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  1. Ok the problem is resolved. I switched all the light to shadow without the buffer and now it s all good...
  2. What the difference between a normal shadow and a buffered shadow? I ve fixed the issues at one place by switching the shadow from buffered to a normal shadow. And the issues seem not to comeback at this place when I reload the game.
  3. could it be cause of those kind of thing? model inter penetration
  4. 2-the bug appear on primitive....please check the screenshots screenshot01. it s a screenshot of my ceiling (it a primitive. you can clearly see the bug. screenshot02. i ve selected the object in the room just above the glitch and moved it up a few unit. screenshot03. the bug is not here anymore...so I saved...quit leadwerks...and relaunch it... screenshot04 the bug is back at the sameplace but now it look different. Any Ideas?
  5. thank you... I lll have a look
  6. Hi. So, I ve being using leadwerks pro for few months now...and I mostly love it. Go few Ideas Of thing I like to see in future version So maybe those feature are already in and I missed them, but I think it would be really usefull : -if in the Scene Tab we could hide and unhide all the asset contained in a filtre. Something like the eye in the layers windows in photoshop. -to have a button to hide/unhide the terrain in the editor. -a wireframe view that display mesh occlusion. So the ideas of those 3 request is to try to have less thing on screen when you work. especially for the wireframe windows that can become really busy with a lot of line when You open a full game... Now another option that would be really cool is an align tool for the face of the primitives. select multiple parallel faces and align then with anothr on. So that it. thank s ten
  7. Hi, Go to little quiestion about shadows in leadwerks. 1-is it possible to cast the shadow of an alpha test textures? i tried to look if they was a shader to apply in the shadow shader slot in the material editor. but didnt find a shader That would do that... 2-I have notice a lot of shadow glitch. (please check the screenshot below) In my Project I have a multi level house and I can see some random artefact on the wall inside my house. Those artefact disapear when I move the light on the room above the artefact but they usually re appear when I reload the map. I can also sometime see some of those artefact appear when I add or move an object in the scene... are those already being reported? is there a way to fix those or limit them. Thank you ten
  8. Hi...I ve got a strange bug that currently totally stopped my production... It s started with a weird lighting issues on the CSG box. Although I use a point light only one half of the CSG receive lighting. -The shadow are correct. If I move the light the shadow move but only one side of the wall got light. -the objects are also lighted wrong... -look like the ceiling lighting works! only the vertical surface seams affected -Also got some strange banding issues on the right of the wall... -I tried: smoothing group ,swapping the material, creating new light, nothing works. -if I create a new CSG box or drop new object. the lighting is correct on the new one. Now the big problem... When I try to open a files or create a new scene the editor crash. with this error message: What make me think those 2 error may be linked is that on the screenshot above it seem to crash on some lighting file. I tried to uninstall and reinstall leadwerks but When I load it again it s still loaded my test room and the same issues remained. how could I start leadwerks without loading my previous world? is my test world dead??? Did you know how this happened? I notice this error just after I moved around a all bunch of CSG boxes in the Scene browser...but I don't know If it s related...
  9. I m sorry but its not working. I must be doing something wrong. Got this error message: : 1 : '=' expected near ';' it s this line : Script.material1; I try to add a = but it do not work. so I hided those lines --Script.material1; --Script.material2; function Script:Start() self.material1 = Material:Load("Materials/Concrete/concrete_clean.mat") self.material2 = Material:Load("Materials/Grass/Grass01.mat") end-- Set material 1 function Script:Material1()--in self.entity:SetMaterial(self.material1) end -- Set material 1 function Script:Material2()--in self.entity:SetMaterial(self.material2) end my flowcharts look like this now: Lightswitch:PushButton -> its the light switch object. Box 3:set textures -> its should be the lampshade currently it s a test cube, the new script you gave me is applied to this object. SpotLight4 :activate -> the spot light I turn on when I switch on I try to look into a 2 node solution but I dont see how that would work.?!
  10. OK So after many tried, and a lot of copy and paste from other script i finally managed to do something... Dont get me wrong it dont work but I ve made progress... So this is what I ve got: I ve managed to load 2 materials.( Well I m sure the first one is loaded) and to add the toggle for the flowgraph editor. So my script is attached to the entity and in the flowgraph editor and it s linked to the switch light button However when I press the button the script crash with this error 44 : attempt to index field 'setMaterial' (a nil value) function App:Start() --Create a material local material1 = Material:Load("Materials/Concrete/concrete_clean.mat") local material2 = Material:Load("Materials/Concrete/concrete_dirty.mat") --Load and apply a shader local shader = Shader:Load("Shaders/Model/diffuse.shader") material:SetShader(shader) shader:Release() --Create a model and apply the material -- local model = Model:Sphere() -- model:SetMaterial(material) -- model:SetPosition(0,0,2) return true end function App:Loop() if self.window:Closed() or self.window:KeyHit(Key.Escape) then return false end Time:Update() self.world:Update() self.world:Render() self.context:Sync() return true end --function ToggleMaterial () -- end function Script:ToggleMaterial()--in if not self.entity.setMaterial:Hidden() then if (state == 0) then self.setMaterial(materialOn) else self.setMaterial(materialOff) state = not state end end end What do I do wrong? Please keep in mind I dont know programing. I ve started with what you provided to me.. and added on top of it...Although I kind of understand what the script is doing I still find it difficult to fully understand everything here... so they maybe some really noob stupid thing here Thanks. ohh and you asked for it so, this is the script I used for the light: (but maybe at tihs point its not nessesary anymore?) -- activate light function Script:Activate()--in if self.entity:Hidden() then self.entity:Show() self.component:CallOutputs("Activate") end end -- deactivate light function Script:Deactivate()--in if not self.entity:Hidden() then self.entity:Hide() self.component:CallOutputs("Deactivate") end end -- toggle light function Script:Toggle()--in if not self.entity:Hidden() then self:Deactivate() else self:Activate() end end got it from this forum. work great! I used part of it to add the toggle part of my material script. Thanks again for you help
  11. Thank s for that...I ll check those link tonite, And will post more here if I cannot make it work
  12. Hi, This is my first post here. I hope I wont break any rules of this forum...I apologize right now in case i do... I m a 40 year old game dev. I m mostly an artist although I ve got some tech knowledge. and yes, english isnt my primary language... I m currently working for a big game publisher, but I always have few games project at home I work on my free time. some of which i complete other end up just being test... Anyhow, I ve started to play around with LeadWerks, And I love it...However I have zero Lua knowledge. A friend programmer will help me later on when he is done in is current project but for now I m on my own. I Followed the tutorials, and I did tweaked few script to do what I need so far but I reached an wall last night... So this is my Issues: -I ve got that lamp in my level. (something like this: https://s7d2.scene7.com/is/image/BedBathandBeyond/5612514187030p?229$ ) -where the light buld is I ve added an omnie -Ive set the lamp object so it do not cast shadow. -To simulate the light going through the lamp shade I ve added on self illum material. -Finally I ve added a activator script on the omnie and a switch button script on the light switch OK, so this work fine...the light look nice when it s switched on. and the button let me switch it off... However, when my light is turned off I still have the shade self illum Is there a script somewhere That would I could add to my lamp shades so I can change the shaders, or swap the object, or change the textures loaded into the material??? Thanks
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