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  1. Thanks Roland & Metatron, I appreciate the advice but I think I'll stick to my current method I like the idea of having my dll's in a separate directory that I can change at anytime even through a config file after install if I felt so inclined (not that i would ) My interest was primarily in the 'why does this work?' aspect when it shouldn't without GetProcAddress calls all over the place. Anyway, it looks like it was a stupid question now that I have spent more time looking at the engine header. Sorry for posting without digging deeper for the answer myself.
  2. True, that was my first thought but I don't necessarily want to mess with a customer's system environment for a game. This way, I get the best of both worlds. I don't have to change any core files and I don't have to mess with system wide settings. yes/no, or am I missing something that should be obvious? It certainly wouldn't be the first time
  3. Sorry in advance if this has been answered before, but a quick search didn't result in anything quite like my question. (using C) I've been all over the place trying to figure out how to have all of my DLL's outside of the main executable directory and came to the conclusions that I would either have to run the implib tool to import .lib files into my app or use the LoadLibrary/GetProcAddress for every engine function to make it work. Just when I was about to give up, I ran a build and successful run that according to everything I was reading, shouldn't work. #include "engine.h" int main (int argc, char** argv) { LoadLibrary(L"lib\\engine.dll"); //relative path LoadLibrary(L"lib\\newton.dll"); Initialize(); Graphics(640, 480, 0, 0, GRAPHICS_BACKBUFFER+GRAPHICS_DEPTHBUFFER); ... } **engine.cpp is also added to the project, of course These two LoadLibrary lines allow me to place the dll's anywhere I want outside of the executable (and system directories) and gives me full access to all of the core engine functions without redefining and fiddling with function pointers. My question is why does this work? Is it because Josh handles the GetProcAddress calls in "engine.h" through the cryptic defines? Maybe I just answered my own question, but I was just hoping for a response from someone who's more experienced with runtime dll loading than me.
  4. tiridor

    Debunking Hype

    I have been AMD for at least 10 years as well and have no intention of switching now or in the future. The quad core I have had for over a year has given me plenty of power at a fraction of the cost. IMO, It was Steve Job's sole decision to dump Motorola and it was a marketing ploy, pure & simple. Intel spent millions on it's own marketing strategy. It became necessary to have a computer with "Intel inside" for Joe Consumer. The company that brought you the Pentium, The Core 2 Duo, and other fancy marketing gimmicks. Motorola had the latest 68..something, something that went in a PowerMAC. For Apple to align itself with that behemoth meant a solid boost to its short-term market share. Their short sightedness has pretty much cost them the desktop market (Rosetta comes to mind). Not that they care, mind you because that diversion bought them enough time to turn apple into THE gadget company. Apple Computer, Inc. becomes Apple, Inc. and their Desktop OS will eventually fade into oblivion. It's sad too, because I feel OS X is vastly superior in many ways. It has the stability & security Windows lacks and the cohesiveness & unified branding the *nix community lacks. It seems as though Intel is hell bent on destroying the PC market as thoroughly as they did with MACs. Let them just try to pry my AMD PC from my cold dead fingers
  5. Thx all for the welcome. Since getting the SDK, I've gone back through the first set of vid tutorials again and played around with different settings to get myself up to speed. As soon as I get my forum access I'll hop into some of the SDK discussions as well. I'm going through the bodies tutorial tonight. I might have been further if I didn't have a final to study for this weekend, but such is life....work hard, play harder right? As far as the language of choice, I'm thoroughly a c++ man. I've been programming for about 20 years (albeit self-taught and more as a hobby, so I still consider myself intermediate at best) and have used many different languages for various projects, but by c++ is my favorite. -t
  6. Howdy All, Brand new here to the forums, but I've been perusing this site for about 2 months. I recently purchased a few items over at the game creators to help me get started and one of those was 3DWS. When I discovered they didn't create it, I came here to be utterly amazed at the beauty I saw in LE. After that, I started by downloading the demo and downloading every vid tutorial I could from the wiki. As I didn't have the $250 for the engine at the time, I could only play around with the various tools in the demo, but that is what got me hooked. When I saw the price had dropped to $200, I knew I couldn't pass it up so I bought the engine and have been bugging Josh for the key(sorry Josh, I'm a little stoked ). I never thought an engine of this quality could be available at the price it is. Kudos to your dedication to the indie developers! Anyway, I'm probably not going to be around much as I'm finishing up my BCET degree and have little time between that, work, my side business, and my recently reawakened thirst for developing a game I've had in my head since my teens many a year ago. However, I will be reading the forums when I can and finishing the tutorials to brush up on 3D programming skills that I haven't used in a while. Any good external tutorial links would be most appreciated. I'd love to get my hands on pureLIGHT too, but that's probably way out of my league atm anyway I'm going to have my hands full just trying to re-learn everything I forgot. -T btw, sorry for the wall-o-text.
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