replicate them all since I had put in all the work to create them when I started. In total there were 50 plus for floors, walls, and trims. Most of these hand drawn heightmaps were based completely or at least partly on work I did back when I was younger (2010-onward), so there was some sentimental value on re-imagining past work from when I was still learning I guess. Makes no sense to not use whatever
  6. As of just now, I have finished creating all of the individual color ID maps for the floor textures, seen below in my progress tracker. Next steps which I plan on carrying out (bolded are the ones I intend to focus on in the next month or so): Finish modeling wall textures (30 ish to go). Finish modeling a few detail textures. Create material ID maps for all wall/detail textures (60+ to go). Paint all diffuse maps using a common substance painter project file(s) to maintain consistency and allow for texture creation in an assembly-line fashion This wil
  7. Testing 3D displacement mapping on planar objects using my upcoming scifi PBR materials. The results looked really good, however this can only be used for a still render (note the polygon count on the top right of the below screenshot). All textures created in substance painter and exported at 2K resolution. More information here on displacement mapping is available on Autodesk's 3DS Max Knowledge Base: https://knowledge.autodesk.com/support/3ds-max/learn-explore/caas/CloudHelp/cloudhelp/2020/ENU/3DSMax-Lighting-Shading/files/GUID-14B36287-F9FB-4D92-98D3-A95D100DA296-htm.html
  8. No problem! You can use them in any game engine you choose - completely up to you. I have a couple more I made as tests that I may end up giving away as well.
  9. Work is continuing on my upcoming scifi mega pack that is inching closer and closer to being released - today I decided to compile a few PBR materials that I created as some more tests in substance painter. The below images show a simple 3ds max scene that I blocked out in a few minutes as well as some renders from substance painter. Materials available in uncompressed PNG format and are 2k textures. They are also perfectly seamless and will tile in all directions. I am providing these free of charge to be used for shader testing in the new engine, your own projects
  10. I already have some textures like those, just not pictured. Most of my textures look "square" but I try to incorporate areas of modularity within them so they can be cut up and used in different ways.
  11. Current progess: *Began modeling all the wall textures a few days ago. Currently have around 10-12 done. 40+ more to go. *Total 54 trims at the moment, 55 floors, 57 walls. *ID maps for floors/walls still need to be generated. This will be done after all the modeling is done. *Need to model 10 ish more detail textures (not shown in excel below). Above figures are missing about 20 or so textures (some a,b,c variants for floors/walls, also do not have detail textures represented in excel sheet). Total number of textures is likely to exceed 200 unique maps before th
  12. Really itching to get these into any sort of game engine at the moment, still have a lot more work to do though. I'm getting closer and closer. Thanks!
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