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  1. GSFC_1

    FBX problem

    so..... again, the forum eludes me. How do you fix this?
  2. wait, why is this a bad idea rick? Scratch has been very popular with incumbent youth seeking programming knowledge. I think josh could write: "Did you ever use Scratch on R-pi? Well then you will dig the skittles out of this"
  3. Hey guys. Remember, that some of us are Artists, others of us are programmers, and occasionally you get someone that has tried to tackle both. Fluidity in process is key. The Flowgraph editor is still very useful to those of us that still have to "Cling to the handrail" pertaining to interactivity. I hate to say it, but I need to continue learning LUA, and I need to learn to structure my code to properly execute it. That would mean long lead times for me as a developer. I think, and this is an odd idea I must say, lets take a look at the documentation for the LUA scripts tutorial pages, we have several sections there. Variables, Constants, loops and a few other LUA API commands. I am trying to think of using LUA as a car mechanic goes to his toolbox looking for the "right tool for the job". Sometimes, I'm not sure what the right tool is but I know its in that toolbox. using a program like Raspberry pi "scratch" lays all the tools out for you and color codes connectable nodes. Maybe, you could color code nodes or even color code functions and constants, variables, etc different colors to show people that certain "tools are for certain jobs". I have a feeling some of the up and coming LEADWERKS users may be trying to hammer a nail with a protractor, or trying to tighten a bolt with a magnifying glass. (Oh, the mental images) Just an idea. for what its worth.
  4. Was asked today whether or not somebody needed to wear the cardboard red and blue 3D glasses inside of the HTC Vive. I was really expecting more from the Vive hitting homes this past Christmas. Some of these people are still just absolutely oblivious.

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    2. reepblue


      When prices go down and VR tech becomes more accessible, it'll catch on. If it doesn't survive the entertainment market, it'll at least do well in simulation applications. 

    3. Josh
    4. Einlander


      Windows mixed reality is pushing it closer to the masses. You can do roomscale be for less than 250 if you look for deals.

  5. it's been a hell of a week. I know he is worn out. he has a wonderful hotel room, not sure if I should just let him sleep. 

    he is gonna be so mad when he wakes up and realizes i shaved his beard. j/k


    btw - that is josh.he fell asleep on my couch watching disenchanted.


  6. Really proud of you Josh, you have quite literally moved mountains to get where you are. You skipped the low steps on the ladder and went straight to the top. gsfc
  7. congrats to josh on picking up contracts and work at the Goddard Space Flight Center. You really have to work hard to be a part of a team like we have at gsfc. I think every person on the LED work site, should take a moment to congratulate Josh on breaking through every barrier that has been put in his path, through sheer determination and Brute Force, it looks like leadworks is about to make some truly exemplary Transformations. We are so excited for the outcome. 



  8. So, I have an interesting predicament. Maybe I am looking at this the wrong way, but is there a way to export keyframes from blender without using an armature? For instance, I have a plane that is animated going from a very small scale to a very large scale across 12 frames, which I am going to use an interface panel in the LEADWERKS Game engine. Unfortunately I am unable to do this without using an Armature and I feel i could better achieve this effect using simple keyframing. Do I have to use an armature to do this? Also, should I still be ising the Blender -> Leadwerks Game exporter? Or is it outdated and I should simply use the FBX exporter? Thanks guys.
  9. GSFC_1

    Kickstarter tutorial project feedback

    Wow, this is a great thread. I feel dumb.
  10. GSFC_1

    Procedural Script API

    go to Kaiserslautern!!!!
  11. GSFC_1


    This will be a very important feature to the engineering and product development consumer, as now, VR meetings can be entirely conatined within leadwerks source code. No need to run Skype on the side, or any goofball software, like TeamSpeak. (I am a Teamspeak user for flight sims, love the software, one of the few software applications I will swear by). But, this is a powerful tool. I am very excited to learn to utilize this feature. Rick, we are gonna need to talk about this API.
  12. Good things happen, but you have to make those great things happen. 

  13. GSFC_1

    Earth From Space

    I can control camera clipping in the Simulation, I am referring to being able to see objects in the Leadwerks Editor. Also, i have gone through the API's, some of us are not programmers, we are trying but we are artists by profession. I have tried to go into the API's over the course of a year with Leadwerks, but I am not able to figure out exactly how to script things properly, especially when you get into post processing, mesh tessellation, creating advanced shaders, etc. Also, some of the API's are a bit vague and, I think, may need some more descriptive details added. I know a lot of people will say "NO" but, its not just programmers coming to this site.
  14. GSFC_1

    Earth From Space

    Leadwerks crew, Please let me know what you think. Working on a space based "game" and have a little point floating out in space in Low-Earth Orbit around the earth. The model of the earth is set 3200 ft, and the point in space is about a 14 foot object. When i back away from the earth, the viewport clips the Earth out of the view. Is there a way to set the Viewport camera view so that it runs out further? Also, I need to find a way to create a shader that will switch between a texture, depending on whether direct light is hitting it or no light other than ambient is hitting it. Essentially, I need a blend shader that can detect direct or ambient light. The last thing I wanted to know about is, the atmospheric glow around the earth. I can imagine a post effect being created, but i need a way to calculate the 90-degree angle. Any insight would be greatly appreciated. Summary : - Viewport clips large models, how can I circumvent this? - Light Dark Shader - Fresnel Shader to simulate the earth shine. Any ideas? Anyone?
  15. GSFC_1

    Collision Reset?

    Ah, thank you josh.