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  1. Latest work, also posted in my progress blog:
  2. Completely reworked much of the master material and it has really transformed into something much better than before. Added new detail to lights and completely revamped the original metal, rust, and paint materials to have better surface properties. Things are much less busier and do not have odd height details. Overall I am very happy with these results, and I do not envision much more work being needed at this point other than some cleanup and checking each material channel to ensure that the layers are interacting/blending properly. These are still 2048x2048 pixels in resolution. I do
  3. Currently working on re-doing the painted metal:
  4. More work from today, set up substance painter particle brushes for rust streaking effects which really help lend a bit more realism and overall aid in tieing everything together. I am very happy with the new metallic look.
  5. This is where I am leaving off for tonight, overall I am much happier since the metal looks much less like gray pitted stone:
  6. Little progress update: Not much to report since the holidays, however I have been experimenting with different resolutions in substance painter. Also practicing with making some more materials in my off time. I have been fine tuning the same master material I worked on previously, however upon opening it again after not looking at it for a few weeks (at least), there are some glaring flaws that became apparent which affect the overall realism. Still going to go for a rusty, sort of abandoned space station look (kind of like the derelict crafts in the dead space trilogy), however I a
  7. My apologies for the lack of updates over the past weeks. Lately I have been busy with the holidays, and very recently (as of last week) due to the pandemic I have had to shift my focus towards finding new employment after mass layoffs at the company I work for as a consequence of restructuring. I have been chipping away at this project here and there for a while, however things might be slowing down for just a bit. I'll see what I can get done over the next few weeks but I cannot promise a lot for right now as my schedule and priorities are going to be shifting considerably. Thanks again
  8. I have been replaying dead space lately and that game has so far given me a lot of design ideas for the future. Same with Lost Planet 1 which I finished a week or two ago.
  9. Yes that is actually a lot like how I envision this particular texture to be used, maybe in some sort of core room where the player has to go in and destroy some critical equipment or machinery. I keep thinking of some top-secret technology that is used as well. Pipes and wires will all be modular assets that I will work on eventually as well. Super easy to model and I will probably start on those first after the corridor pieces I plan on creating using a trim sheet workflow (commonly used by a lot of studios these days and has been around forever). Believe me that due to the shee
  10. Reactor wall I worked on today. This texture has lots of small details like pipes, vents and hoses which I used as a basis for expanding the master material set I am using. Thought I would post this, because it looked very cool with all of the different surfaces applied to it. Every day I am impressed by substance painter and its capabilities.
  11. Quick update on what is happening so far. Lately I have not had as much time to work in substance painter because I have been busy, however in my spare time I have been working on refining the base material which I will use to apply to the numerous textures I have created as part of the scifi collection. Little tweaks here and there mainly to make the results a little more pleasing and less noisy. Above I have tweaked a majority of the masks for rust as well as surface detail variations so that the metal is not too noisy/bumpy. Also reduced some of the height of the peeling paint de
  12. Finished adding a fixed spray paint material, which interacts with underlying surfaces and generates procedural overspray effects as well as slight variations in opacity. Emissive lights are still WIP, trying to improve that by having the underlying grease and dirt layers restrict their emissivity appropriately. Beginning to get close to a final master material - not much left to work on other than some different types of metal surfaces to break up some bare metal details, and possibly add a layer or group of layers for signage (like warning labels that are stuck onto the paint). I need t
  13. A close-up shot of the peeling paint and rust: Paint removed: Extreme rust: Flexibility accross different texture map inputs (normal, curvature, AO, world space normal, ID map).
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