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  1. I guess everyone has always wished some things in future ND releases.Please feel free to post your own wishes here too :)Here's mine:1) Freely positionable Windows/X-Windows style Notes Workspace icons and folders/subfolders2) Shutdown program document for Domino (now it only has Startup program documents)3) Agent manager schedule min delay also in second intervals (even 0 sec interval for extreme transactions, like one time backup agents)4) Ability to use XML style text file databases directly5) Web browser based Notes Client and Domino Designer, either as Java or server based Domino application6) Prohibit Design Element change access as Editor7) Password expiry in notes.id files, and server ability to change notes.id password when connected to that server8) Include/exclude field list for search engine, plus decent pattern matching algorithm (~ (not),* (0-n),? (1)) and option to specify word break/whitespace characters9) Ability for servers to replicate databases with Reader only access on remote server10) Database rebuild option for compact: just copy all design elements and documents, and ignore unread marks, whitespaces, and all other space wasting stuff11) @HashPassword instead of @Password in Person document Form12) Bring back the quick web user access change ability from R5, or make it even faster, immediate, when moving user from a group to another for example results in huge (60+ sec) delays on R6/R713) "Drop Lock mydb.nsf" command for Domino: drop all users, and server tasks from that database, and lock it for administrator access only, allowing in-place rename of physical file, etc..14) Native mms:// protocol support for Domino (streaming multimedia)15) Native ftp:// protocol support for Domino16) Fix my R7 buglist Source
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