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  1. I already have some textures like those, just not pictured. Most of my textures look "square" but I try to incorporate areas of modularity within them so they can be cut up and used in different ways.
  2. Current progess: *Began modeling all the wall textures a few days ago. Currently have around 10-12 done. 40+ more to go. *Total 54 trims at the moment, 55 floors, 57 walls. *ID maps for floors/walls still need to be generated. This will be done after all the modeling is done. *Need to model 10 ish more detail textures (not shown in excel below). Above figures are missing about 20 or so textures (some a,b,c variants for floors/walls, also do not have detail textures represented in excel sheet). Total number of textures is likely to exceed 200 unique maps before the diffuse painting process begins. Quick peek of a model I created today:
  3. Really itching to get these into any sort of game engine at the moment, still have a lot more work to do though. I'm getting closer and closer. Thanks!
  4. Starting to get closer to what I am looking for. Rebaking all the curvature maps with better settings really helped with edge wears and other effects.
  5. Might sound funny to some people but I am still not entirely happy with the results I am getting in painter. Thinking about going ahead and making some custom grunge to use instead of the stock options. Also I probably need to go into substance designer and start making some dedicated smart materials. On the other hand, further down the pipeline I have thought about doing some "cleaner" variants, so you could have a medical lab setting or something as well. Luckily substance painter allows me to inject this type of variation pretty quickly and easily. Still going to work on one type of look at this time though At the bare minimum I will be including different paint variations for each map where applicable.
  6. Played around more in substance trying to make a master material.
  7. Creating ID Maps in 3ds max for use in Substance Painter, using a multi-subobject material configured with HTML web colors: I will have to do this for all textures, does not take too much time for each one but it is tedious. The above I did in a couple of minutes, other more detailed textures will take longer (but not by much).
  8. I will have to let you try this with some of the materials that I am making, when I am finished with them that is.
  9. Just a couple more shots I felt like posting for fun.
  10. Almost done modeling and baking 40 of the 50 ish trim textures. I will be using these to aid in creating modular environment kits.
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