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  1. Guess a number by shooting mortars into the enemy camp.



    • Amber AI (specialized version of Mimic AI)
      • Natural speech engine
      • Gives hints to the player
      • Player can talk to Amber besides entering number guesses
        • hi
        • what (to repeat what amber last said)
        • yes
        • no

      [*]3D GUI

      [*]FPS movement with mouse only

      [*]Difficulty increases with each round

    View full game

  2. Yes, your main function will work as usual, including its command line parameters.

    Your main function should be always:

    int main(int argc, char* argv[])

    Don't use variations of this, for example argv**, because they are not compatible with some 3rd party libs.

  3. There an much easier way, just insert this line into your source code, no need to change compiler settings or change the main function:


    #pragma comment(linker, "/SUBSYSTEM:windows /ENTRY:mainCRTStartup")

  4. IP board sucks, they have major problems even in their core version and they don't care to fix them.

    I would suggest a bare Debian server with Apache+PHP+SQLite3 and do your own forum. There is no good forum on the planet.

    If you use an existing one, you get spammed nonstop (because they spammer have robots for all existing forums), so better make your own with a spam protection which no human can guess. For example questions like: who is Jesus (and the answer is of course: Sirius).

  5. Some people don't upgrade their software if it works fine. New versions usually bring new bugs and new problems. The only reason I upgraded from XP to 7 was because my new PC had 16GB RAM. Win7 is still horrible and slow, but at least it can use my RAM. Win8 is even more slow and horrible. I think Microsoft has a clear direction: more horrible, more slow is the goal for the next Windows version.

  6. What is real? The definition and knowledge about reality differs from person to person.

    You could make game from a perspective of a blind and deaf human, just a black screen, and it would be real smile.png

    However, he would probably see things, since the brain adapts to lack of information. He could probably "see" wind, heat, rain, snow, flowers, sound vibrations, in addition that he can feel them.


    But even for a "normal" person (and again, what is "normal"?), some theoretical physicist may see the world completely different than a priest, or an artist. It is said that some people can "see" music, and a priest can probably "see" the work of god and signs of him everywhere. A theoretical physicist might see how the world is made of little superstrings, whose vibrations appears to us like matter, even feel like matter.


    And recently some scientists tested if the world is a computer simulation, and the results were positive. Everything what exists, is like in the matrix, there is no sign that anything is "real".


    And you can always have a "real" environment, where some billion year old civilizations visit the earth, and let your fantasy play, and it's still "real". Or where CERN invents a stable black hole which allows time and space travel, that's closer to reality than sci-fi.

  7. I like charity, but I am afraid the money for charity can go into weapons and drugs. To make sure the money goes really for charity, I would just collect the money myself, and then do personally charity acts. For example buy a farm, and then let children visit it and milk the cows, collect the chicken eggs, cut the lambs wool, etc...

  8. I think it's better to have one forum for all versions, because there are many common things between the versions, and it would cause lots of duplicate posts and/or unanswered questions when people don't cross-look in the other forum for answers for the same question.

  9. When LE3 gets projected shadows, it beats LE2. And in the official RoadMap projected shadows are in version 3.0.

    Shadowmaps are quite useless, because they have only a very very short distance.

    Stencil volume shadows have a very long distance, but Josh said they have some problems with something and are not popular anymore.

    Josh said projected shadows will work also on models, but only if they are animated. So I assumed if an animated model has 1 frame and 1 bone and shadows will work!

  10. They are cast by any geometry. For performance reasons, I would only make them cast onto brushes and terrain...that's how Valve does it.

    I would however use mostly dynamic scenery, made of models, but there the old skool level design should be sufficient to keep the performance good: smaller scenes, smart placing of models to occlude unnecessary models from view.

  11. You said projected shadows can be casted only on static geometry and animated characters.

    So my conclusion was that they don't work on normal physics bodies, like cubes.

    So I have to add a dummy animation for each cube so that they receive and cast shadows.

  12. You can just replace the calls to Window::TouchDown and Window::TouchHit with Window::MouseDown and Window::MouseHit while testing on PC, since they work the same.

    Can't those be chosen in runtime, like from the game options?

    Android devices have also mouse and keyboard, and some gamers might prefer those over touch functions. And vice versa, PCs have also touchscreens.


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