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  1. I can't fix it... I really tried... But I think here is a problem in the script. Then I hit the switch, I get white screen( thats good), but I dont get any letters. So I press esc key( you know I get that table where is these functions: resume game; options; quit), then I press quit and only then the text go out on screen. But then I drag my mouse on button" okay" or" cancel" the text disappears. Maybe you can make the text pop up on screen with the white screen? I don't know how to code... Thank you for your time, hope you understand what I wanna say.
  2. Thank you AggrorJorn, but something in this code doesn't work. I just see a white screen and nothing more. Maybe I'm doing something wrong?
  3. Okay, I'm new in this. So I tried something doesn't work out to me. So I created switch with swinging door lua script. Then I created pivot and put to it your code. Then in flowgraph editor I tried to connect pivot with switch. But I can't connect pivot. So I guess I doing something wrong or your scripts do something else?( I wanna that my game work like this: player comes to the room. he hits the switch. Black screen( or the table) with words" The end. Thanks for playing. Press esc to quit the game" will appear. Player will press esc key and the game will turn off.)
  4. Hello, it's me again. I have a question. How to make my game turn off( I want to black screen with letters or short video( I trying to make it) appear and then the game just turn off) then player hit the last switch. Sorry for my english mistakes( I'm not english speaker) hope you will understand what I wanna do.
  5. yeah you are right. I just try to learn how to use Leadwerks. This is my first project and I mess it up. Shame on me. I will try again. Thank you.
  6. That is ridiculous! In my game I can't debug game, because I'm geting player mass error. But if I open empty map, all things is working. If I will start use another game engine, maybe here is a way to move my game to another game engine? Because I am so tired of leadwerks. I payed moneys and something gone wrong. Maybe other program will not crash. So if here is a way, I really wanna go that way.
  7. I did it. I geted my game back, but in my game still is some errors, which I can't fix
  8. That is not bad Idea, but it's very dangerous. Because if other peoples will be able to open it. Some of them can be bad. And just steal my map. I don't say my map is very good, but you know I worked a lot on it. And ofcourse I can upload only 5 MB
  9. hello again. If here is no way to get back my map and I will have to do things from beginning. So please help me. Because I cant find the solution to fix this problem by my self...
  10. hello again, I tried to open all temp files(in map folder) from my second game folder. But I wasn't lucky. I'm getting the same errors. Maybe somebody can help me? I'm trying to get back my map, but as I said- I was unlucky.
  11. Aggror. Now I don't getting any errors and I have second my game folder in wich must be my old things. I saw that it have my old things, but I don't know about map. I tried to turn on few maps, but it wasn't my game map...
  12. Agrror? We you don't answer? I have a copy of my project( I did a copy of my game folder) can I get my all things back to the game?
  13. You know, yes? Because I was working really long time on that project and I really don't wanna start things from begining.
  14. Aggror you are genius. It is working now. But all things dissapeared... Maybe you know how to get them back?
  15. Oh I forget to say. then I deleted my one project, then I turn on LW, I getting message, that LW cant load that project. But only then I press "ok" LW logo comes up. But I dont think that this is important, but maybe I'm wrong Aggror thank you, I think you fixed player problem. randomdude I deleted from that folder LW, but it don't work.
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